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Dear Readers, please fasten your seat belts and be prepared for a speedy article! Well, “speedy” not so much in the sense of this post’s length but rather about speedy hosting. To be precise, we take a look at InMotion Hosting’s “Max Speed Zone“. But before that, let’s take a quick tour at InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has been around since 2001. This US based company has been gaining much respect being one of the better hosting providers around. They have 2 main data centers i.e. one in Los Angeles and another in Washington D. C.. Yes, literally from coast to coast.

They offer comprehensive web hosting from shared hosting to VPS to Dedicated Server.

For InMotion Hosting’s shared hosting, there is the personal and Business Hosting packages. The Business Hosting users have a choice of 3 plans i.e. Launch, Power and Pro. Each has slightly different features and costs only $6.95 $5.56, $8.95 $7.16 and $14.95 $13.95 per month respectively. On top of that, there’s an extra $1 off per month for new Business Class hosting accounts.

Other features include hosting uptime guarantee of 99.9%, 24/7 technical support and 90 day money back guarantee.

What sets InMotion Hosting apart

  • Great technical support

    This one thing that I find truly deserve a special mention is their technical support team. There was once when one of my websites was consuming too much bandwidth. This particular website was getting really popular and had a traffic spike Instead of shutting down my website without notice or forcing me to upgrade, their technical support staff increased my website’s bandwidth immediately to allow the website to keep running!

  • Max Speed Zone

    There are many website owners who think that when they see one hosting provider, they have seen them all. They believe that hosting plans are quite the same between all hosting providers.

    While ther eare many similarities, there is certainly a difference in the features being offered if you take a closer look. Some offer more while others less.

    In the case of InMotion Hosting, what sets them apart from the others is their Max Speed Zone.

Max Speed Zone

How fast your website loads depends very much on the location of the data center. If it is on the other side of the world, then obviously your speed is much slower compared to if the data center is closer.

How InMotion Hosting’s Max Speed Zone works is that website owners get to select the data center that is closest to them. And by doing so, the website and email can be speed up by 6x.

It is worth noting that how much speedier your website would be, still depends on the visitors’ locations and their Internet connection. For example, if you choose to host your website at the Los Angeles data center, then a visitor from Los Angeles would experience faster download compared to a visitor from Thailand. But this speed sure is faster than if InMotion Hosting offers only one data center at Washington D. C..

The point here is that you have a choice of which data center to host with. As far as I am aware, InMotion Hosting is the first and only popular web hosting provider who’s providing this feature to its shared web hosting plan!

InMotion Hosting’s Max Speed Zone is currently being offered to both InMotion Hosting’s Business Class hosting and VPS clients.

InMotion Hosting Max Speed Zone
InMotion Hosting Max Speed Zone

As indicated above, the nearer you are to the data centers, the faster your connectivity speed is. Those nearest to the data center are those in the Max Speed Zone while those slightly further away are in the Faster Speed Zone and after that, comes the Fast Speed Zone.

The Washington D. C. data center speeds up those located at Eastern North America, Europe, South America and Africa. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles data center mainly hosts those in Western America, Australia / New Zealand, Asia and South Pacific.

InMotion Hosting doesn’t stop there. They have teamed up with ISPs (internet service providers) and peering exchanges around the world in order to create direct data connections. This results in faster connectivity since data is sent to you or your visitors directly from these ISPs and peering exchanges, instead of through multiple servers.

Advantages of InMotion Hosting’s Max Speed Zone

There are definitely many benefits when you choose to host with a fast web host. Below let’s discuss some of these benefits.

  1. Increase visitors’ experience

    Speedier loading provides a better user experience and this translate to loyal customers who will stay longer on your website. This will eventually lower your website’s bounce rate and increase its conversion.

  2. Increase work efficiency

    Since loading speed and email are faster, you can now complete your work and maintenance faster. For example, if you hosted a WordPress blog on a fast web hosting company, you will be able to publish your blog posts faster!

  3. Reduce bounce rate

    Visitors are impatient lot, especially if they are surfing using mobile devices. If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, chances are many of your visitors are going to click the Back button, or jump to YouTube.

  4. Increase SEO rankings

    Search engines use website speed as one of their criteria when determining SEO rankings. And the faster your website loads affects positively to your search engines’ ranking.

So, are InMotion Hosting’s Max Speed Zone plans a good deal? I would say yes.

I mean where else can you find a hosting plan that provides you the option to choose your data center location at the price that they are offering? For the features that are offering too, for that matter. If seeing is believing for you, why not go over to their file download test to experience the download speed for yourself. Click on the files to download from both data centers and compare the results with your hosting provider’s speed and see if there’s any drastic difference.

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