ServerFreak Web Hosting is Now Powered by LiteSpeed

ServerFreak is a web hosting company that has been providing customers with reliable web hosting for more than ten years. Recently the company has announced that it will be using LiteSpeed servers rather than Apache servers, which promises to speed up the service and allow for even higher quality hosting.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using ServerFreak as your web host and how LiteSpeed will make this an even smarter choice for powering your blog or website.

Who is ServerFreak

ServerFreak Malaysia hosting

ServerFreak, a web hosting company based in Malaysia, has been offering a variety of web hosting plans since 2003. The company has a flexible approach that serves the needs of individuals as well as businesses who need reliable web hosting. Here are some of the notable features and web hosting options that ServerFreak offers its customers.

  • Linux Shared Hosting

    Linux is the most popular type of hosting. With this type of plan, you get a free domain, unlimited email accounts and access to more than 150 scripts to run applications for blogging, eCommerce, forums, galleries and many more. PHP5 and Ruby on Rails is also supported.

  • Windows Enterprise Hosting

    For customers that prefer Microsoft Windows hosting, this Malaysia based hosting company also offers this choice. Windows hosting comes with a user friendly control panel to make it easy to manage all of your settings. It’s also possible to add databases and email accounts whenever you want and to backup your website for through the control panel. This type of hosting gives you access to the Microsoft Web App Gallery, making it easy to install scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others.

    Of course, Windows web hosting will appeal especially for customers who need to use ASP.Net, Classic ASP, Microsoft SQL serverl and Microsoft Access database. If you need any of these in your web application, then you should check out ServerFreak.

    If you would like to host on Windows, but doesn’t mind having your server in the United States (not in Malaysia), then you can try HostGator.

  • Easy WordPress Setup

    WordPress is the world’s leading blogging and CMS application. With ServerFreak, you can easily install and set up WordPress in minutes. You can install the script using Softaculous, without needing any technical knowledge. The default setup will come with all of the basic widgets you need to get started with your blog.

  • Student Web Hosting

    ServerFreak has a special plan that makes it easy for students to have their own websites. If you are a student, a good website can help you with coursework as well as allow you to express yourself with your own blog.

    With prices starting at RM99 per year, you will have 1000MB of disk space and 5GB of monthly transfer data along with a free domain and 10 email accounts. This is the simplest way for students to get a high quality, affordable website online very quickly.

  • Ecommerce Hosting

    If you are looking to build a website to sell products, ServerFreak makes this easy with its E-commerce Hosting solution. This includes a professional storefront that will allow you to display your products in an efficient and attractive manner. You will also be able to integrate your site with your Facebook page, allowing for cross promotion. This allows you to sell directly from Facebook as well as on your own website. Your e-commerce site is mobile friendly, giving you the ability to reach all of your customers who shop using smartphones.

    If you need more information on this, you can read our guide on how to setup an e-commerce website.

  • Linux Reseller Hosting

    Another type of hosting that ServerFreak offers is for those who want to resell hosting. This is great for web designers, IT consultants or business owners who want to go into the business of selling quality web hosting.

    With ServerFreak’s Linux Reseller hosting, you can brand your own company so that your clients consider you their web host. You also get to host unlimited domains and get to work with a user friendly control panel and a custom name server.

In addition to the above, this web hosting company also offers more powerful hosting solutions such as VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated hosting. Such options are good for people with larger websites that get lots of traffic. We will talk more about this in a future article.

ServerFreak LiteSpeed Servers

ServerFreak has recently announced that it is now powered by LiteSpeed. This is a replacement for Apache web servers, which is probably the best known type of web server. LiteSpeed, however, has some important advantages that will make this hosting platform even more powerful and user friendly than it was before.

LiteSpeed web server

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is now the top commercial web server system in the world, as more people are recognizing its many benefits. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why LiteSpeed servers mean a better experience for you.

  1. Faster Sites

    As the name suggests, LiteSpeed servers are faster and more efficient than many web servers, including Apache. This will give both you and your visitors a better experience when navigating your website. If you have applications such as WordPress or Magento and CS-Cart, these will also run faster on LiteSpeed servers.

  2. More Efficient and Stable

    Litespeed servers use less CPU and memory resources than Apache servers, which means that usage are more balanced when there is more traffic coming in. This also makes it is easier to withstand problems such as DDoS attacks, which are a constant threat on the web. Because of this increased efficiency, ServerFreak can now double or even triple its server capacity, providing more stable and secure websites for all its customers.

  3. More Secure

    Security is a major concern for anyone with a website. LiteSpeed servers have a wide range of anti-DDoS capabilities that make it a more secure choice than Apache. LiteSpeed is dedicated to keeping up to date with the very latest security threats to make sure its users are protected.

Current ServerFreak customers can get their servers upgraded to LiteSpeed at no extra cost. This is a simple process than only takes 15 minutes. The transition is completely seamless, as LiteSpeed is able to read Apache’s configuration files and replace cPanel, DirectAdmin and all other essentials.

New customers will not have to worry about upgrades as their sites will automatically be powered by LiteSpeed. Of course, if there is a good reason not to use this web server, you can always request to use Apache instead.


ServerFreak has been providing trustworthy web hosting for more than a decade. Now that it is powering its websites with LiteSpeed, it is taking its services to yet a higher level. Although not yet quite as well known as Apache, LiteSpeed is becoming increasingly popular among tech savvy website owners, especially those that use the web for business.

The transition to LiteSpeed servers will give existing customers faster and more secure websites. It will also give new customers an additional incentive to use ServerFreak!