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Get automated backups from iPage

If you have a website and don’t want to worry about manually backing up the files and data on a regularly basis, experienced bloggers and experts in the IT industry would highly recommend that you get an automated website backup software to do the task for you. Most web hosting companies do provide automated website backup software or services at a small price.

Site backup

During the signing-up process at iPage, you are given the option of purchasing an automated nightly iPage backup. All you need to do is to simply check that option box when signing up and your site will be backed up automatically everyday, leaving you peace of mind knowing that all your files, images and data are well protected and safe! The automated backup upgrade will only cost you $12.95 a year (slightly over a dollar a month) and this small fee can definitely save your website from losing its content and data!

Regular backup is very important

When you’re building a website, it is extremely crucial that you keep an up-to-date backup copy of your website files just in case you mistakenly deleted some important files, or something happens to your web server. That being said, the iPage backups are easy to use and extremely convenient as compared to having to perform the data backups yourself. Every night, a copy of your website files will be made and stored, so you do not have to remind yourself to perform backups periodically!

Automate backup

iPage also provides an excellent PC backup option at no additional cost which makes it really easy to save a copy of your website files to your PC.

However, if you prefer to perform manual backups yourself, you can do that easily too! Simply log in to your iPage control panel and click on the Archive Gateway tool. You can then archive individual files or website directories and save it locally to your computer. By using the File Manager or any FTP client software, you can upload a backup file from your computer to restore the copy on the server.

Archive Gateway

For those who want to avoid paying an extra $12.95 a year for automated backups, the iPage manual backup program provides an excellent alternative! It’s FREE and very easy to use.

Is iPage Web Hosting any good?

In conclusion, iPage web hosting has excelled exceptionally in the web hosting industry and there are a handful of reasons for this. As mentioned previously, iPage provides excellent backup options which give us security when we host our website with them.

iPage also provides extremely cheap web hosting plans which entitles us to unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited MySQL databases and a free domain name for only $4.50 a month. We can also host unlimited number of domains under the same account! This brings a lot of savings for us if we have multiple websites or blogs! So, iPage is a good and recommend web host!

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