Protect your website with SiteLock

When you have a website, there are many dangers lurking out there that can do real harm to you. From hackers sending you malware and viruses to identity thieves who steal you or your customers’ information. Let me be frank, the internet is getting more hazardous all the time!

That’s why you need the best possible tools to protect yourself. One of the most effective ways to safeguard your website is SiteLock, an application that is available exclusively through iPage web hosting.

Why your website needs protection

While problems such as hacking and identity theft are well publicized, some people are under the impression that only large websites and corporations have to worry about this. The truth, unfortunately, is that hackers target sites of all sizes, from the smallest WordPress blog to the largest online retailers!

The motives for these malevolent actions vary. Some hackers simply like to commit such acts as a type of virtual vandalism, the way others might throw a rock through a storefront window for no logical reason. There are also, however, more insidious reasons for attacking a website.

SiteLock security

If you have a site that’s involved in any type of commerce, both you and your customers are at risk! Even when it comes to small transactions, if someone is able to steal essential data such as credit card or bank information, they can do a great deal of damage. Identity thieves often find it easier to target smaller sites, as these often don’t take the same security measures that larger sites do. That’s why it’s crucial to be on guard against such actions.

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is a service that performs a variety of functions to protect your website. Some of its main features include:

  • Removes Malware Automatically

    You can pick up malware from many sources, and usually you aren’t even aware of it. This can slow down your website and computer. SiteLock removes malware from your website without you having to do anything.

  • Monitors Search Engine Blacklists

    This is a useful tool for monitoring your online reputation. It will notify you if, for any reason, your site appears on a search engine blacklist so you can take immediate steps to remedy the situation.

  • Constant Vulnerability Scans

    SiteLock performs ongoing scans of your applications to check for vulnerabilities. This is especially crucial if your website is run on an open source application, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Concrete5.

  • Notification of File Changes

    One clue that someone has hacked into your website is that files are modified (without your knowledge). With file change monitoring, you will be notified if this happens.

  • Provides Protection For up to 100 Website Pages

    With the packaged deal from iPage, you will get automatic protection for up to 100 website pages. If your website has more pages, please check with the team for an upgrade.

  • SiteLock Trust Seal

    This is a a small certified-secure graphic placed on your website which will let your visitors know that your website is a safe place to visit and shop.

SiteLock guide

SiteLock is a tool that is good for both website owners and visitors (especially visitors who are paying customers of anything you sell online). Not only does this service help protect you against hackers and identity thieves, it can help your site run faster.

Malware can slow down a site, which can cause people to get impatient and leave the site. A slower site also has lower value to Google and other search engines, so it’s bad for SEO. Having a safe and well running site improves visitors’ experience and prevents many common problems.

SiteLock and iPage

Combining the protection of SiteLock with a reliable and low cost web hosting service is easy when you choose one of iPage’s web hosting plans. This is one of the world’s largest web hosts, serving more than a million customers around the world. It’s also a company that offers some of the cheapest web hosting you’ll find anywhere.

Some of the features that come with the iPage Essential Plan are:

  1. Unlimited hosting space, data transfer and domains.
  2. Free domain registration.
  3. SiteLock Security Suite – as discussed above.
  4. Free online store.
  5. Blog Setup Wizard – makes it easy to set up your blog quickly.
  6. 24/7 customer support by phone, email and live chat.
  7. Drag and Drop Site Builder – you can set up a 6 page website in minutes.

These are just some of the features that come with an iPage hosting account. This is a way to your website protected by SiteLock in addition to lots of other great benefits for a very reasonable price.

iPage hosting

While iPage has a regular monthly rate of $8.95, it is currently running a special promotion where you can sign up for only $1.99 per month. While this promotion may or may not be valid by the time you read this, the company frequently runs specials (during special occasions and sometimes in the weekends), so it’s often possible to get hosting from them at a very low price.

iPage also has more advanced hosting plans, such as VPS and dedicated hosting for anyone whose needs cannot be met by shared hosting. These are good options if you have, or plan to build, a very large, high traffic site or multiple sites. For most purposes, however, their shared hosting plan is sufficient. Since this plan gives you unlimited domains, you can host several sites under the same account (while only paying the price for the single account). You’d only need a more advanced plan if you are getting a very large amount of traffic or if your site is very large or complex.


iPage is a web host that offers some of the best shared hosting deals you can find today. SiteLock is a tool that can ensure your site is protected from malware, hackers and identity thieves. You can take advantage of both with an account from this company. Either way, you should make sure that your website is secure, especially if you have any type of online business.

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