How to Backorder a Domain Name at GoDaddy

With the number of websites increasing by the minute, it is becoming increasingly difficult to register a good domain name. Just when you thought you had come up with a perfect and catchy domain name for your website, you are hit by the fact that someone else has beat you to it by registering it first!

Domain registration companies (the domain registrars and the web hosting companies) are not making it easy for you either. These days, price is only one of the factors to take into consideration when registering or should I say, trying to register a domain name. Other matters include ease of transaction and how reliable the company is. My advice is that you should read the terms of purchase first before getting a domain.

Domain Registrars or Hosting Providers

When it comes to who to purchase a domain name from, there are plenty of domain registration companies out there to choose from. This is advisable if you are registering a domain name for long term purposes and do not have a favorite web hosting provider, and believe that you might change your web host from time to time.

Alternatively, you could register your domain with your hosting provider. This is a common approach by many new website owners.

Some hosting providers offer free domain name registration with new signups while some even throw in free-for-life domain name for as long as you continue to host with them. However, there are some who lament the somewhat complicated procedure of transferring your domain name to another web hosting provider should you wish to change to another! Again, read the terms and do your researches before committing.

If you are considering registering with a domain registration company (the registrar) directly, then I highly recommend GoDaddy.

GoDaddy’s Domain Registration

GoDaddy is by far the most popular domain registration company today, with claims that over a quarter of all Internet domains were registered through GoDaddy! Why are they so popular?

Well, for one, their prices are one of the most attractive. On top of that, they do occasionally provide discounts and offers. A .com costs $14.99 $12.99, .net $14.99 $9.99 and a .biz $14.99 $5.99. They currently offer a free domain name when you purchase the GoDaddy Website Builder.

GoDaddy Website Builder

On top of that, they have a wide range of extensions available. From the popular .com and .net to country based ones like and .in to multimedia websites favorite .tv, you name it, GoDaddy has it.

Now, GoDaddy is also a very popular website to backorder domain names too!

GoDaddy’s Domain Backorders

Did you know that thousands of domain names get expired daily? And out of these numbers, your chosen domain could just be one of them. But it would be too tedious to keep track of these domains over a long period of time for any individual. Thus, companies like GoDaddy provide a backorder service!

A backorder service is an attempt, by the registrar that you have engaged, to register a certain domain name should it become expired.

Here’s a brief timeline on how the domain name expiration and backorder process works.

Stage1: Domain Name Expires

There will be a grace period upon expiration of domain name, usually between 30 – 45 days, during which all services eg website and email are stopped.

Stage 2: Redemption Period

WHOIS information are deleted and domain name can only be restored for a fee within 30 days.

Stage 3: Deletion

If the domain name is not redeemed, it will be deleted after 5 days in “pending delete” status. Subsequently, the domain name is made available again for all to register!

Now, what GoDaddy’s backorder service provides is allowing you to put a reservation on a domain name that’s registered under another person’s name. Should the domain name expires (Stage 1 in the above chart), you will get a chance to register it before it is made available to the public (Stage 3).

However, it should be noted that this backorder is NOT a guarantee that you will be the new domain name registrant should the current owner decides not to renew the domain name. There are a couple of factors that might influence your chances.

  1. Number of backorder holders

    If you are the only person interested in that domain name ie the only backorder received for that domain name, then you will be the new owner. However, if there is more than one, then an auction will be held to determine the winning bid.

  2. Auction results

    As with all auctions, there is only 1 winner and that’s the highest bidder. But don’t worry if you don’t succeed. You can always try again or move your backorder to another domain name easily at GoDaddy or you can request for a refund.

GoDaddy Backorder Steps

You can find a very detailed explanation on steps on how to set up your domain backorders here. So, I’ll just briefly list down the gist of it.

Domain backorders

Step 1: Create and login to your Account Manager.

Step 2: Find “Add Backorders” and select either public or private backorder type. Note that private backorder will display proxy contact in the WHOIS database though you would need to fork out an extra $9.99 per credit for this service.

Step 3: Key in the domain name(s) you want to backorder and fill in the requested information.

Step 4: You will then need to specify the number of credits you want to apply to the backorder.

Step 5: And lastly, the checkout process should you not have adequate credits or to pay for the domains-by-proxy account.

Pricing Package

Credits start from $20.99 each and there are discounts should you purchase more. Besides the credits, the payment also includes:

  • Registration cost and ICANN fee. ICANN is an international corporation that manages domain names.
  • Daily monitoring
  • Automatic bidding
  • Instant notification when your domain goes into auction
  • Fraud, spam & virus protected email and site builder
  • Credits does not expire and is transferable to another domain name

There are definitely lots of benefits when you place your domain name backorder with GoDaddy, not to mention the user-friendly process. So if you do have a domain name in mind that is unavailable, you could consider using GoDaddy’s backorder services to try to secure the domain name before anyone else.

GoDaddy Domain Backorders