How to use Yahoo Answers to get traffic to your website

Yahoo Answers has long been the best known answer site on the web, and many people use it as a source of traffic. While this is an extremely popular site, if you want to use it as a way to get quality traffic, you must use it in the right way.

One surprising piece of news that was recently revealed is that Yahoo has surpassed Google in terms of traffic.

Yahoo Answers

While it’s debatable whether Yahoo will be able to overtake Google in the long run, this news shows that Yahoo has enjoyed something of a rejuvenation in terms of popularity. Since Yahoo Answers is a part of Yahoo, this is worth noting. When people log onto Yahoo’s main page, they can see the link to all of the search engine’s specialized services, including Yahoo Answers.

In other words, we can expect Yahoo Answers to be very popular for the foreseeable future (in fact, they now already is popular). All that remains, then, is to determine the best way to leverage this site.

How to start using Yahoo Answers

To use Yahoo Answers, you must obviously have an account with them. You could, of course, outsource your Yahoo Answers campaigns, which we will get to a little later. First, however, we will focus on methods where you are working on your own.

The most straightforward way to get traffic from this site is to answer questions that are relevant to your niche and include a link to your website. You have to be careful how you do this, however, as answers are monitored and will be removed if it is believed they are only there for SEO purposes. You also risk having your account banned.

As a member of the site, you want to get at least to Level 2. Every time you answer a question, you get points. When you ask a question, you spend points. You need 250 points to reach Level 2. This allows you to answer up to 40 questions per day. Subsequent levels give you even more privileges.

Tips to use Yahoo Answers

How to answer questions

  1. Search for relevant questions

    You can search for questions that are related to the niche of your website. Always use advanced search and search for “open” questions. Questions that are closed are no longer accepting answers and will not help you. It’s best if you can be the first answer. These are often selected as “best answer”, a designation that helps you get traffic as these answers are considered the most valuable.

  2. Give quality answers

    You should make sure you give quality answers. Never give a one sentence answer such as “See my link for more information”. This is a sure sign that you are simply trying to use the site for traffic. Remember, answer sites are set up to provide real information. Never give incorrect or useless answers simply for the sake of including your link.

  3. Use the resource area

    It’s best to give a thorough answer to the question and then include your website in the resource area. Don’t leave multiple links. Only include one link per answer. You should also use legitimate URLs. If you are going to link to affiliate sites, you should redirect from a domain you own or at least cloak the link. Uncloaked affiliate links appear spammy. Do not directly link to any affiliate sites, or you risk getting your account banned!

  4. Be active and answer more questions

    Another tip to keep in mind is that the more questions you answer, the higher your status will be. You reach higher levels and you have more credibility. It’s therefore a good idea to answer lots of questions, even ones that you aren’t trying to leverage for traffic.

    This is also good because it makes you a legitimate contributor. If every one of your answers contains a link to your website, this is a red flag that might make the staff at Yahoo Answers suspicious of your motives. That’s why it’s good to mix things up a little and answer some questions without your own URL.

If you want to get better results from Yahoo Answers, you can use additional methods. For some of these, you need to be careful, as they are not always strictly in accordance with the site’s rules. I will mention several of these, even though I don’t recommend using.

  • Create multiple accounts

    One tactic that some people use is to create multiple accounts with Yahoo Answers. They will then post a question using one account and answer it with another. This ensures that the answer will be perfectly timed and relevant. This is a very risky method, however, as if you are caught all of your accounts will be banned.

  • Have partners

    A similar, slightly safer method is to have partners who ask and answer each other’s questions. Although this is not as risky as having multiple accounts yourself, there is still the risk that Yahoo will notice a pattern and eventually catch on.

  • Outsource your work

    If you want to safely increase your results with Yahoo Answers, the safest route is to outsource some of the work. The only downside to this is that you have to pay someone. There are, however, people on forums who will do this for very affordable prices. If you can get consistent traffic from this, it can be well worth the investment.

    The way this works is that you supply the person with your answer and URL. They will then seek out questions that meet your criteria. Some of these people will guarantee a certain number of these answers will be awarded “best answer”.

    If you find that this is effective, you could eventually upscale it. Some marketers hire virtual assistants who do nothing but answer questions on Yahoo Answers for them.

New Yahoo Answers
New Yahoo Answers


There is quite a lot to be gained by using Yahoo Answers for traffic. There is really nothing to lose, provided that you don’t use one of the risky strategies outlined above. These risky methods should never be used anyway, and you should only provide genuine and helpful answers which will help in your reputation.

One of the best things about this is that your answers can bring you traffic long after they are published. Google often ranks these answers highly. Like articles, videos and other content that is well ranked, the links and traffic you gain can accumulate over time.

Yahoo Answers can be part of your overall traffic strategy. You can either answer a few questions per day yourself or outsource it to a good partner and make it a major source of traffic.