Malaysia Web Hosting YeahHost Review

YeahHost has 5 shared web hosting plans. YH1, the most affordable plan, costs only RM199 yearly while YH5, the priciest is only RM399 annually. These prices are very competitive compared to most other web hosting companies in Malaysia but let’s not conclude too soon first whether the plans are good or not based on just the prices alone. What’s interesting though is that YeahHost has plans to cater for both the Windows and Linux platforms. The prices remain the same for the 5 plans that they have but certain features differ according to their respective platforms.

YeahHost Web Hosting Malaysia

YeahHost’s hosting plans are tempting, for they offer free domain names for all plans as well as an unlimited number of email accounts. YeahHost claims that their YH5 plan is the most value-for-money as for an annual fee of RM399, you’d get 500GB of web space or storage, along with 5,000GB of monthly data transfer.

YeahHost’s Windows Web Hosting Plans

There are 5 plans altogether and it’s easy to remember what you are entitled for. If it’s plan YH1, you’d get 100GB of web space/storage and 1,000GB of monthly data transfer. If it’s plan YH2, you’d get 200GB of web space/storage and 1,000GB of monthly data transfer, and so on until plan YH5. Prices start from RM199 per year and there is an extra RM50 for each plan. In short, RM50 per year buys you an extra 100GB or web space/storage and 1,000GB of monthly bandwidth! This way, you decide how much you need and you’ll know how much you have to pay.

YeahHost Hosting Plans

All hosting plans come with the following:

  • Unlimited number of email and FTP accounts
  • Free domain names
  • Unlimited sub-domains and domain aliases
  • Optional online website builders
  • MS SQL & MySQL Databases
  • DNS Management
  • Website Panel Control Panel

Why do we like YeahHost?

Online Website Builder

YeahHost’s online website builder, which contains over 490 templates, allows you to build a professional-looking template in a span of minutes. One who has no knowledge on web design would be able to create a website in 5 easy steps of just pointing and clicking. Thus, this is great for new bloggers and website owners.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

YeahHost also offers a 30 days money back guarantee just like other web hosting providers do, so you don’t have to worry of being stuck with a web host that doesn’t deliver satisfactory services for you can just terminate the subscription and get a refund of your money. I assume that the fees paid for the domain is not refundable, just as the norm for other web host providers.

Related Web Hosting Services

Besides web hosting, YeahHost also provides a range of other services such as email hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and SSL certificates management. For all these services, YeahHost provides technical support around the clock and promises fast account activation, unmatched server reliability and 99.99% server uptime, among others.

Why do we dislike YeahHost?

I am however slightly skeptical of YeahHost for a couple of reasons. I didn’t manage to find any information on the company from their website. I would prefer to know their years of experience and a little bit more of their background. I tried looking for the corporate clients who have hosted with them too but didn’t find any. There were only testimonials from individual customers but I prefer some bigger names; that would increase my confidence of hosting with them. YeahHost is a relatively new web hosting company in Malaysia.

Better Web Hosting Companies

Personal web hosting

If I were to choose a web hosting company from Malaysia, I would go for either Exabytes or ServerFreak, because from our own experiences, we think these are the more reliable companies in Malaysia.

Exabytes has been providing web hosting services since 2001 and they have won awards as early as in 2002 when they had just started out. They boast of having Carlsberg Education Fund, Celebrity Fitness, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Nuffnang Sdn Bhd and Kenny Sia under their belt. They also offer a 100 days money back guarantee, showing their confidence of delivering satisfaction to customers.

ServerFreak is also another of my favorite web hosting provider as they have 7 years of experience and counting. They might not have as many corporate clients as Exabytes but from the testimonials on their website, the service sounds satisfactory enough. If not, there is always a 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit Exabytes Official Website