Is Unlimited Web Hosting a Good Deal?

You may have noticed that of late, most web hosting companies have introduced unlimited web hosting plans to replace or to add to their capped plans. But what exactly is unlimited in the hosting plan that you have signed up for?

For most plans, the “unlimited” features refer to the disk space, bandwidth allowance or data transfer, the number of email accounts and the number of hosted domains (add-on, parked or sub-domains). Going by the word “unlimited” without reading any fine print, anyone would get the understanding that they would get to use as much disk space and transfer as much data as they want to, on top of having as many domains and email accounts as possible. But is this really the case in “unlimited” web hosting?


The truth of Unlimited Web Hosting

Now, that was YOUR interpretation of the word “unlimited”. The web hosts might have their own definitions, which is at their discretion and you wouldn’t even know what they are.

Take, for example, the fine print taken from the website of a well-known web host offering unlimited disk space. It says, “You can add as much content as you want, but maybe not all at once“. This tells you that there is a cap on the disk space after all; you don’t get to use as much disk space as you want at any preferred time. Once again, it is at the discretion of the web host when to allow you more disk space. This limit is further verified by their next sentence saying, “The vast majority of our customers’ sites grow at rates well within our rules, however, and will not be impacted by this constraint“. Note the words “our rules” and “constraints”.

Then, there is the restriction on what you can use the disk space for. Just imagine that if everyone were to use the disk space as they wish, the web hosts will definitely have to fork out substantial amounts of money to cope with the extra disk space required. They surely aren’t going to do this, and so they often state in the Terms of Service (TOS) agreements that you are only to use the disk space for the website, not for other purposes such as an offsite backup space. To avoid falling into this trap, keep a lookout for the phrase “unrestricted disk space” which indicates that you may use your allocated disk space as you wish.

You might face limitations on your data transfer too. Downloads of data from your site could be limited by several factors such as server memory, server processing power and anti-abuse controls. Uploads of data are also subjected to the rate at which your site is allowed to grow, as mentioned above. However, the storage of emails isn’t usually a problem. Users can save as much emails as they want to without having to consistently spring-clean their mailboxes.

Next, bear in mind that you would also be sharing resources with all the other clients of the web host who have been promised the “unlimited”. Bandwidth will be shared and you are likely to share the same server too. This could likely affect the speed and performance of your website.

Best Unlimited Hosting Plans

On a brighter note, clients can be consoled that the cases mentioned above do not apply to all web hosts. Unlimited web hosting is nevertheless still the better option as compared to plans that limit your hosting features. After all, the prices are similar although in certain cases unlimited hosting might cost a mere $1-$2 more per month than the regular plans; GreenGeeks‘ unlimited plan costs a mere $4.95 monthly.

Let’s take a look at the core features of the best unlimited hosting plans in the market:

  1. GreenGeeks

    • $4.95/month
    • Free point and click site builder with templates
    • Free website migration services
    • Free domain for life
    • One-click installer
    • Nightly data backups
    • Free $25 Yahoo advertising credits
    • 30-day money back guarantee

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  2. HostGator

    • $3.96/month
    • Free SiteBuilder and SiteStudio website building tools
    • Free website templates
    • Free website, domain, MySQL and Script transfers
    • Free $100 Google Adwords advertising credits
    • cPanel Control Panel
    • 45-day money back guarantee

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  3. LunarPages

    • $5.90/month
    • Free drag-and-drop site builder
    • Free domain for one year
    • Free One-Click script installs
    • $700 Free Bonus
    • Free $25 Facebook Ad credits
    • Free $50 Google advertising credits

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Coupled with the unlimited features offered, all three plans above are packed with additional tools and applications that contribute to the optimum performance of your website.

Editor’s Favorite Unlimited Hosting Plan

For prices that costs just a few bucks more or even possibly the same as capped plans, there aren’t any reasons at all why you should sign up for a regular web hosting plan! Yes, unlimited web hosting is a good deal!

My personal favorite is unlimited web hosting company is GreenGeeks. They offer outstanding service and my applaud goes to their green energy initiative.

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