ServerFreak domain promotion 2013

If you had been searching for web hosting providers in Malaysia, chances are that you have come across ServerFreak. ServerFreak is as popular in this part of the world as their name is bizarre!

Having said that, I will be the first to admit that popularity is one thing but level of service and performance is another. The ultimate questions a web owner is more interested in are whether the web hosting company is reliable and hence, whether their web hosting service is worth considering.

Let’s have a look at this company more closely. ServerFreak were established back in 2003 and have since steadily grown to become one of the leading web hosting providers in Malaysia. They now provide a wide range of web hosting solutions, for blogs to personal and corporate websites as well as email solutions, domain name registration, Virtual Private Network and even web development.

They have very professional customer service, impressive uptime rate and very affordable hosting plans.

We have posted an article about them 2 years ago and till today, we can find no faults with this Malaysia based hosting company. On the contrary, ServerFreak has been coming up with lots of delicious promotions, the most recent one being their domain promotion.

ServerFreak Domain Promotion

What’s this domain promotion that ServerFreak is offering? Take a look at the following:

ServerFreak domain promotion

As the name suggest, the domain promotion is applicable for domain name registrations, specifically for .com and .org domain names. From now till 31 October 2013, both existing customers and non-ServerFreak subscribers are able to register a new .com or .org domain name for only RM30 per year instead of the regular RM40 per year. That’s 25% off. All you need to do is to enter the coupon code superdomain30 when you are ordering.

Step by step guide

Step 1: Visit and navigate to their Domain Name Registration page.

Step 2: Search and check the availability of your desired domain name.

Step 3: If your domain name is available, then click “Order Now”. You will notice that the price stated here is the regular domain name registration price RM40. Don’t worry, we are going to enter the promotional coupon code soon.

Domain checker

Step 4: You will come to the Domains Configuration page. Here, you can select the Addons that you wish to add e.g. DNS Management, Email Forwarding or ID Protection. You don’t have to change the Nameservers. Then click Update Cart.

Step 5: The Order Summary page will appear. You will also find a box for you to enter the Promotional Code. Enter “superdomain30” and click Validate Code. The RM10 one time discount will automatically be deducted and your “total due today” is the discounted RM30. Click Checkout unless you wish to Continue Shopping.

Order summary

There are a few terms and conditions that you should be aware of though:

  1. This promotion is only applicable for those who are registering a new domain and not for those who have existing domain names and wants to transfer to ServerFreak for renewals.
  2. This promotion is only for first year domain registration and subsequent renewals are charged the regular price of RM40 per year.
  3. The discount is only for domain names and is not applicable for those who wants web hosting.

Promotions for Web Hosting

What if you are interested in web hosting or if you were too late for the above domain promotion? Fret not, for we do have a separate promotion that might just interest you more.

Unlike many other web hosting providers including international ones who offer promotions to attract new subscribers and ignore the existing subscribers, ServerFreak would also dish out promotions that are applicable to existing subscribers. It proves that ServerFreak genuinely appreciates and takes care of their customers. has collaborated with ServerFreak to offer our readers a special 20% Lifetime Discount. Yes, there’s no catch and the 20% does apply for renewals too. Just remember to key-in the promotional code 100web20.

ServerFreak coupon

We have been running this promotion since 2011 and many had benefitted from this offer. What this promotion entitles new subscribers or existing subscribers who are signing up for additional accounts to is:

  1. You get 20% off for Deluxe, Elite, Platinum and Gold hosting plans. You get a free domain name for these plans!
  2. This is applicable for the annual and biannual payment terms.
  3. Do note that this promotion is applicable for those who are subscribing for web hosting. If you are planning to register for domain name only, then you will find the domain name coupon code that we highlighted in the first part of this article is more relevant.

Let’s look at an example.

If you were to sign for a Deluxe plan, you will be getting 10GB of storage and up to 50GB of monthly data transfer. You will also have a maximum of 5 domains of which 1 domain registration is free. The regular price for this package is RM180 per year or RM300 if you selected bi-annually payment method.

Now, if you were to sign up using the 20% Lifetime Discount coupon code, you will only need to pay RM144 per year or RM240 every bi-annually. That’s quite a lot of savings if you ask me and it’s recurring (you get this discount every year when you renew) too!

For more information on this 20% Lifetime Discount promotion, you can check out our previous article. The coupon code is guaranteed to work. Anyway, if you have trouble using it (which I highly doubt it), you can contact us and we will make sure you get your discount immediately.

Domain Name Vs. 20% Lifetime Discount Promotion

So which coupon code is better? While it’s true that both these promotions are targeting different users, it is pretty obvious that the 20% Lifetime Discount Promotion is comparatively better. Here’s why.

  1. You get a web hosting plan as well as a FREE domain name. All 4 plans which qualify for this 20% Lifetime Discount promotion i.e. Deluxe, Elite, Platinum and Gold come with 1 free domain name registration.
  2. The free domain is applicable to not only .com and .org domain names (which are what is being offered by the Domain Name Promotion) but also .net, .biz, .name and .info. You have better choices.
  3. The discount is recurring, meaning that you still get this amazing 20% discount when you renew your subscription. The discount will be applied automatically without needing you to re-enter the coupon code. Many web hosting providers would only offer discounts to their new subscribers and forgot about the existing ones. Good thing ServerFreak doesn’t!


So, back to the question of whether ServerFreak is reliable. Well, they certainly are and this is not only 100Webhosting’s point of view. There are hundreds of positive comments in the web all praising ServerFreak for a job well-done. That’s because they deserve them. Trust us, if ServerFreak sucks, we would have been forced by our readers to remove the affiliation of this lifetime discount that we have with them.

And as to whether they are worth your consideration as web hosts, well, again it is a resounding yes. ServerFreak is one of just a handful of web hosting providers in Malaysia who is constantly and consistently offering their new and existing subscribers some great promotions.

So, do take advantage of their current promotion. You get a full year .com and .org domain registrations at a fantastic discounted rate of RM30 per year. All you have to do is remember to key in the coupon code superdomain30 when placing your order. But you have to hurry. The offer is ending rather soon on 31 October 2013.

For those who are interested in web hosting and domain registration (especially when you are starting a new website), then you have to check out our joint offer of an amazing 20% lifetime discount. Just imagine that. You get 20% discount every time you renew and NOT be limited to the first year only. Just remember to enter the promotional code for this which is 100web20!

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