HostMonster Review

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– Updated 1 January 2014.

HostMonster has clearly shown itself as one of the best web hosting providers in the hosting industry. If you search the Internet, you will find nothing but positive and good reviews about this host. HostMonster offers unlimited web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited email accounts for a very competitive price.

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Price: $4.95/month
Size: Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts
Special: Free domain forever, free site builder, REAL 24/7 Non-outsourced support with
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HostMonster is actually a sister company of another reputable top host, BlueHost. BlueHost is well known for their quality support and reliable servers, so you can expect the same from HostMonster. HostMonster is founded and operated by the same man who founded and operates BlueHost, he is none other than Matt Heaton.

Just like Bluehost, HostMonster offers only 1 hosting plan which is feature-packed with unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts!

What’s so good with HostMonster Hosting?

We have had nothing but success and praises with this host! Customer service is very friendly, fast and helpful. Oh, not to mention they know English, so communication is never a problem! You know, how frustrated it is when you try to explain the problem to an out-sourced customer service like some of the cheap web hosts!

Anyway, let’s check out some of the other good features of HostMonster.

  1. Host Unlimited Websites under 1 Hosting Account

    Just like BlueHost, you can host multiple websites or domains under one single hosting account. You can do this yourself in the cPanel control panel. You have complete control. You do not need to send in any request to HostMonster to add or change the add-on domains.

    With unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, basically you can host tens and hundreds of websites under 1 single account! Yeah, host your personal website, your blogs, your photo albums and perhaps your ecommerce website all under one single account and save on the cost!

  2. Enhanced cPanel Control Panel

    HostMonster uses cPanel control panel, which is exactly our favorite control panel. cPanel is very fast, features rich, and user friendly to use even to complete hosting beginners.

    Click here to try out the HostMonster Control Panel

    HostMonster control panel

  3. Fantastico and SimpleScripts installer

    HostMonster teams up with SimpleScripts to bring you more than 50 of the latest scripts with the added features of 1-Click Installs! Popular scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Roundcube, and many more can be installed with just a few mouse clicks!

    HostMonster Simple scripts

    You can check out this easy-to-use Windows-like interface in HostMonster’s cPanel control panel. Click here to try out.

  4. Free domain forever and Free private whois

    HostMonster and BlueHost offer free domain name forever as long as you host with them. Currently, they are also giving free private whois protection to your domain name to protect you from spammers sniffing for email addresses and etc. Some web hosts charge private whois at $8.99.

  5. Free promotional credits – updated

    Every hosting account gets free promotional credits of $100 Google AdWords credit and free search engine submissions. Free Google AdWords credit is great to kick start your promotion on Google.

    HostMonster credits

    TIPS: Use these credits to kick start your Internet marketing campaign. Start to promote your new website in Google AdWords to get new customers to your website.

  6. Excellent customer support

    I think customer support is one of the most important criteria in considering if a web host is good or bad! Customer support comes before any other features such as price, disk space, bandwidth or server location. HostMonster is well known for their excellent customer support.

    HostMonster specializes in customer satisfaction. You can call them Toll free at (866) 573-HOST or (866) 573-4678. But, my preferred method is LIVE CHAT. Their Live Chat is manned by English-speaking staff 24 hours a day, not outsourced support.

  7. Free website builders

    HostMonster offers 3 website builders for you to choose from! They are the popular Soholaunch, Trendy Site Builder, and concrete5.


    • Soholaunch
      Soholaunch website builder acts as your all-in-one toolbox for creating and managing a website. If you’re looking for a way to make your next website project easier, Soholaunch is the solution for you. Soholaunch is packed full of features that accommodate both seasoned webmasters and beginners.
    • Trendy Site Builder
      Trendy Site Builder, is a stunning Flash Site Building tool that helps users build websites with a “Wow!” factor. The site builder includes features like image galleries, Mp3/Video player, Paypal integrated Online Store, Contact form, Online Greetings and much more.
    • concrete5
      Concrete5 is a building material for the web. Working with a web designer or pre-existing theme, a site owner can create and easily change the content and structure of a website.
  8. Money back guarantee

    Because HostMonster is so confident with their services and servers, they are money back guarantee and prorated refund if you choose to stop – anytime! If you choose to cancel within 30 days for any reason, they will give you a FULL refund!

    Because of this, hosting with HostMonster (and BlueHost) is absolutely risk free! You get your money back if you decided to stop, at anytime! No worries at all.

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HostMonster is currently hosting more than 1,700,000 websites – with such a large customer base, they cannot be wrong! Check out HostMonster today!

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