Register Your Domain for Free with iPage

If you’d like to register your domain name without having to pay for anything, then you should sign up for iPage’s web hosting plan. The best possible deal that you’ll be getting when you sign up with iPage and host with them is that you are not even required to fork out any money for your own domain name registration and renewal! This might sound too good to be true but iPage stays true to its words in providing free domains to their clients free of charge.

iPage web hosting

iPage is a Reputable Web Host

Check out the amazing deals, features and the bargain prices offered by iPage. You can be rest assured that the web hosting provider is not out to trick you into signing up for something that will not be delivered later on. iPage is a truly popular web hosting provider and has been in the industry for many years. Based on the company’s consumer feedback, iPage is a web hosting company that is very reliable especially when it comes to delivering whatever it promises even at a price that is a steal!

Additional Domain Names

Anyway, if you intend to get an additional domain, you would have to bear the registration fee. You will also have to bear the expenses if your iPage account is no longer active or if you would like the web host to transfer the ownership of a domain name to another registrar.

So all you need to do now is to reserve a domain name as soon as possible and give your website a personalized web address (,, and are a few good examples of good domain names). Upon registration with iPage for your own domain name and web hosting, you’ll be able to create a professional image for your company, build your company’s credibility in the industry as well as make it easier for your visitors to remember your unique web address and have positive reviews and good impressions given by your website’s visitors.

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