KnownHost Managed VPS Hosting

What is a VPS?

When a physical server is divided into several virtual servers, each of the virtual servers is known as a virtual private server (VPS). Also sometimes known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), a VPS stands alone and has its own operating system, software and private environment. Each VPS is akin to having a separate physical computer, thus a crash or reboot to any of the environments will not have any effect on the others hosting on the same physical box.

What is Use a Virtual Private Server?

An increasing number of websites are running on VPS nowadays, why so?

  1. Better server resources and bandwidth

    If you do not require much CPU, RAM or disk space, you could go for shared hosting but you will find limitations as your requirements increase over time when your website has more traffic and grows in size. A virtual private server is a better solution to handle the extra CPU, RAM or disk space that you would need.

  2. Isolated environment

    As each virtual private server has an isolated environment, a website hosted on one is safe from threats and will still perform optimally should other websites get hacked or face a downtime. On top of that, each private server is assured of its allocated CPU power, memory, disk space, bandwidth and a unique file system.

  3. Better data security

    Shared hosting is not able to store private and important information in the same way as a VPS because a shared server allows access from many users who are sharing the same server. This also makes private data such as credit card information vulnerable. A VPS on the other had is much more secure since there are less accounts on the same physical server.

  4. High flexibility and Root access

    Each VPS user gets full access to the virtual private server. This provides the flexibility and convenience of managing and customizing the software and applications on the server. On the other hand, shared servers do not allow such a level of control over the server, for example, most shared hosting do not permit root level access.

  5. Cost effective

    VPS is much cheaper than a dedicated hosting plan. With a VPS, you’d get features just like a dedicated server but you only need to pay a fraction of the price!

KnownHost VPS Hosting

KnownHost Managed VPS Hosting

KnownHost is a very well known VPS hosting company. In the business since 2005, they now operate more than 100 servers in their two data centers in Texas and California. They have 5 plans to suit each user’s requirements; each plan is simply named VS1, VS2 and so on. Below is a summary of the features of each plan:

  VS1 VS2 VS3 VS4 VS5
RAM 192 MB 768 MB 1024 MB 1280 MB 1480 MB
RAID-10 Disk Space 10 GB 40 GB 60 GB 75 GB 90 GB
Premium Bandwidth 400 GB 2000 GB 2500 GB 3000 GB 4000 GB
Monthly Pricing $25 $35 $45 $65 $85
Annual Pricing $285 $400 $510 $740 $970
Savings $15 $20 $30 $40 $50

All plans come with unlimited domains, 2 dedicated IP addresses and preinstalled CentOS Operating System. If you want to host your website with KnownHost, they will take care of the migration of your website if the control panels are similar.

KnownHost also throws in a list of other free services and features such as 3rd party installations, nightly VPS/Hybrid backups and the Virtuozzo PowerPanel which is easy to use for a full control of your VPS. KnownHost allows you to choose and create your own white-label name servers too.

Why KnownHost is a popular VPS Hosting?

KnownHost is recommended as a VPS hosting for their:

  1. Reliability & flexibility

    All servers have a Virtuozzo layer that allows maximum efficiency of the hardware. Users can upgrade to a new server or a different package anytime without any problems.

  2. Migration assistance

    Migrating from one host to another is quite a tedious task but there are no worries as KnownHost will take care of this for free. The only drawback is that the control panel has to be the same but if it is, users can even be entitled to discounts from the first day of service.

  3. Choice of control panels

    Different people have different preferences. With this, KnownHost gives each user the control panel options of Plesk, cPanel or DirectAdmin. These are available in all packages, so users can select whichever they are familiar with. You can also switch as you go along.

  4. Guaranteed uptime

    KnownHost has a Service Level Agreement that guarantees a 99.9% network uptime. This truly makes KnownHost stand out among the others who could simply make empty promises. They are also efficient by keeping a set up time of between 2 – 4 hours.

Editor’s Advice

By comparison to another popular VPS web hosting provider, Host Gator, I’d say that KnownHost is the better bet. While both have similar features such as the Virtuozzo PowerPanel, private name servers and cPanel and Plesk control panel options, you would get more with KnownHost for the same price. KnownHost also performs nightly backups compared to Host Gator who only does off site backups on a weekly basis. As such, KnownHost would be a good choice as a VPS host.

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