Get iPage SiteLock Security to protect your site and visitors

Are you planning on signing up for iPage web hosting plan? If you are, get the iPage SiteLock Security that goes hand in hand with the plan. iPage SiteLock Security is a feature that enhances the security of the website. iPage is a web hosting provider that allows its users to create their own websites for both personal blogs and business online with absolute ease, thus even the most inexperienced person will find it very easy to manage a website and secure it from threats.


SiteLock Security

iPage has always been known as a web hosting provider who places importance on security. To maintain this reputation, the web hosting provider engages the services of SiteLock, a website security expert.

Any iPage subscriber will be able to enjoy spam and account-specific malwares scanning and filtering for free, made possible exclusively by this special SiteLock software. This, in return, will ensure that a clean environment is being practiced and maintained within the hosting. Not only that, the SiteLock system even provides a badge as well to websites that are engaged or hosted with iPage. The badges will be given during a complete malware scan on the website.

It is especially perfect for those of you who are using iPage for business or E-commerce purposes. You’ll now have more clients putting their faith in you as they’ll be able to browse and access the sites without any worries of security. The subscribers of iPage could also run a complete security scan on their own account to detect any viruses or spam found on their websites. The complete security scan enables users to prevent further damage as well as perform a clean-up on their sites. With iPage, all of your needs and concerns for security will be taken care of by iPage. The web hosting provider’s reliability is definitely rated five stars!

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Why we like SiteLock Security?

With the iPage SiteLock Security, any potential threats such as scams, online fraud, identity theft and other malicious acts that are risky to your website will be taken care of immediately. With the security system, domain verification is also available through SiteLock. SiteLock will support your domain name or website as a legitimate domain upon verification. As a result, this will give both clients and business owners the added security especially those who are dealing with monetary transactions or any other confidential matters.

The price for iPage SiteLock Security is $9.99 per month (SiteLock Basic), but if you host with iPage, then you will be able to enjoy this great service for FREE! As an iPage customer, you get the following for FREE:

  • Business verification
  • Daily malware, virus and spam scanning and filtering
  • Security cert to be displayed at your website
  • Highly secure data center
  • Constant network scanning

Our advise is; don’t delay signing up in order to be entitled to this attractive offer! Check out iPage official website now.

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