ServerFreak Linux Shared Hosting Upgraded

Calling all Malaysia bloggers and website owners, as well as ServerFreak’s existing customers! There is awesome news for you, if you haven’t heard about it already! ServerFreak has recently upgraded their Linux shared hosting plans!

You know what… this news is not only for ServerFreak’s customers but is also applicable to those who are not their customers too! As long as you are interested in getting a shared web hosting in Malaysia, then do read on for information on ServerFreak’s free upgrade and a special promotional discount code!

Who is ServerFreak?


Actually, they need no introduction, being a leading web host and all. In fact, they are also in our Top 10 list of Malaysian web hosting providers.

ServerFreak first appeared in Malaysia’s web hosting scene in 2003 and since then, has not looked back. They are a complete hosting provider with Linux and Windows hosting, domains registrations, dedicated servers, VPN and a host of other services.

From the service point of view, performance is guaranteed at 99.9% uptime as ServerFreak owns and manages their own hardware. Support team is qualified and helpful. And I’m sure you would also appreciate the daily backup that they conduct.

Other notable features include free lifetime domain for selected packages as well as the availability of 1-click install software and that all shared hosting plans are CloudFlare-ready.

Are they any good?

Oh yes, ServerFreak is good.

From reliable service to world class support to loads of features, you know you have found a good host when you sign up with them. I have been with them for a few years now and so far, I am extremely satisfied with their service.

Here are some reasons why ServerFreak is one of the best (if not the best) Malaysia web hosting provider:

  1. Many a times, they have been compared to Exabytes, another popular web host in Malaysia. Both these companies are awesome.

    Personally, I think Exabytes has a grown a little too big for them to manage effectively. Plus, looking at their plans, they are best suited for larger organizations or large websites.

  2. ServerFreak, on the other hand, has shared hosting plans that are more applicable for small to medium size websites, from features as well as affordability point of view. They are still managing their customers right with quick and personal support.

  3. Plus now, they are voluntarily upgrading the shared hosting plans! Couldn’t ask for more!

ServerFreak web hosting upgrade

ServerFreak web hosting upgraded

What’s this upgrade they are talking about? There are a few things that they are upgrading. Yes, not just one. Let us go through them one by one.

  1. All hosting servers are now powered by DELL POWEREDGE with RAID 10 storage

    This class of server is specially designed to enhance server uptime by increasing reliability and fault tolerance. What this upgrade means to you is that your website can run smoother and is less vulnerable to server malfunction.

  2. Upgrade from SATA to SAS storage

    The SATA and SAS are data storage standards for transferring data. The SAS storage has a faster interface and increased operation reliability. For users, this change can result in faster data transfer by more than 2 times than when it was on SATA storage.

    Faster data transfer = better surfing experience = increase traffic = higher SEO ranking!
  3. PHP 5.3 supported

    With more software now using the latest PHP versions, ServerFreak too has taken the initiative to upgrade the PHP application server to fully support it. So now, ServerFreak’s users can easily upgrade or install software that uses this scripting language version onto their websites!

  4. Disk space upgraded

    To many, this is probably the best news of all. ServerFreak is upgrading all its shared hosting plans’ disk space for FREE!

    For those who are wondering why ServerFreak is STILL NOT offering “unlimited disk space” like many others, well, you might be surprised to hear that “unlimited” is actually limited. It’s just a marketing technique. In essence, all hosting plans are limited but the limit varies between one hosting provider to another.

So, a word of advice here. If you are considering a web host with “unlimited” storage and transfer, then check their Terms of Services or with their support agent to verify the limitations.

ServerFreak, on the other hand, do not believe in overselling and instead, offers you 5 different plans to suit the requirements of small and medium size websites. When your website grows beyond what the shared hosting plans can offer, you can always upgrade to their VPS or dedicated servers.

ServerFreak hosting plans

All the above upgrades are available for existing shared hosting as well new account sign-ups.

For existing accounts, upgrades will be done in stages within a period of 14 days. So, in just less than 2 weeks’ time, you and your visitors shall enjoy a whole new surfing experience! Faster website, best uptime, and more disk space!

Special ServerFreak promotion

You begin to like ServerFreak now and is considering to sign up with them? Wait, let’s make them even better today!

  1. 20% coupon code

    We have teamed up with ServerFreak to bring you a special discount coupon. All you need to do when signing up is to key in “100web20” and you will receive a 20% recurring discount.

    This is a RECURRING coupon code, which they created exclusively for us. Yes, you will get a lifetime of 20% discount! Every year when you renew, you will get 20% off also! That’s simply awesome!

    Please note that this discount only works for Deluxe, Elite, Platinum or Gold shared hosting plans, and for payment terms of 1 year or longer.

    Trust me, this is one of our best negotiated offer with a Malaysia web hosting provider, so do grab it today!

  2. 10% coupon code

    What if you only want to use the Supreme plan? If you want to signup for the Supreme plan only, you can use the coupon code “10peroff” which will get you 10% off.

    I do not recommend using the Supreme plan because this plan only allows to host up to 2 domains under a single account. Instead, I highly recommend the Deluxe plan, where you can host up to 5 websites under a single account. Plus, you get a domain name for FREE.

Editor’s Notes

If you are seriously considering a web hosting provider, then do check out ServerFreak. Not only do they provide one of the most competitive hosting packages around, they are one of the most reliable in terms of service and support.

Should you still have doubt, why not test them out? After all, you have their no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. Remember to include the special coupon code “100web20” when subscribing to enjoy the 20% recurring discount!

Visit ServerFreak official website