How to save Money on Web Hosting

Why pay more when you can get it for less? We want to get the most out of every buck spent, including the money we pay for web hosting. Web hosting can be really affordable if you know which web host and plans to go for. For those of you who wish to cut down on the fees you pay to your web host each month, read on to find out how to save money on web hosting.

Bluehost - anytime money back guarantee

  1. Choose a host with money back guarantee

    Most web hosting companies set a minimum hosting tenure of one year. That is a pretty long time to be stuck with a web host that doesn’t provide the quality of service promised.

    Your website could be unavailable, take ages to load or you can’t get in touch with their support personnel. And of course, you still have to complete the one year’s contract – a total waste of money. Therefore, choose a web host which offers a money back guarantee. This way, you’ve got nothing to lose even if you are dissatisfied with the hosting provided.

    I strongly recommend BlueHost in this department because they are guaranteeing their services with Anytime Money Back Guarantee. This simply means that if you are not satisfied with them for whatever reasons at all, you can request for a refund of your money. No questions will be asked!

  2. Sign up for a longer term

    Buying in bulk is always cheaper. The same applies to web hosting. Signing up for a longer term, usually for 2-3 years, will cost you less per month than if you had taken a one-year package. But this rule only applies if your web host offers a money back guarantee; else you could be stuck with having to pay for substandard hosting for 3 years!

    BlueHost’s standard pricing is $6.95/month. But, you can cut this price to $4.95 per month (1 year plan) or an even lower $3.95 per month (2 years plan) if you signed up through this special link!

  3. Use a coupon code

    Many web hosts offer discounts in the form of web hosting coupon codes to entice customers to sign up. A customer receives an immediate discount when he enters a coupon code upon finalizing the payment. These coupon codes are sometimes found within the website itself, so all you need to do to get some discounts is to do a little searching on the website.

    Sometimes these coupon codes can also be found on partner websites such as the website you are reading now!

    We are the hosting partner of a number of big web hosting companies, including BlueHost, HostGator, LunarPages, GreenGeeks, HostUpon, ServerFreak, HostUpon, WPWebHost and many more. You can check out the discount coupon codes from these web hosts on our coupon codes page.

These three methods we have discussed are bound to save you some money on web hosting. The next thing to do is to look for a host which offers the most value-for-money hosting. We’ll look at three of the most popular web hosts – HostGator, Bluehost and LunarPages – and evaluate them from the three tips listed above.

  1. Money back guarantee

    Anytime money back guarantee

    45 day money back guarantee

    30 day money back guarantee

    BlueHost has one of the best offers in terms of money back guarantees, for you to try their hosting services. However, under normal circumstances 30 days is really sufficient for you to gauge the quality of a provider’s hosting services as well, so as long as the host offers a money back guarantee with a reasonable testing period, you can consider them.

  2. Long-term hosting plans

    The following are the standard pricing (before applying any discounts or coupon codes) for 3 of the most popular web hosting providers. For ease of viewing, we compare them in a simple table.

    Hosting Terms BlueHost HostGator LunarPages
    1 month - $7.16/month -
    3 months - - $10.96/month + $30 Setup
    6 months - $7.16/month $9.95/month + $30 Setup
    12 months $6.95/month $5.56/month $8.95/month
    24 months $5.95/month $4.76/month $6.95/month
    36 months $4.95/month $3.96/month -
    60 months - - $4.95/month

    Notes: LunarPages offers a lot of web hosting plans. We do our analysis based on their Basic Hosting Plan.

    As you can see, the longer the term you sign up for, the less you pay per month. You can really enjoy big savings if you compare the costs per year.

    So, my advise here is, whenever possible sign up for longer hosting terms for example, a 1-year hosting term, in order to enjoy a reasonable amount of savings.

  3. Coupon codes

    25% discount – use the coupon code “GATORSPECIAL2011

    $3.95/month (discounted from $6.95/month) – activate this coupon code through this special link

    30% off for a 12-month or longer terms hosting plan (Basic hosting and onwards) – use coupon code “100WEBHOSTING

    The discounts vary from time to time but for now, the above are the current best promotions available from each web host. HostGator’s discount is quite a steal while Bluehost shaves off a large amount from their standard pricing rate!

    On the other hand is LunarPages who would give you 30% off if you sign up for a basic, business, VPS, dedicated or windows hosting plan for 12 months or longer.

    Check out our Web Hosting Coupons & Promotion Codes for a full list of hosting coupon codes.

Editor’s Advice

Don’t go with a cheap web hosting provider. Instead, do sign up with a premium web hosting provider but use our tips above to save on the money you need to pay!

Each of the 3 analyzed web hosts above make a good choice as they all give us a way to sign up with them with a good amount of discount. So when it comes to deciding on a host, all you need to consider is the availability of the features and functions that you’ll need. All 3 of these web hosts are good and have permanently stayed among the top 5 positions in our Top 10 Web Hosting list.

Remember, do not be skeptical to sign up on a longer term especially if the web host provides a money back guarantee because they won’t be foolish to do so if they are not confident that you will stay on with them for a long time. On top of this, get more savings by using a hosting coupon code! Don’t sign up with one!