How to install WordPress on HostGator

I have shared with you HostGator coupon codes which will give you huge discounts off HostGator’s hosting plans. Many of you have signed up with them and are really happy with their support and great services. A few of you wanted to start a blog and have asked me to show you how you can install WordPress on HostGator’s hosting account. Today, I will show you exactly this; how you can easily install WordPress on your HostGator account.

For this tutorial, we will install WordPress via QuickInstall, HostGator’s in house developed script installer. QuickInstall is similar to Fantastico, it allows you to install many popular scripts with just a few mouse clicks!

How to install WordPress

Login to cPanel. Scroll down to the “Software/Services” section and click on the QuickInstall icon to start the installer.

HostGator QuickInstall

After QuickInstall starts, you will see a whole list of popular scripts you can install on your account. Click on the software we are interested in now, WordPress. This will take you to the first page where it tells you a few details of WordPress. Click on “Continue”.

WordPress installation

The page will expand and show you a few text boxes so that you can enter the installation details.

Install WordPress tutorial

Application URL

Leave this text box blank if you wish to install WordPress at the root of the domain name. Otherwise, you can just enter a folder where WordPress will be installed, for example, you can enter “blog”.

Admin email

This is the email address for the administrator or blog owner. Just enter your own email address if you were not sure.

Blog title

This is self explanatory, the title of your new blog! Enter a catchy yet easy to remember name.

Once you are satisfied with all the details that you have entered, click on “Install Now”. The installation process will start and a progress bar will show up. It should only take a few moments… and before you know it, the progress would have hit 100%!

Installing WordPress

Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress on your HostGator hosting account! Yes, your new blog is now LIVE! You can view it at (assuming you have entered “blog” as the Application URL).

100webhosting blog

The login information will have been sent to the email address that you provided. So, just check your email account to get them.

Tips: For security purposes, do remember to change your password once you login to WordPress.

All right, that’s about it. Installing WordPress is so easy, thanks to QuickInstall from HostGator. Hope you have no problem following this tutorial, but if you need any help still, do let me know.

If you are interested to start a blog, you can rely on HostGator. Read our review on HostGator to learn more about this reputable web hosting company. HostGator’s server is 100% compatible with WordPress, its plugins and themes.