GreenGeeks Hosting Review

Did you know that the energy used to run two Google searches is equivalent to the energy used to boil a kettle of water? By the year 2020, it is estimated that web hosting servers and airline-related industries would have equally consumed the same amount of non-renewable energy.

The good news is that we don’t have to swear off the Internet and learn how to live in a Internet-free environment in order to save Mother Nature as GreenGeeks has already solved the problem for us.


Green Web Hosting

GreenGeeks is both a web hosting provider and a pro-active environmentalist group that believes in returning all the energy their servers use back to the national grid. Thanks to a joint partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation, the Company purchases Wind Energy credits at triple the amount of the energy used to run GreenGeeks servers.

All hosting servers run on fossil-generated electricity and whenever a GreenGeeks server pulls energy from the national grid, energy at 300% of the original amount is returned in the form of wind energy. Wind energy is a much better source of energy mainly because it is clean, it creates negligible carbon footprints, and we have plenty of wind sources to go around, unlike our limited fossil fuel supply.

In other words, every unit of electricity used by a GreenGeeks website will cause three units of electricity to be returned. This means that there will be more renewable energy placed on the national grid, which also reduces its dependency on fossil fuels for energy at the same time. Technically, this also means that you are virtually saving the environment by hosting your website on GreenGeeks!

Eco Site Plan

GreenGeeks keep their product range simple by only offering one web hosting package known as the Eco Site plan. Upon registration, you will get a free $25 Yahoo marketing credit which will help you initiate your website marketing campaign with one of the biggest website in the world.

Priced at $4.95 per month *, the Eco Site Plan is very value-for-money thanks to its many features and perks of being a GreenGeeks user.

GreenGeeks Coupon Code

For a limited time only, you can use the coupon code 100WH when you are ordering to get US$30 off any annual package. Below is a screenshot showing how you can enter the code.

GreenGeeks Coupon

Why I like GreenGeeks?

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

    Unlike many other web hosting providers who offer you limited disk space, GreenGeeks offers you unlimited disk space. As your site grows, you will also need a fair amount of bandwidth to cope with your increasing traffic. Luckily, GreenGeeks comes with unlimited data transfer so you will always be assured that your website is consistently up online despite the growing influx of visitors.

  • Host Unlimited Domains

    Now that you’ve gotten plenty of files up and a healthy bandwidth to go along with it, you may also want to increase your website’s potential by adding other domains under that one GreenGeeks account as well. Yes, you can add unlimited number of domains to your hosting account!

  • cPanel Control Panel

    Don’t let the idea of running a web server intimidate you as you can manage your hosting account through a user friendly control panel called the cPanel.

  • Fantastico Scripts Installer

    GreenGeeks also comes with Fantastico, which allows you to install over fifty applications onto your website with just a few clicks of your mouse. Among the many popular programs you can install (in less than five minutes each!) include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, osCommerce and Gallery2.

    Newbie website owners can also try out the template-based website building tools included in their GreenGeeks account such as SoHo Launch.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee and Nightly Backups

    Having the latest software and unlimited disk space & bandwidth sure is nice, but the thing is that these tools matter only if your website is accessible on the Internet at all times. To assure its customers that GreenGeeks is serious about minimizing (if not eliminating) server downtime, the hosting company pledges to a 99.9% uptime, nightly backups and around the clock customer support.

  • 100% North American Support

    For once, your support hotline will not cause you to have a technical conversation with someone having a thick Indian slang. This is because the GreenGeeks support system is manned by North Americans who work under three effective layers of support.

    Feel free to call the hotline anytime between 9am EST until midnight EST on weekdays but do take note that the hotline is only opened from 9am EST till 8pm EST on weekends. Alternatively, you could also skim through the tutorials found in the GreenGeeks official website which includes step-by-step instructions as well as video guides.

Editor’s Advice

Based on what they are offering in terms of benefits and features, anyone would have to agree that GreenGeeks is a great place to host your website at. What we would really like to point out though is that GreenGeeks is the only web hosting company around that allows you to create clean energy simply by hosting a website.

If it’s something that the recent tsunami, earthquakes and floods have thought us, it is that we only have one planet Earth. If you’re interested in protecting the environment, then every little action counts. Play your part and start by getting your site hosted on GreenGeeks today!

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