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Creating a new website can be understandably scary. Especially when it’s your first website and you know absolutely next to nothing about HTML and web programming languages. But frankly, you have nothing to fear. Seriously. These days, web hosts have made website development so much easier than it ever was. One of them is iPage.

iPage website builder

Who is iPage?

I have written about iPage in quite a few posts before this. You can read a couple of them here and here.

iPage was first launched in 1998 and since then, has undergone some major rebranding. Today, they are one of the more popular web hosts and are hosting over 1,000,000 websites. iPage can be found at many hosting reviewer’s top 10 web hosting providers listings (including yours truly’s 100Webhosting.com).

iPage is just the right web host if you are looking for an affordable but features-packed web host who allows you to build personal or small businesses websites. And when I say affordable, I meant something like their current $1.99 per month for the first 3 months promotion (and $2.95 for the rest of the term).

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Some of their features include:

  • Unlimited domains, disk space, bandwidth and email addresses
  • Free domain name
  • Free Security Suite including spam & malware scans and security cert, worth $50
  • Free online store with shopping cart and PayPal integration
  • Free search engines and marketing credits worth $300
  • 1-click scripts installer, SimpleScripts
  • 24/7 phone, live chat and email support
  • Anytime money back guarantee

One of my personal favorite features is their easy-to-use Site Builder. In this article, I’ll show you how easy it is to build a website in minutes using one of iPage’s Website Builders.

iPage web hosting

iPage’s Website Builders

iPage’s website builders are basically programs to assist you to create a website, without any programming skills necessary. Very much like building a Lego set! Some interesting facts about their website builders are:

  • There is a wide selection of pre-built and ready-to-use templates to choose from.
  • It comes with drag and drop designing features which are really intuitive. This allows a basic website to be created within minutes!
  • Your website is automatically uploaded once you finished building using the website builder. Should you decide to use an outsourced theme, you will need to upload it manually.
  • Can be access anywhere and anytime as it is an online software.

One very important fact is that you ARE ABLE to move your website lock, stock and barrel should you want to transfer your hosting to another web host in the future! iPage’s templates are not copyrighted and you are free to download the files and upload them to another web host’s server if you so wished.

Not many web hosts allow this as their templates are copyrighted. If you wish to transfer out, you will need to re-design your website from scratch. This is the one reason why many users are “held hostage” by their web hosts. But fortunately, that’s not the case with iPage!

Build a website with iPage’s Website Builders

iPage offers 2 website building editing tools i.e. Website Creator by CM4all and Weebly Drag and Drop Site Builder. These website builders are offered free and come with basic tools to create a basic yet professional looking website.

The former offers 9 free site pages while the latter offers 6 free pages. It may sound limited but these are generally adequate for most personal and small businesses websites. Should you require more advance tools, there’s an option to purchase the premium version of these website builders.

Watch the following Weebly site builder demo video.

Now, let’s have a look at just how easy it is to build a website. For this purpose, I’ll use the Weebly Drag and Drop Site Builder.

  • Hundreds of Templates to Choose From

    Weebly has been integrated with your iPage account and does not need installation. It has tons of templates that are professionally designed and ready for use immediately.

    Want a blog? Lots of templates there. Building a business site? Sure, just customize with your company image and logo. Preferred a more colorful website? Go ahead and take your pick!

  • Easy to Customize

    All the templates are flexible and easy to customize. You get to change the fonts, colors and sizes. With the drag and drop tool, you can further customize the website into something more unique and reflective of your taste or brand.

    Changing the layout to suit you cannot be any easier. You can add photo galleries, upload images, create contact forms and design your own slideshows. I am sure you will be glad to know that interactive effects and automatic thumbnail resizing are among those features included.

  • Easy to Manage

    Not having web programming knowledge will not be something to stop you from creating a professional website if you use iPage’s Weebly Drag and Drop Site Builder. The website builder is made up of 2 sections i.e. the main menu which has all the design buttons and tools and a bottom layer which displays your website as you make changes to it… in real time.

    Want to add multiple pages like About Us, Contact us and so on? Just go to Pages > New Page and rename your page and click “Save”. Can it be any simpler?!

This drag and drop website builder supports all kinds of content elements such as texts, images, videos, audios and maps which can be instantly added into your website by just dropping them where you want them to be. Web development is done in real time and you can modify your website without even putting your site down. You can check out iPage’s official site for easy-to-follow video tutorials.

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