PrestaShop Shopping Cart – What are the benefits?

PrestaShop is a complete e-commerce solution that makes it easy for anyone to build an online store. It has quite a few benefits, especially for people without the time or experience with coding.

One of the best things about PrestaShop is that it’s free (though there are quite a few optional add-ons that you have to pay for). This makes it possible to start an online store or e-commerce site on even the smallest budget.

PrestaShop cart

Still, there are many different shopping cart applications, so you want to make sure you choose one that’s best for your needs. So let’s take a look at some of the features that make PrestaShop so popular. Then you can decide for yourself if it’s something you’d like to try.

Simple turnkey shopping cart

What I like about PrestaShop is that you can install it and create any type of online store. You don’t need anything else. What could be better than being able to set up a complete online store for free?

Here are some of the main benefits you get with PrestaShop.

  • Unlimited Products and Categories

    You can make your store as large or small as you want. You can add as many products, categories and attributes as you need. This gives you the ability to expand your store at your own pace.

    Attributes are the features that customers can choose for your products, such as size, color or style. This is something you are used to find on the largest e-commerce sites, and it allows customers to choose exactly what they want. With PrestaShop, you can compete with the most sophisticated online retailers and sell products with all kinds of attributes (also known as product options or variants).

  • Inventory Management

    You can upload products in bulk to make it more efficient to manage your stock. If you have to make changes to product attributes, you can do so with a single click. Naturally, you can also make changes to individual items as well. Yet if you have to make the same change to, say 100 products, you can do it all at once.

    The inventory management tool also makes it easy to keep track of your stock, even if it’s located in different locations. You will be able to manage your inventory from one central dashboard so you know what’s available at all times.

  • Integrate With eBay, Amazon & Google Shopping

    You can export your products to other retail sites. This gives you more exposure, and higher rankings with the search engines.

    PrestaShop is automatically integrated with eBay. You can find add-ons if you want to integrate your site with other retailers, such as Amazon or Google Shopping.

  • Sell Digital Products

    You can sell digital as well as physical products with PrestaShop. This is a very powerful feature, as many people prefer products that they can download and access immediately after an order is made. This can be anything from videos to music files to software downloads. Oh, you can sell e-books as well with this feature!

    With PrestaShop, you don’t have to choose between selling traditional physical items and downloadable ones as you can do both!

These are just some of the features that make PrestaShop a full featured, complete e-commerce solution. Many shopping carts are quite expensive, forcing you to invest hundreds of dollars into your business before you’ve sold a thing. The fact that PrestaShop is completely free to install makes it all the more attractive.

PrestaShop support and community

PrestaShop forum

PrestaShop gives you several options when it comes to support. Since this is a free and open source shopping cart application, there is a large community of users who help one another. You can get answers to most of your questions at the community forum. This is a large and busy forum, and full of very knowledgeable members.

However, if you want to be certain of getting fast answers to your questions, you will have to purchase one of PrestaShop’s support packages. Their Essential package, which costs $399 per year, includes installation help, and up to 10 hours per year of phone and email support.

They also have Premium and Deluxe support, which are costlier and provide more hours of support. If you are just starting out, however, you can probably get all of the help you need from the forum.

Why I recommend PrestaShop

PrestaShop users

There are now many choices when it comes to e-commerce software. There are both free shopping carts and applications that you have to pay for. PrestaShop is one of the most popular of the free choices, and this is for some good reasons.

With PrestaShop you can build a complete, full service online store. You can sell as many products as you want, whether physical or digital. You have many ways to customize your shop, so it won’t look the same as everyone else’s.

It also helps to have access to a large and helpful community of other users. Although you can purchase support, you probably won’t have to do this at first. If your store grows and you have more complicated needs you can always purchase a support package later.

PrestaShop is a shopping cart that can be used by anyone who wants to start selling online. You can start with just a few items and gradually build it up to a huge store. Or, if you prefer, you can start big right away. There are almost endless options for customizing your site and creating the look you want. Considering you can do all of this for free, there is really no downside to using PrestaShop!

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