Generate More Traffic and Income with iPage Marketing Services

After we have created a website and announced it to the world, we should then continue to build the website by making it more user friendly and easier to use. We should also look for solid strategies to generate more traffic and eventually more income for our site. For this, iPage has got it all thought out for customers like us. iPage provides a full range of online marketing services from linking opportunities to search engine optimization.

On top of that, don’t forget that iPage offers us $125 worth of free advertising credits. That’s $75 Google AdWords credit, $25 Yahoo!+Bing search credit, and $50 Facebook advertising credit. With marketing taken care of by this popular web host, you can focus your efforts and resources on other aspects of your website or blog, for example write more top quality posts. All you have to do is to make full use of the services available. Let’s quickly review them below:

Logo Design

  • If you haven’t gotten a logo to represent your website or business, fret not as you’re able to design an impressive one in an instant with iPage’s LogoMaker and Logoworks. Prices are affordable, so you will not be required to fork out a large sum to get a design agency to do this for you.

    LogoMaker and LogoWorks

    Give your website and your business the look it needs to succeed.

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Search Engine Marketing

  • Community Directory

    You can improve your site’s SEO by listing it in the iPage Community Directory. This gives your website and business the awareness it needs and you’d be known in no time.

  • Yahoo! Sponsored Search Credits

    Having the search sponsored by Yahoo! is one of the most effective ways to reach the customers you really want. iPage will assist you in finding the ones who are particularly interested in what your website and business offers.

  • Simply Local Search

    You can submit your business to more than 40 local search engines, telephone information directories as well as GPS navigation systems to make your business more visible and well-known.

  • $75 Google AdWords Credit

    You have $75 worth of AdWords credits to get your site noticed when people search for your products or services on Google. $75 is quite a substantial amount of money; even your hosting plan wouldn’t cost this much for the entire year, so iPage is really giving its customers a great deal here, not to mention that in addition to these there are free advertising credits on Facebook and Yahoo! as well.

Customer Feedback and Online Reputation Management

  • RatePoint – Free 60 Day Trial

    In order to give potential customers the confidence in your business, let RatePoint do its job. You’d be able to find out how satisfied your customers are through RatePoint, giving you the chance to improve and boost your reputation (or also ruin you if the reviews are negative!).

    RatePoint is also extremely useful for blogs as you will be able to get constructive feedback from your readers on how to improve your blog – from the design to navigation and content.

Email Marketing

  • Constant Contact

    iPage has partnered up with Constant Contact to bring you a powerful tool to track email campaign results, manage and build permission-based email lists, create and send eye-catching promotions, announcements and also the standard HTML email newsletters to your readers and customers who have subscribed to be kept in the know about your products and services.

    Take this opportunity to try out Constant Contact’s services FREE for 60 days. You will be able to find out for yourself why over 150,000 websites use Constant Contact!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • My Marketing Services

    If you want potential customers to find your website or blog online, the iPage team of SEO professionals and experts will help you in getting listed prominently in the search results of the top search engines.

iPage doesn’t just serve as a web host but also as a marketing solution provider. Its understanding of website owners’ concerns makes it the ideal web host. On top of that, iPage also forms partnerships with many industry leaders including big names such Google, Yahoo!, LogoWorks and Constant Contact. With these partnerships, we get numerous exclusive deals such as free Google AdWords advertising credits and free 60-days trial with Constant Contact.

If you ask me if iPage is recommended? My answer is a definite YES! Their hosting plan is really cheap considering the marketing services they offer. We can save a tremendous amount of money, yet be widely known and grow our website with the assistance of their marketing services!

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