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To host with an international hosting provider? Or to sign up with your local hosting provider?

That is indeed a commonly asked question these days by new website owners or bloggers. When talking about local web hosting providers, many would start shaking their heads and complained that these providers tend to be more expensive, have unreliable uptime and clueless support staff! Well, a few years ago, that may be the case. However, recently, there have been quite a few local web hosting companies in the region that has been giving the international hosting providers a run for their money, like Jogjahost.

Jogjahost is an Indonesian web hosting provider established in 2008.


Price: IDR5,000/month
Size: From 25MB to Unlimited
Special: 8 shared web hosting packages, local support, choice of data center

International vs Local Web Hosting

Back to the question of international hosted or locally hosted website, the answer is it depends. What kind of website do you have and who are your target audiences. If yours is a blog with readers coming from all corners of the world, then you may want to consider an international hosting company. But if you have an online business that targets mostly local customers, then local hosting would make more sense.

What about the level of service provided? While generally international providers have better service because of higher investment into technology and human resources, local hosting providers too, have their advantages.

Benefits of Local Web Hosting

Prior to making a commitment on whether to host with a local hosting provider or not, let’s have a look at some of the following pointers. In this case, we’ll base this on a review of Jogjahost – one of the most popular web host in Indonesia.

  1. Location of server

    This is an important factor because the nearer the server is to your visitors, the faster your website will be available to them. As mentioned above, international audiences prefer international hosting providers or with a US based server. But if you are targeting local visitors such as those in Indonesia, then the hosting provider ideally should be local, ie from Indonesia.

    Jogjahost understands this and thus, offers their subscribers a choice of hosting either with their US-based data center or the Indonesia-based data center (IIX). This way, you can opt for a local hosting provider (and pay local charges) and still be easily accessible to readers in the West. And if you choose the local server, your visitors would be pleased to find that they are able to access your website considerably faster!

  2. Support Language

    It is somewhat true that international hosting providers have comparatively higher trained and perhaps a more courteous customer service as well as knowledgeable support staff.

    However, only a local hosting provider can offer support in local language. This would eliminate the language gap challenge that often happens in many international providers. Jogjahost’s subscribers can speak to Jogjahost’s support team in the Indonesian language and thus, get to work out their needs and solve their problems much faster. No more frustrating moments due to language misunderstandings.

  3. Payment Through Local Banks

    One good thing about local hosting providers is that they accept payments through local banks.

    Jogjahost has 3 payment options ie bank transfer via Bank BCA Indonesia and Bank Mandiri Indonesia and of course PayPal. Not everyone has PayPal so it is a good thing that Jogjahost accepts local bank transfers.

    Local bank transfers can help speed up the registration process, without the new subscriber having to wait for approval emails / funds transfer clearance before the account can be activated. Just notify Jogjahost the transfer reference number and your account can be set up immediately, they promised.

Indonesia banks
Jogjahost accepts local bank transfers, including Bank BCA Indonesia, Bank Mandiri Indonesia and also PayPal.

Hosting Features

Other than the above features, there are a number of other notable features that Jogjahost offers.


Jogjahost offers 8 shared web hosting packages so there are bound to be one that would suit you. There are a few features that set these packages apart and I have summarized them in the following chart. For the purpose of this analysis, I have excluded 2 packages ie Basic and Beginner. These two are essentially similar to the Little Package except the disk space offered.

Jogjahost price chart

For as low as IDR 15,000 (US$1.59), it has got to be one of the cheapest hosting plan in the world! Jogjahost has one of the most diversified packages I have seen. This way, you pay only for only the features that you need eg how much disk space needed etc.

Price wise, it is on the higher side compared to other international hosting providers who are offering unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for $3-$7 per month. You can get even lower when you use coupons or when they offer discounts. Jogjahost’s similar package, Extra Extrem costs $9.26 per month. Then again, Jogjahost constantly offers discounts too. So do keep an eye out for them.

Choice of Servers

As mentioned above, you have a choice of either US-based server (US) or Indonesia-based server (IIX). Your choice of which to go for depends on your target audiences. Again, you should choose a local Indonesia-based server if your main customers/visitors or blog readers are from Indonesia. On the other hand, do go for their international data center if you target worldwide customers/visitors or blog readers.

Anyway, this extra flexibility makes them stands out from other hosting providers in the region.

Customer and Technical Support

Jogjahost’s support team can be contacted via Yahoo! Messenger chat, email or support ticket. You don’t get 24 hours support but then you get localized support.

Indonesia data center

You can use online chats for matters relating to technical support and billing enquiries. Online chats are available from 0800 – 2400 Mondays to Fridays and from 0900 – 2000 on Saturdays and Sundays. Alternatively, you could also email or submit a support ticket. Support tickets would be replied within 24 hours.

For those who wish to speak to an agent directly, Jogjahost’s phone service is available during office hours from 0900 – 1700 Mondays to Fridays and 0900 – 1300 on Saturdays. Hours stated are as per WIB time.

From our review and analysis, we have gathered that while Jogjahost may not be the best web hosting provider in the world, they do offer quite interesting features to Indonesian websites. Not to mention, it is tailored to the needs and requirements of these local websites too. No wonder Jogjahost is very popular in Indonesia. So if you have a website or plan to set up a website based in Indonesia, then I do recommend that you check Jogjahost out.

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