Personalize your Weebly Theme

Weebly is a powerful and free tool that allows you to build websites of any kind. It is a service that’s becoming more popular all the time and there are currently more than 12 million users.


One of the best things about Weebly is the way you can customize the website you build, for your own purposes. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can do this, especially by personalizing your Weebly theme.

Why I like Weebly

I like Weebly because it has a lot of user friendly features. If you want a simple way to build a website, Weebly is one of your best choices. Even someone with only the most basic computer skills can start a website, as it’s a completely user friendly point-and-click system. Some of the features that are included with a free Weebly account include:

  • More Than 100 Themes to Choose From

    Weebly provides a huge list of professionally designed themes for you to choose from. This allows you to customize your site easily. We’ll be looking at this in more detail later.

  • Photo Galleries and Slideshows

    You can show off your favorite images to your friends or for your business clients.

  • Blogging

    You can easily put up a blog that goes with your website.

  • Play Video and Audio

    Put up videos or create audio files to connect with your audience.

  • Traffic Stats

    You can keep track of how many visitors you get and connect your account to Google Analytics.

  • Use Your Own Domain

    You can either use a subdomain supplied by Weebly for free or use your own personal domain.

  • E-Commerce Capabilities

    Create your own online store and set up payments with PayPal or Google Checkout.

These are just some of the benefits you get when you sign up for a free Weebly account. You can build up to two websites for free. If you want more than that, you should consider upgrading to Weebly Pro.

Weebly Pro lets you have up to 10 sites, and also gives you additional features, such as more detailed traffic stats, an HD video player and header slideshows.

Why It’s Important to Personalize Your Theme

One of the potential downsides to using a free website builder such as Weebly is that you don’t have the same power to customize your site as you do when you build a website the traditional way. No matter how many features a site building service provides, you are trading a certain amount of power in exchange for convenience.

Yet Weebly does help you to get around this problem. First of all, they provide you with over 100 themes to choose from. More importantly, you have the ability to customize the theme you choose. This is what helps differentiate your site from all the other Weebly sites, so it’s essential that you make the most of it.

You can build a distinctive and professional looking website using Weebly, even the free version. The trick is in taking the time to make use of all the features.

Visit Weebly official website and find out more about them.

How to Personalize Your Theme

There are some simple ways to customize your Weebly theme. Let’s discuss some of them below, which I always use to personalize my Weebly sites.

  1. Add Your Logo

    If your business has a logo, by all means use it. You can use your logo in the area designated for your site title, under Design Options. A logo looks much more professional than simply typing in the name of your site.

    Add a logo to Weebly website

  2. Change the Default Banner Image

    There’s a default banner image that goes with each theme, but you have the capability to replace it with one of your own. Whether you want to put up a picture of yourself, your business, your kids, your boat or your cat, this is another way to personalize your theme.

    Weebly - edit banner

  3. Change Default Fonts

    Fonts are another feature that can be altered for each theme. Go to Design Options and you’ll find that you can change the font face, size and color of the font. There’s no reason you have to keep the default font, unless you really like it.

    Weebly - change font

  4. Change Page Layouts

    No matter which theme you choose, there are four choices for layouts. The choices are Large Header, Small Header, No Header and Landing Page. You can experiment with the different layouts and find out which you prefer.

    Weebly Page Layouts

  5. Change Background Colors

    You can also change the theme’s background colors through the HTML / CSS section. You need to have some CSS knowledge to do this as this cannot be done through the WYSIWYG editor. Weebly provides instructions on how to do this in their support center. If you need any help in this area, you can get help from their support, or drop me a mail. I will be glad to help.

    Weebly - edit HTML

My advise is that you should just take advantage of as many Weebly features as you can, as this will help you personalize your site even more. Creative use of images and video, for example, will give your site a unique look. Sites that contain little besides text, on the other hand, tend to resemble one another.

Personalizing Helps Make Your Site Stand Out

People love Weebly because it’s easy to use and free. If, however, you choose a theme and maintain all of the default settings, your site will be similar to many others out there. Remember, Weebly is used by millions of other people!

If you want your Weebly site to be distinctive, you should take advantage of all these recommendations we have discussed above. Weebly provides you with some excellent tools for personalizing your theme and your entire site. It’s up to you to make use of them.

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