Malaysia Web Hosting TheGigabit

TheGigabit is a Malaysia web hosting company established in 2003. Other than web hosting, they also offer email solutions, server co-location, virtual private server (VPS) service, cloud hosting as well as a few other related services like web design and so forth. That is quite an ambitious list of services provided and hence, we decided to review them.

TheGigabit Malaysia web hosting

TheGigabit’s network of servers are located at 3 data centers in Malaysia, of which one of these data centers belong to TheGigabit. This allows for better control over network connectivity, which in turn explains why they are confidently guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime and claims of high connectivity with no buffering.

TheGigabit Hosting Plans

Their hosting plans are comparable to the major web hosts’ in the hosting industry with features like free domain, free site builder, unlimited email and FTP accounts, auto installer scripts, daily backups, cPanel control panel and a 30-days money back guarantee. What sets TheGigabit apart from many of the other providers is that they offer their customers a choice of either signing up for a Linux Hosting Package or a Windows Hosting Package. The features and pricing is similar between the two packages, except that for Windows, you can use MS SQL.

Hosting plans are priced at RM60 per year (that’s only RM5 per month!) for the Value package and goes up to RM360 per year for the Professional 2 package. Of course, the Value package’s features are quite limited and are more suitable for smaller sites or beginners. If you are running a medium size online business, it is recommended that you check out the Professional 1 package which costs RM260 per annum. Still very affordable for most businesses or serious bloggers.

Dealmates Deal

What is more exciting is that TheGigabit is currently partnering Dealmates, a deal-of-the-day website, to offer a pretty good deal.

TheGigabit on Dealmates

As of writing time, the deal on Dealmates has tipped, and the offer will expire in about 14 hours.

For only RM60 per month (after a discount of 54%), you would be able to get your website hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), running either Linux or Windows! In this Linux / Windows Giga Value 2 package, you get 50GB disk space, 1 MBPS guaranteed bandwidth, 512MB RAM, 1 IP address, Windows Server Standard or CentOS and cPanel/Website Panel control panel. And this is a lifetime deal too, meaning that you get the same features for the same price as long as your site is hosted with TheGigabit’s VPS, while others are paying RM130 for it!

Do note that this VPS hosting is unmanaged, i.e. you will have to monitor and manage your own servers, so this deal is fantastic if you are technology savvy as it gives you great flexibility at managing your servers at a low price.

I also like the fact that the managing director himself answered questions fielded by interested parties in the Deal discussions. Perhaps this is a reflection of top management’s commitment to customer service.

TheGigabit vs ServerFreak

But how does TheGigabit compare to other hosting providers, say ServerFreak? Let’s take a look at one of these two providers’ value plans.

TheGigabit vs ServerFreak

As you can see from the comparison table above, TheGigabit has an advantage over ServerFreak in terms of features provided, with a larger disk space. Whilst ServerFreak does offer more domains, subdomains and email accounts, chances are you may not need so many of them.

ServerFreak Coupon Code

Price wise, there is a 20% recurring discount off ServerFreak’s plan if you were to use the coupon code “100WEB20“. Assuming that we did so, then the above ServerFreak’s Gold plan will now costs RM559.20 per year. This seems to still be higher than TheGigabit’s RM260 per year pricing.

Check out this page for complete details on how to use ServerFreak coupon codes.

Fast, Friendly Support 24/7/365

TheGigabit had on its website guaranteed “fast, friendly support 24/7/365”. However, when I was at their website recently and during their working hours mind you, their life support was offline for the whole day. So I did what most of us would do… I called them up. I managed to find only their office number, which by the way, is only available from 9.15am – 6.00pm (GMT +8). I was told that their sales team is currently “having a meeting”. So I decided to give the guy who answered my call a tough time.

Long story short, TheGigabit apparently does not have a dedicated 24/7/365 toll-free number that you can call for emergencies… yet. What they do have instead, is 24/7/365 email and live chat service (live chat is offline after office hours). Hmmm, I only hope that the live chat downtime this morning was one of those rare occasions. I suppose I could email them with my inquiries or submit a support ticket but then I prefer instant answers.

Good value for money web hosting

Having said that, I still find that the hosting plans are very value for money, provided that they do not oversell and that you do get all that they promised. We are very keen to find this out.

That’s right, we are planning to either sign up with TheGigabit or request a test account in order for us to further evaluate their hosting features and services (in our quest to find the best Malaysia web host).

We would be, among others, looking into their server and network uptime, technical support, bandwidth and ease of use. In the meantime, stay tuned for a more in-depth review of TheGigabit’s hosting plans.