GoDaddy Promo – Hosting for less than $2 per month

When it comes to web hosting and domain name registration, GoDaddy may have plenty of competitors looking for a way to expand their clientele by offering nearly similar packages, features and user benefits. However, when it comes to gauging the popularity of these businesses, GoDaddy definitely wins the contest, hands down.

GoDaddy web hosting promo

GoDaddy made its first pop culture debut in 2005 when it was featured prominently in Super Bowl advertisements. The company has since then marketed itself with successful, beautiful women to increase its appeal in the eye of the public masses who often equate hosting technology as being flat out boring and nerdy.

The real secret to GoDaddy’s lasting power though is that the company knows how to team up beauty with equally attractive hosting packages and features that are concurrent with what every personal or small business website needs.
The web hosting plans currently up for grabs can be divided into three categories: Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate.

GoDaddy economy plans

Ultimate Package ($14.99/month)

The Ultimate package boosts of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited MySQL databases (1 GB each). Ultimate package users will also obtain the right to 1,000 email accounts (with 1GB storage) and free SSL certificate and a fixed IP address.

Deluxe Package ($7.99/month)

If you do not require as much space as the aptly-named Ultimate Package, half your monthly subscription and sign up for the Deluxe package that comes with 150 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 500 email accounts (with 500MB storage). Subscribers will also gain access to 25 MySQL databases (1 GB each).

Economy Package ($1.99/month for 3 months)

The Economy package comes with 10 GB of disk space and 100 email accounts (with 100MB storage). Subscribers also receive 10 MySQL databases (1 GB each). At a mere $1.99, this package definitely stretches the value of your dollar as the regularly priced Economy package is valued at double the price ($4.99).

Best Value Package Ever!

You also save plenty of cash if you sign up for 12 months of the Economy Package (20% discount), 24 months package (30% discount) and $2.99 (40% discount).

GoDaddy Web Hosting Benefits

Regardless of whichever package you decide upon, all customers will enjoy the following:

  • Free $160 Ad Credits from MySpace and Google
  • Unlimited number of external domains
  • SSL certification features (Economy and Deluxe Packages add $49.99 per year, free for Ultimate package subscribers)
  • Language support including FrontPage Server Ext., ASP, ASP .net v4.0, ASP .NET v1.02, ASP NET AJAX, PHP4, PHP5, MVC2, Silverlight Hosting and ColdFusion
  • Free pre-installed applications including MS IE Web Controls, WSE 2.0, ASP Upload 3.0, ASP JPEG 1.4, GUIDEMaker and ASPCrypt
  • Free add-on applications including BlogEngine.NET, dasBlog, Movable Type, Serendipity and WordPress
  • Content Management like DotNetNuke 4.0, Joomla® and Tandem Server
  • All plans include East Asia Pacific-based servers
  • Website Statistics, Google Webmaster Tools, Daily Backup, 24 hours and 7 days a week support

GoDaddy Hosting Connection

Which GoDaddy hosting package should you choose?

  1. Pick the Economy Package if you’re starting out with a small website or a simple blog. A subscription fee of only $1.99 per month is simply impossible to find elsewhere, making their Economy package promotion pretty valuable.
  2. Pick the Deluxe package if you have a medium-size website wanting to expand in the long term. The Deluxe package is suitable for most websites and is also priced reasonably.
  3. Pick the Unlimited package if you host plenty of large files such as movies, games and your website or blog has a lot of large images. This hosting package is also great for people with a lot of websites or blogs. You can place them all under the same hosting account and pay only 1 price for all of them!

When in doubt

As of 2010, over 40 million domain names have been registered with GoDaddy and it is officially the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world, four times bigger than the size of its closest competitor.

If you would like to experiment with GoDaddy before fully committing your website to this provider, consider experimenting with their Economy package. For more awesome offers such as the $1.99 promotion, log on to GoDaddy official website today!

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