Happy New Year from 100Webhosting.com

We, at 100 Web Hosting would like to wish all our readers Happy Holidays and a very Happy 2013. 2012 had been a great year for us (editors, interns, guest contributors and Jasmine herself) at 100Webhosting.com and all this could not have happened without you, our readers. So, here’s a huge THANK YOU to you from all of us at 100Webhosting.com.

Happy New Year 2013

Now that we have survived the Mayan’s prediction of the end of the world and passed the final sequential date for this century on Dec 12, 2012, it’s time to bid farewell to an eventful 2012 and to welcome 2013.

2012 in Summary

As 2012 draws to a close, I found myself reminiscing about all the things that had happened at 100Webhosting.com in 2012. We have grown in terms of information and offers. What better way to close the year than with a reflection of some of the best posts and most significant events for 2012.

Web Hosting Coupons and Deals

We had offered lots of great web hosting discount coupons and great deals for 100Webhosting.com readers. Here are some of the best 2012 deals that are offered exclusively for our readers.

  1. Why Bluehost is My Number One Recommended Hosting Provider
    Bluehost has always been our favorite because of its great features, excellent support and affordable plan. Through our special link, you are able to save close to 50% on your monthly hosting i.e. price discounted from $6.95 to $3.95/month.

  2. IX Web Hosting Coupon
    We are constantly searching for web hosting providers who will make the mark and provide quality hosting at reasonable price. And we have found in IX Web Hosting a host that offers great features (e.g. free Dedicated IPs for all plans).

    Use promo code 100WEBHOSTING to get additional 25% discount on top of their already discounted price!

  3. ServerFreak Upgraded and Coupon Code
    There were 2 awesome news in this article. The first is about ServerFreak’s free upgrade in various features e.g. hosting disk space and bandwidth.

    The other is about the recurring coupon code of 20% (except for the Supreme plan). This means that you will still get the 20% discount even when you renew your plan. You hardly ever find such a deal, with most of them offering for the first subscription period.

Web Hosting Infographics

Web hosting infographic design

Towards the later part of 2012, we also introduced a few infographic articles. It took quite a fair bit of effort to design them but we were glad that we did because our readers love them!

  1. Introduction to Web Hosting
    A simple explanation on what web hosting is about, with a discussion of the pros and cons of various common hosting types. This is a great infographic for those who are new to web hosting.

  2. Why Bluehost is the Best Web Host
    This infographic lists out the main reasons why Bluehost is the best in an easy to read image format.

  3. Web Hosting Types Comparison Infographic
    This was our first infographic which shows the comparison of the different hosting types as compared to the estate property. Great for beginners who wants to know more about web hosting types.

Free Web Hosting Giveaways / Contests

Web hosting contest

2012 was also a year of giveaways with not one but two. Our heartiest congratulations to the winners again.

  1. Exabytes Web Hosting Giveaway
    This giveaway saw us giving out 4 sets of free hosting plans sponsored by Exabytes.

  2. Free Web Hosting and Free Domain Name Giveaway
    In our very first contest, we gave away 3 prizes consisting of free full-year web hosting and free 1-year domain name sponsored by WebhostingHub.

Free Web Hosts

Free web hosting has always been a favorite question by readers. So in 2012, we decided to do another couple of reviews on 2 previously recommended free web hosts. Find out in the following articles how they fare now.

  1. Looking for Free Web Hosting
    An informative look at free web hosts and the issues that commonly comes with them. We also suggested that 000webhost.com be avoided and instead give Weebly a try.

  2. Is Weebly Web Hosting Really Free
    We revisited Weebly and find out if they are still the number 1 free web host or not.


We thought you would like to know what the hosting providers’ Top Management thinks and thus, decided to interview them.

  1. GreenGeeks CEO Interview
    We proudly presented a write-up on our interview with GreenGeeks’ CEO, Mr. Trey Gardner. He was so gracious to provide a special “100WH” coupon code that offers our readers $30 discount on any of their annual packages.

What’s In Store For 2013

At 100Webhosting.com, we will celebrate our 3rd birthday and our New Year resolutions are to bring you lots more exciting articles, helpful tutorials and awesome goodies. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to expect on 100Webhosting.com for 2013.

  1. There’ll be loads of informative articles on web hosting, website building, e-commerce, WordPress and so on. We will be sharing tips and tricks on how to improve your website’s performance as well as ways to save money.
  2. We will also be working more closely with some major web hosting companies and those who provide related services (Hint: CDN services). You can definitely expect better web hosting deals, coupons and discounts in the near future. Some of them are even going to be exclusive for 100webhosting readers!
  3. We are already talking to some web hosts to negotiate for more free web hosting plans for giveaways and contests in 2013. And if things go well, you should be seeing some giveaways soon.

Now, aren’t you feeling just as excited as we are for 2013? The Internet is growing more mature and technology more advanced. The web is much more accessible and thus, opens up more opportunities and offers for all of us.

We are prepared to comb the web for goodies to be channeled back to our readers and visitors. So do go ahead and sign up for our newsletter to be notified of future offers and events. Thank you once again for your continuous support and happy 2013.

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