HostGator Supports Jetpack and VaultPress

More web owners are choosing HostGator as their web hosting provider these days for a number of reasons: HostGator has hosting plans that cater to the needs of web owners regardless of whether they are bloggers, small business owners or large corporate companies. The hosting plans are attractively priced and clients will get numerous freebies such as templates, Google AdWords credits and free website builder tools.

However, the key feature that attracts clients to HostGator is its compatibility with WordPress, which undoubtedly is the most popular blogging platform.



A couple of months ago, Automattic unveiled their latest plugin, Jetpack. Jetpack features a number of functions that serve to enhance the WordPress blogging experience, simplify the maintenance of the website and improve visitor traffic. As one of the web hosting companies who collaborate with Automattic to bring Jetpack to users, it is extremely easy for HostGator’s clients to obtain access to Jetpack. When you install WordPress through the one-click installation application, QuickInstall, Jetpack will be installed automatically along with it.

Therefore, it is a hassle-free process that doesn’t require any registration, sign up or payment. Users who have downloaded WordPress prior to the launch of Jetpack can still access this powerful plugin; just go to their website at to download.

Jetpack is touted to be rich in features so much that users can do away with installing 20-25 plugins. Let’s take a look at what Jetpack’s core features are:

  • statistics

    You would want to know where your visitors came from, how they came across your website, which of your pages and post that they enjoy reading the most and what are your posted links that interest them. statistics gives you insights to these information.

  • Sharedaddy

    With Sharedaddy, you don’t have to post snippets of your blog posts anymore to your Facebook or Twitter. This feature allows you to share your website’s contents to a number of social networking sites, namely Digg, Press This, StumbleUpon, Reddit and of course, the ever popular Facebook and Twitter. Your site traffic is bound to increase with the added exposure!

  • After the Deadline

    Not everyone is blessed with the ability to write well. However, that should not be a barrier for you to blog and create web contents as this is where After the Deadline comes in to assist you. After the Deadline checks your articles for grammatical, spelling and structural errors. Errors will be highlighted along with suggestions of how your sentence should be.

  • shortlinks domains allow you to send or display shorter URLs of your pages and posts. A typical link would look something like this: This short link is really convenient because just imagine if you would have to type an entire URL in a text message, along with the various symbols that occasionally appear in the link. Also, remember that Twitter only supports 160 characters, so these shortlinks are indeed very helpful.

  • Twitter widget

    If you tweet and would like your site visitors to be able to read them, simply choose to display them in the widgets of your theme. Alternatively, you can also choose to display tweets from fellow bloggers who share similar interests.



With the contents and functionality of your website taken care of, you would want to ensure that the site is well protected against server problems, hackers or hosting issues. This is when VaultPress comes in to do the job that it does best – protect your WordPress site and its contents. With the extensive coverage, you can be rest assured that your entire site’s contents will be retained should any threat occurs.

Similar to Jetpack, VaultPress will be downloaded together with WordPress via QuickInstall. If you have already WordPress installed, VaultPress can be obtained by logging into your billing control panel for the “Get a Golden Ticket” link. Upon clicking on this link, you will receive the VaultPress “Golden Ticket” for you to get started.

VaultPress does well in its role as a WordPress website protector because it delivers:

  • Retrieval of earlier settings

    Some time down the road, you might want to access a database table, a previous theme or plugin either for reference or to be used again. With VaultPress, you can download any of these easily at the backup page.

  • Daily scanning for changes

    Every evening, VaultPress will scan your website for changes. This is important as there are some instances when changes are not detected, for instance, when files are being uploaded via FTP.

  • Confidence and a peace of mind

    A status bar will let you know what VaultPress is doing at any given time. Through the updates in the status bar, you would know if VaultPress is backing up a comment, tweaking a setting or adding a new post to its backed up database.

  • Concierge service

    Concierge service refers to the technical support that is provided by VaultPress in helping you to get started. Should you have any difficulties in setting up or retrieving a file, the team is ready to offer consultation and assistance.

WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform due to the various plugins that it is compatible with, the latest being Jetpack and VaultPress. As HostGator is one of the web hosts that makes both of these plugins easily available to hosting clients by just a one-click installation, HostGator is ideal for hosting your WordPress website, especially if you want to utilize the powerful features of Jetpack and VaultPress that come with it.

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