Private Domain Name Registration with iPage

One of iPage’s most attractive features is its domain privacy, which is among the top reasons why website owners choose iPage to host their websites. The web hosting provider’s domain privacy option is perfect security measure these days since spamming is a very serious online problem; as much as possible you would want to hide your personal information from the public.

iPage web hosting

Most intruding spammers work by taking advantage of the easily attainable WHOIS record and in no time, you will find irritating junk mail and phone calls sent your way! iPage offers “WHOIS protection” which works by listing its contact details, instead of yours, in the WHOIS record. When this protection option is enabled, all emails will be sent to you through iPage’s contact and the senders will never see your real email address. This way, you are spared the hassle of receiving tonnes of spam that not only clogs your inbox but also wastes your precious time going through and deleting them.

Since the domain privacy appears to be a very advantageous feature, you might wonder if it is expensive to subscribe. Luckily, cost is nothing to worry about as iPage’s domain privacy is relatively affordable. Upon signing up, you’ll have your web hosting account setup almost immediately, a free domain name and amazing benefits for only $4.50 a year or even cheaper with iPage cheaper deals.

iPage also gives you free marketing bonuses which would help you market your recently-established website and make it more visible in the industry. They provide the following marketing credits for free:

  • $75 Credit for Google AdWords
  • $50 Credit for Facebook Advertising
  • $25 Credit for Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search
  • Free Listing
  • 60-Day Membership for RatePoint’s Newsletter Manager

It’s a widely-known fact that domain names’ WHOIS records are spammers’ favorite source of contact information (email, telephone, address and etc), hence iPage strongly recommends that all registered domain names be protected by their domain privacy (also known as private domain name). Opt for this feature if you don’t wish any of your personal info such as phone number, email or mailing addresses to be revealed to spammers or worse, those who have the intention to commit fraud and steal identities.

On top of the domain privacy and the wide range of benefits, you will also stand to enjoy the freebies and excellent web hosting features provided by the web hosting provider. Check out iPage web hosting now!

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