How to Save Money on iPage Web Hosting

Want to get some discount from the best web hosting companies? Tired of not being able to spot the promotions that web hosting providers spring onto you?

Feeling frustrated for frequently missing out all those great lower priced hosting deals? Then you will be most interested in today’s topic. I am about to share with you one web hosting provider where you could predict their discounts… well, almost always. Some of you may already be aware of this but for the benefit of all readers, here’s letting you into an open secret.

iPage web hosting

The web hosting provider I am referring to is iPage.

iPage Web Hosting

iPage is one of the world’s leading web hosting providers. They provide a complete solution for those who are seeking hosting and related services eg web design and web development. Yes, their hosting is reliable and your website and email are in good hands.

They are also pretty flexible in the sense that you get to customize your website the way you want and that there are lots of applications to help you all the way. These include site builders, shopping carts, blogging tools and photo galleries, which are dynamic and user-friendly. So no worries regardless if you are a beginner or a web expert.

What I like about iPage is that they don’t oversell their web hosting accounts. iPage states on their “hosting features” page that the shared hosting plans’ disk space and data transfer are not unlimited per say. There is, however, no set limit though but they are able to meet 99.95% of their customers’ needs. The balance 0.05% of customers generally exceeds the normal usage because they are using their accounts for storage or file sharing (such as storing lots of huge movies for sharing). So it is safe to say that personal and small business websites will have adequate disk space and bandwidth when they host with iPage.

iPage Weekend Promotion

iPage had, over some time, been giving HUGE discounts for hosting services signed-up over the weekends. We can’t say for sure how long this weekend promotion will continue or whether it will be carried out every weekend. But one thing for sure. It is a great deal and definitely one that you should not let it slip by without checking it out.

iPage promotion

From the above print screen taken last weekend, you will notice a couple of things relating to the promotion. The first being the amazingly low price of $2.95 per month hosting fees. If you look carefully, the regular price for the same shared hosting plan is $7.95. This is translated to a 63% discount or $5 per month.

Imagine hosting with iPage for a year. You would have saved $60 of hosting fees!

Take advantage of this huge discounts, which may end anytime soon. Visit iPage official website now.

The second thing that you would notice is the countdown ie the number of days and hours/minutes left in the deal (just like group buying sites such as!). Since you have been pre-informed about this deal, you won’t be caught off guard and would be able to catch it when it comes. Note that the time promotion period is based on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

iPage hosting features

iPage has lots of other great features that makes them a recommended hosting provider. With over 1,000,000 websites being served by them, you can be sure that iPage’s hosting plans are among the top hosting plans around. iPage throws in over $450 worth of free extras in their plans! Let’s take a look at some of their features.

Anytime money back guarantee

  1. Security Suite

    Upon signing up with iPage, you will get $100 worth of security features. This includes business verification, and daily malware and spam scan. You will also get a display cert for your site as well as the peace of mind of knowing that your website is hosted in a highly secure data center! These security features are really essential as you just can’t be too careful in today’s world!

  2. Marketing Suite

    Now, some hosting providers do offer marketing credits and some don’t. But for those who do, most of them generally provide just “$50 worth of Google AdWords credits” for their customers but not iPage. They are offering:

    1. $100 Google AdWords credit
    2. $25 Yahoo! and bing search credit
    3. $50 credit for Facebook advertising
    4. Free business listing
    5. ShopSite online store $20 per month
    6. SiteLock valued at $99

    These features alone, sure beat lots of other hosting providers’ offer!

  3. Free Domain Name

    You will also get a free personalized domain name registration. This registration is free for 1 year and is great for those seeking to build a new website.

  4. Support Suite

    Another free feature is the award-ranking support that you get from iPage. iPage offers 24/7 support service through phone, email and also live chat.

  5. Anytime Money Back Guarantee

    In order to assure you of a stress-free hosting with iPage, they have an anytime money back guarantee. Should you decide to cancel your subscription for any reasons at all, do let them know and they will refund you the remainder of your current payment term. The best is, if your cancellation is within the first 30 days of your subscription, your full hosting fees will be refunded in 100%!

    However, it should be pointed out that the domain registration fee of $15 and other addons (if any) would not be refunded. This way, you can easily transfer your domain name elsewhere without going through the trouble of re-registering.

In case you would like to know more about iPage, feel free to read my iPage review or have an online chat with their support team. Again, we can’t guarantee that this deal will be indefinite or occurs every weekend but what we can guarantee is that this is truly a deal that makes your weekends more awesome! So if you are thinking of signing up for a hosting plan, do check iPage up.

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