Media Temple Web Hosting Review

A couple of years ago, a relatively unfamiliar web hosting provider came under my radar. I first came across Media Temple as a recommended WordPress web hosting provider on’s official website.

Being curious and at the same time, being on the lookout for a new web hosting provider to try out for a new website of mine, I decided to check them out.

Who Is Media Temple

To tell the truth, they gave me a very good first impression. Media Temple was founded in 1993 which mean that they are well established and experienced to be able to last this long in a demanding and tough industry.

Media Temple

Price: $20/month
Size: 100GB premium storage, 1TB network transfer, Host 100 domains
Special: Clustered architecture, Mail by (mt), 1-Click Installs
Offer: Click on this link to visit Media Temple!

They also listed some big names as their clients eg Sony, Adobe, Starbucks, VolksWagon and ABC Inc and have very positive testimonials too. Right, that’s a check for excellent track record. So, if Media Temple is good enough for them, it’s good enough for you and me too!

Media Temple Hosting Features

What are impressive are Media Temple’s features. They offer many plans from (gs) Grid-Service to (dv) Dedicated-Virtual to (cx) Complex-Hosting. But since I was considering their (gs) Grid-Service plan, this review would be on this plan.

The (gs) Grid-Service plan provides subscribers access to grid hosting. This means that your website is serviced by pools of server clusters. These clusters are designed to handle specific tasks eg web services, email and databases. So no more worries about competing for the resources like in single server shared hosting, especially when there’s a sudden increase in traffic in yours or your neighbors.

This type of hosting is seen as the future replacement of shared hosting!

Oh, and I like their logo which I think is slick and shows that they mean business. Ok, this reason is purely emotional! *grin*

Hosting Price

The one factor that I was slightly concerned was their hosting price. Media Temple is charging $20 per month for their (gs) Grid Service shared hosting services. This is a lot of money, especially when I could get shared hosting plans for 3 – 5 times lower than that.

But then, one should always take into consideration that you are paying for grid hosting and not single server hosting. So in a way, it does make sense for the higher price. And I was pretty much sold at that point and decided at that moment to have my website hosted by them.

My Hosting Experiences

After blissful hosting for about a couple of months, I suddenly was having some latency issues during peak time. It occasionally took around 10 seconds to load my site and so off I went to Skype with their customer support. Yes, you can Skype them as well as call them. In fact, to make it much easier for us (especially their international customers) to reach them, Media Temple have international phone numbers that we can get assistance from.

MySQL Grid Containers

Anyway, I was attended to quickly and the person I spoke to was polite and patient. Top marks for professionalism. The customer service looked into the matter and replied within the same day that it could be due to bad cluster. I was offered to get a MySQL GridContainer which costs an additional $20 per month. I declined but still gave them the benefit of doubt. Looking back I think it was because I was absolutely hooked to their control panel, which is so cool and responsive that makes managing my website a breeze!

I am glad that I did give them a second chance. A couple of days after my chat with the customer support, my website’s loading time was back to normal. And till today I have no complaints about them. Perhaps that was an isolated case I guess.

Is Media Temple Recommended?

After all said and done, would I recommend this web provider? Well, yes and no. Yes, if you can afford the $20 monthly hosting fees. There are lots of features that you get in return for your investment like cutting edge technology, excellent customer support, amazing control panel… in short, solid hosting.

There’s a reason why so many huge multi-national companies trust them to host their websites. This web host is also recommended by

On the other hand, there are some web owners who may find the price a little high, especially for beginners. In such cases, you might want to consider traditional shared web hosting providers such as HostGator ($3.96 – $10.96 per month depending on type of hosting plan) and Bluehost ($3.95 per month, discounted from the standard $6.95 per month), which not only are affordable but also provide reliable uptime and excellent customer services too.

Click here to visit Media Temple