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If you’re thinking of hosting your website with another web hosting provider that you think is better and more well-known, hold that thought. If you’re considering to forgo iPage’s awesome web hosting plan, then you’re about to miss out on many special benefits as well as features that you are entitled to when you sign up with iPage. Don’t worry if you’re still not fully convinced by this popular web hosting company. Take a look through some of the impressive websites run by existing iPage’s customers; these might be able to help you make your final decision.

  1. iPage Customer 1:

    iPage customer website

    The website belongs to a female graphic design and advertising agency based in El Paso, Texas. The website is properly designed and well-coordinated, with the overall layout being extremely simple and looks very neat and orderly which gives prospective clients the ease and convenience in browsing. Everything has been categorized accordingly. This website loads very quickly thanks to iPages speedy servers and network. The website was developed using iPage’s easy-to-use custom website template.

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  2. iPage Customer 2:

    iPage hosting website

    The minimal layout of this site says it all. The green site gives you an overview of what Fry’s artwork is all about and you’re more than welcomed to browse the different works by the artist. The site is also used by Fry to document the history of his work. If you’re an artist just like Fry, setting up a specialized page to showcase all your artwork would be brilliant as your prospective clients will be able to see where your talent lies. Not only is the site (which, of course, is powered by iPage) has a simple layout with easy browsing, the site also features a gallery to showcase the designs.

  3. iPage Customer 2:

    Website hosted on iPage

    Just like Fry’s page, this artistic website is anything but crowded. The site’s overall layout is so simple with only a few click-able links. This kind of website is great for those who aren’t into complex layouts with too many links, drop down menus, big images and other complicated elements. Everything has been categorized neatly on this site, so visitors will find it very easy to search for whatever they want from the art page. A viewable gallery feature is also included.

After browsing through these websites which are hosted by iPage, it is clear that it’s iPage‘s overall reliability, flexibility and performance that count the most. No matter what your personal preference is, be rest assured that the web hosting provider could make everything happen for you. It’s definitely worth hosting your website with iPage for the leverage that your website or business will have over the rest. Read more about this company in our exclusive article; iPage review.

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