How to build a website in 60 minutes

More than a decade ago, the thought of building your very own website was almost unheard of unless you are a website designer or an ambitious website builder wannabe. What with coding to learn and a whole new language to understand, it takes too much time and effort to just build one website. Therefore, the thought would never have crossed most of our minds and we would happily leave it to the professionals to handle the hard work.

Fast forward to today and we find that building a website is so simple that anyone can do it and it can even be done within 60 minutes. Really!

Creating a WordPress Website in 60 minutes

While it does seem incredible, it is indeed achievable. Even if you don’t have any website creating experiences. Here is a list of simple steps to create a website in under an hour.

Create a website in 60 minutes

  • Step 1: Register for a Domain Name and Hosting Plan

    This is the first step. You will need an identity before you can create a website. You wouldn’t want to discover your choice of domain name to be unavailable AFTER you have done up your website. Think of all the work that needs to be re-done e.g. to re-design the logo and brand.

    You can register a domain name via registrars like GoDaddy but in order to speed things up, I would recommend getting your domain through a good web hosting provider, together with your hosting plan.

    Web hosts like Bluehost and WebhostingHub are a couple of web hosts who provide instant account activation. So you get a domain name and hosting in just minutes. What makes it more wonderful is that these web hosts offer a one year FREE domain registration or domain transfer. So does IX Webhosting and InMotion Hosting.

    Yes, you can also get free web hosting and build a website for free, but most of these services are very unreliable except a few such as, and Weebly. There’s nothing wrong with signing up one of them. However, if you are serious about your website and foresee the potential to grow it into a money-generating site, then I would suggest buying a domain name and web hosting now.

  • Step 2: Install WordPress

    Why WordPress? Take a look at this interesting infographic to learn more.

    1. Use

      There are 2 ways to go about installing WordPress. One is to register through Hosting is free and you will find lots of free templates too. Plus, your website can be up in a matter of minutes.

      There’s a minor thing to consider though. A website is not yours to own.

      And as wonderful as it is, there are still some limitations which are quite annoying. For example, runs advertisements on your website (unless you upgrade), and you cannot monetize your website, and you won’t be able to use your own theme!

    2. Use 1-click installers

      Alternatively, most major web hosts these days have 1-click installers where you get to instantly install popular scripts and applications. Yes, including WordPress. Each web host may have their own version of 1-click installers e.g. Bluehost has SimpleScripts and WebhostingHub has Softaculous. But they all let you install scripts and help you keep them updated easily.

  • Step 3: Choose a Premium Theme

    With WordPress, you get the option to do lots of really cool stuff, like changing your website design by changing the theme. Themes are templates that are ready-made which can be installed quickly to better reflect your website’s purpose.

    Check out Elegant Themes and Theme Forest. Both of these premium themes providers have tons of awesome WordPress themes that you can install and customize quickly.

    1. Elegant Themes

      Elegant Themes offers a wide range of beautifully designed themes that you can choose from for specific niche/purpose, e.g. blog, business, e-commerce, multimedia and portfolio.

      The best thing I like about Elegant Themes is that they are so affordable. For only $39 per annum, you get unlimited access to all their 82 themes (and counting). Usually 2-3 themes are added every month. We will talk more about this theme designer in a future post.

    2. Theme Forest

      Theme Forest, on the other hand, charges one-off individual price for their themes. They also have various theme categories from blog to corporate to mobile themes. Unlike, Elegant Themes, Theme Forest has different designers designing the themes so you do get a different range of creative themes.

      For each theme you get to see existing users’ review and rating, so it’s a great way to find out if a theme is really as good as the designer claims before purchasing. This is one of the best feature of Theme Forest which makes them highly recommended if you need a good theme for your new site.

  • Step 4: Write Original Contents

    You are basically done. Now, all it needs is some great contents. So, login to your WordPress Dashboard and start typing away and uploading those images. Remember to include a title and add tags or categories to that post. Once you get your first (and maybe second, if you are a fast writer) post, you are all set to publish it. Done! Your website is up!

Create your website with a Website Builder

Another reason why I recommend good web hosting companies is because they offer many great website building tools for free. For many new website owners (as well as experienced website developers), these website builders are a great and fast tool to get started.

Bluehost website builder

Take for example, Bluehost’s website builder offers:

  • Shopping cart software
  • Audio Video support
  • Free Weebly drag-and-drop website builder
  • And many other features…

WebhostingHub’s website builder comes with:

  • Over 500 of easily customizable templates
  • Ready-to-use animated Flash intro
  • E-commerce store scripts and shopping cart software
  • Various applications like blogs, photo galleries and even message boards

What’s Next?

Well, now you tell the whole wide world about your website. Create a Facebook page and a Twitter account to promote your website. Remember, creating a website is very easy and fast. But you will need to put in a lot of time and effort to keep it updated constantly and you will find your readers and customers growing!

So, if you are concerned about the time and effort needed to start a website, well, don’t be. It’s so much easier to create a new website these days. There are not many reasons why we couldn’t create an online presence for our brick and mortar business or a personal blog or the online store that you had always wanted to have.

It’s easy, affordable and can be done in less than 60 minutes! So, give it a try if you haven’t. It’s easier than it looks!

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