LunarPages best coupon code 2013

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Who is LunarPages

LunarPages official website

LunarPages was established in 1998. Back then, they were offering low resource free Linux web hosting for personal websites. In 2001, they upgraded their services with more features and started charging for their plans and services.

As time went by, demands grew and they began providing a variety of web hosting services and also ventured into high-end web hosting. Today, LunarPages is one of few web hosting providers who offer reliable and comprehensive web hosting services, ranging from basic web hosting (shared Linux and Windows web hosting) to enterprise level hosting (like dedicated servers, VPS, and special application hosting) to advanced hosting solutions (for example private cloud hosting and complete IT infrastructure).

To better support their customers, they have hundreds of staff and thousands of associates worldwide.

The other area that this highly recommended company scored points was the fact that they are also offering both Linux and Windows based web hosting plans. Not many web hosts (including popular international hosts) are offering Windows hosting plan so if you are specifically searching for a Windows plan, look no further than LunarPages.

LunarPages hosting control panel

If you want to test drive LunarPages, then do hop over to their demo page and judge for yourself how easy and user-friendly their control panel is.


LunarPages has always been one of those major web hosts who get lots of great reviews from their customers. That’s simply because their plans are packed with useful features. We have talked about these in an earlier article. Here, we would like to highlight a few other features that make them an attractive choice for hosting your website.

  • Scalability

    One of the benefits of hosting with LunarPages is the scalability. A beginner may feel confused with so many different plans but trust me, you don’t have to be. Remember, I am here to guide and help.

    Actually, these plans benefit you more as they help you decide the type of web hosting your site needs. With so many plans and features being offered, there is bound to be a plan that fits your bill.

    The other thing that LunarPages is offering is individual features. When your site or traffic grows, so would your hosting requirements. But instead of immediately upgrading to a higher resource plan (and paying extra for it), you can choose to add-on features by paying only for these selected features which you need. In other words, you do not pay for things that you will not use.

    For example, you may be hosting on a basic web hosting plan and decide that you wish to try to turn your site into an online store. In this case, you can select to purchase the standard SSL Certificate and the Dedicated IP address, while maintaining your existing basic web hosting plan.

  • Technology

    Today, LunarPages have state-of-art servers in 3 data centers. These data centers are equipped with secure systems and have multiple fiber connections to the Internet. This web host also have what they called Active Response Protocol, which monitors their entire web hosting system for outages as well as potential cyber attacks.

    What this means to the customers is that they have invested heavily in the latest web hosting technology and are constantly ensuring that the websites hosted with them are protected from down time and malicious attacks. You can therefore expect highest level of security, reliability and amazing speed when you host with them!

  • Affordability

    LunarPages are known for their affordable plans. Did you know that their cheapest shared hosting plan costs only $3.22 per month? Imagine that, a global company’s features-packed plan at less than $4 per month!

    If you had been comparing web hosting providers, you will realize that this is actually very affordable. I mean how many other web hosting providers that you know of who are also offering such an affordable starter plan? A plan which by the way, comes with reliable hosting services and great features like multiple email accounts, spam protection, unlimited sub domains and parked domains as well as lots of web scripts.

    To top that, this hosting company is now even offering an additional 35% off for almost all their hosting plans by using our coupon code “100webhosting“.

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

    If you are still unsure whether you should subscribe to LunarPages’ web hosting plan, well, here’s something that can clear some doubts. They are offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

    If you decide to cancel your subscription for whatever reason within the first 30 days, they will gladly refund you the full hosting costs paid less certain payment like domain name registration.

    Frankly, 30 days is more than enough for one to build a website and have it up and running as well as make a decision whether the hosting services are up to your expectations.

All right, now you are all pumped up and ready to head over to and use the amazing 35% discount promotional coupon? Here are a few simple terms and conditions which I think you should know.

  1. This coupon code is guaranteed to work on the following plans, with a minimum of 12 months. In other words, you must either subscribe for 12 month, 24 month or 60 month on the following:
    • Lunarpages Basic Plan
    • Lunarpages Business Plan
    • LPQuicksite
    • Lunarpages Windows Plan
    • Lunarpages VPS Plan
    • Lunarpages VPS Starter Plan
    • Lunarpages VPS Pro Plan
    • Lunarpages Dedicated Plan 1
    • Intel Core 2 Quad Core Hosting Plan
    • Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon Hosting Plan
    • Lunarpages Dedicated Plan 4 (Mega)
    • Lunarpages Dedicated Plan 5 (High Performance)
    • Lunarpages Dedicated Plan i7
    • Lunarpages Dedicated Surplus Plan
    • Tremendesk

    Basically, all of their plans are covered. However, if you want to use a specific hosting plan but our coupon code doesn’t take 35% off the pricing, you can let us know and we will try to get you a good offer from the our hosting partner.

  2. This coupon is however, not valid for LunarPages’ Starter Web Hosting Plan. That’s because the Starter Web Hosting Plan is already very affordable judging from the price and the features that comes along with it.

LunarPages 50% discount code

I have to disappoint you as currently there is no discount code which is better than 35% off. Some other websites may claim to have a better coupon code, but trust me, they are not working as they claimed they should! If you found a working coupon code that’s better than 35% off, please let us know and we will beat that offer!

LunarPages coupon code

For those who are sharp-eyed, you may notice that previously, the same coupon code (or special link) gives our readers a huge 40% discount. However, this has been discontinued and is now replaced with the current promotion of 35% off hosting plans.

While it’s true that there is a reduction in the discount, you need to realize that like many other businesses out there, web hosting costs too have increased tremendously over the years. LunarPages have always emphasized on providing their customers great plans at affordable prices. However, it has come to a point when they could no longer do so if they were to keep offering such low discounts. Thus, the change of the discount.

Nevertheless, the good news is that we managed to work out another exciting discount albeit a slightly less amount i.e. 35% off. The same coupon code “100webhosting” still applies.

This is still the best discount you can find on the web for LunarPages. If you find other promotions offering a higher discount than 35%, chances are that these offers are no longer valid today.

Editor’s Advice

So, is LunarPages a recommended web host? Yes, they are. For various reasons. But the simplest reason is the fact that they offer a wide range of plans to cater to different types of websites and requirements. Be it a simple family blog, a complex e-commerce website or dedicated managed hosting services. Be it Linux or Windows based web hosting. Or even if you are looking to earn an income as a web hosting reseller. Regardless of the type of website you intend to have, LunarPages has the appropriate plan for you.

Not only that, LunarPages also offers additional features that you can add-on, for example Dedicated IP address and anonymous domain registration. This way, you only pay for the services that you need and at the same time, not be restricted to the features that you get in a particular plan. Believe me, web hosting flexibility is very important in growing your website.

What is truly awesome is that these great plans now come with an additional 35% discount on top of their already affordable prices. So if you are looking for reliability and affordability, do check out these amazing LunarPages’ plans. Just remember to insert the coupon code “100webhosting“.

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