LunarPages $700 bonus software with web hosting

At, we had always been recommending Bluehost as our number 1 choice of web hosting provider. However, if you have been following our articles thus far, you will notice that we also recommend other hosting providers too, especially if they were to offer some hard to resist deals.

This is because we aim to provide our readers with valuable unbiased information. So dear readers, you can always count on us to provide you with genuine reviews and objective opinions.

LunarPages promotion

And with that, I would like to highlight a hosting provider that’s been offering some of the best hosting packages in the market today, LunarPages.

LunarPages 101

A fast gaining popularity web host, LunarPages not only provides reliable service, but is a complete hosting provider, who is able to support your blog/website and business as you grow. From website hosting to website solutions, there are various services you can rely on for example, cloud hosting services, payment processing and security management.

In addition to that, they also offer tons of freebies that you seldom find in other providers’ hosting packages. Take for example, their limited time only promotion of special deals and bonuses.

LunarPages software and deals bonuses

If you were to sign up with LunarPages today, you are entitled to the following software for FREE. Oh, should I mention that these are valued at over $700! How cool do you think that is? Here’s the list.

  1. Deep Trawl


    This Deep Trawl version is not a trial version and was specially created for LunarPages users. What this software does is to help you diagnose your website for errors. Deep Trawl is great at detecting broken links, spelling mistakes, spam and HTML errors; among others.

    Think about it, when would you have the time to scan every corner of your website for possible errors? Even if you have, you won’t be able to keep doing this on long term, so many rely on Deep Trawl to identify these errors.

    What’s so important about weeding these errors? Well, it will definitely affect your SEO, especially when Google places high importance on error-free websites.

  2. WinSettings


    As time goes by, your computer will inevitably slow down. There’ll be lots of duplicate and junk files as well as cookies and other plugins that are no longer being used. So, wouldn’t you like a software that cleans up your computer?

    That’s why LunarPages has partnered FileStream to offer WinSettings. With this tool, you can perform hard disk cleanup, delete unnecessary files, add scheduled maintenance, and etc. Not only will you experience faster performance, you will also reclaim space on your hard disk.



    There are lots of website analytics tools around. But have you heard or seen, let alone use a VISUAL website analytics tool? I bet many would say no. Well, here’s a chance to experience this amazing tool for 3 months for free when you sign up with LunarPages.

    How this works is simple. Besides displaying the analysis in data form or charts, you get visual metaphors too eg website as buildings, search engines as buses and an animated character to represent a visitor. And to top that, can also track your Google AdWords, Yahoo! and email marketing campaigns.

  4. The Logo Creator


    Here’s another great and free software that you will get to use when you sign up any LunarPages hosting packages, The Logo Creator. You will be getting two logo design sets that is valued at $60 and there’s no limit of logos that you can create!

    The logo variations that you can come up with is really incredible because there is a variety of modifications that you can do from changing the font size and design to altering the color and style to creating and modifying images.

    If you are not good with Illustrator and Photoshop, and do not have a web designer with you, then this is the tool you will need!

  5. Photo TurboBackup

    Photo TurboBackup

    This software is especially for photo enthusiasts or photographers. The Photo TurboBackup provides a no-frills service to backup your photos and images.

    Whether you want to backup to your DVD, CD, hard drive or removable disks, the software can do the job. Restoring and password-protecting is just as easy. Best of all, it’s free with LunarPages’ hosting packages!

  6. Gafana


    Gafana is another valuable software and this tool helps you fight spam emails, provides virus protection as well as email backup and recovery. It works well on free email accounts eg Gmail as well as any POP3 email addresses. So no more spam emails nor dangerous emails with this free tool that’s worth over $125.

  7. DMXReady


    Been looking for the perfect contact information management software? Well, I won’t worry too much about that if I were you, especially if you are signing up with LunarPages. They are providing DMXReady’s Contact Us Manager for free!

    What Contact Us Manager does is that it helps you manage and display contact information on your website. The system allows you to display names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and photographs. With Contact Us Manager, keeping in touch is never easier.

  8. LinkWorth


    Now that you have your website set up, it’s time for some marketing. After all, nobody knows where or who you are unless you tell them. So, LunarPages is offering $100 worth of advertising credit from LinkWorth with every hosting purchase.

    Advertising in LinkWorth is slightly different from advertising in search engines, which is what most hosting providers’ are offering as free marketing credit. With LinkWorth, you get to advertise on various platforms eg text ads, pay per post and directory submission.

  9. BidVertiser


    LunarPages understands how important advertising is and thus is offering another free advertising bonus. This time, you will get $20 worth of free advertising credit in BidVertise’s site-targeted marketplace.

    Through this pay-per-click service, you get to determine where your ads appear, set a price to your ads and narrow down your target audiences’ geographical locations. It is very easy to use and your ad will be ready in just a few clicks.

Editor’s final words

Now, wouldn’t you agree that LunarPages is one of the best hosting providers around? On top of the above-mentioned free software and deals, LunarPages also provide 24/7/365 of monitoring and support, 30-day money back guarantee and free domain for selected packages.

With so many services being offered and at an affordable rate too (hosting starts at $3.22 per month), there is bound to be something to fit your website regardless of how straight-forward or complicated your website is. Do check out LunarPage’s official website to learn more about their services and latest offers!

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