iPage Easy Script Installations with SimpleScripts

iPage web hosting comes with its own control panel which is customized and enhanced from the standard vDeck control panel. This enhanced version of the highly popular vDeck control panel offers advanced features for iPage users.

iPage exclusive

The iPage control panel also comes with SimpleScripts (previously they came with InstallCentral), a very popular and features-rich applications installer that is similar to Fantastico, another highly popular applications installer that is available in cPanel.

SimpleScripts vs Fantastico

Many may claim that Fantastico is an excellent installer because it has been in the market for a much longer time, however, fret not as there are many users who have been using the iPage SimpleScripts for quite some time and opine that it works great and offers all the features anyone could ever need! Additionally, SimpleScripts also has features that you can’t find in any other control panel.

A certain web host may only be rated good if it offers a high quality control panel. For a control panel to be considered good, it should have an installer tool that allows you to select, install and use a wide variety of popular applications for free. For instance, some popular web hosts offer the Fantastico installer, while some others offer the SimpleScripts installer (both are in cPanel). Meanwhile, for the vDeck control panel, you will find the SimpleScripts, a tool designed to help you to install popular applications quickly and easily!


SimpleScripts comes with more than 70 popular applications which includes:

  • Image galleries
  • E-Commerce shopping carts
  • Blogs
  • Content management systems
  • Discussion boards and forums
  • Customer service scripts (helpdesk, live chat, ticketing systems)
  • Guest books
You can quickly and easily install new applications, as well as upgrade any of your installed applications to the latest versions.

InstallCentral comes with user friendly wizards that provide a step-by-step interface for installing new applications, or upgrading existing ones, and installing security patches.

You could go to the iPage official site and browse through the list of provided PHP scripts and then choose the scripts that you prefer to install. For the installation of e-commerce websites, you can choose from osCommerce, Zen cart, Agora cart or any other options that are made available. For blog hosting, you may pick from WordPress, b2evolution or PixelPost.

From the 70+ free applications included, you can choose any one of them to install on your website. Each of them come with detailed description and feature listing, simplifying your task of deciding which is suitable for your needs. Once you have decided on the application that you want, proceed with the installation process and InstallCentral will manage the entire installation process for you, from the creation of the MySQL database to the assignment of users, all within seconds!

How much is iPage web hosting?

For the time being, hosting with this green web host costs $3.50 per month. But if you were to visit them through our website during the weekends, you will be entitled to a special pricing of $2.95 per month! This special pricing is only available during the weekends, and on weekdays, you will need to pay $3.50 per month.

Check out iPage during weekends and sign up with them to enjoy discounted pricing at $2.95 per month. This is the best iPage discount now.

We believe even at $3.50 per month, the features offered by iPage, such as the InstallCentral, free domain name, free marketing credits, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and free online store are well worth the money we pay. On top of these, iPage also gives you confidence by offering you “Anytime Money-Back Guarantee“!

Anytime Money-Back Guarantee ensures that if you are not completely satisfied with them, you can cancel at anytime and you will get your money back. No questions will be asked. You can cancel at anytime and iPage will refund you.

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