SiteGround Thanksgiving Holiday Sale

What is so exciting about the SiteGround Thanksgiving holiday sale? Well, for one thing they are selling their popular shared hosting plans at a huge 60% discount. This special promotion begins November 7th 2012 and continues for the rest of the month.

If you are thinking to get a new web hosting, or switching your web host, the SiteGround Thanksgiving holiday sale is something worth looking at closely. I have built a variety of blogs and websites over the last 10 years, from WordPress blogs to full scale e-commerce sites so I have a lot of experience with web hosting. That’s why I know how important it is to choose the right hosting for your purposes.

SiteGround web hosting Thanksgiving Sale

Price: $9.95/month 60% off at $3.95/month
Size: Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts
Special: Free domain name, free software
Offer: Click on this special link to get $3.95/month special price!

Some of the important strengths of this web host include:

  • Reliability and impressive uptime
  • A good variety of hosting options
  • Strong customer service
  • Many website building tools
  • Reasonable prices

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  1. Reliability

    No matter what type of website you create, your web host plays a crucial role in keeping everything running smoothly. To use just one example, if your host experiences any significant amount of down time, you can lose lots of potential traffic. Most people aren’t going to bother to return to your site a second time if it’s not available when they first want to check it out!

    Reliability is just one of the areas where SiteGround excels. They have over 1100 servers, with data centers in Europe, Singapore and the U.S. They consistently offer 99.9% server uptime, which means you can count on your site being online practically all the time.

  2. Generous disk space and bandwidth

    Another feature I always look for with a web host is that it’s generous with resources – even if you only buy their most basic plan. SiteGround gives you unlimited space and bandwidth with all of their hosting plans, so you don’t have to worry about having your account shut down if your site gets busy!

    You probably know that there are thousands of web hosting companies to choose from. Some are household names because they advertise all over the internet. Others are brand new and barely known at all. SiteGround falls somewhere in the middle, which is not a bad place to be. They have more than 8 years of experience in the industry and are used by more than 250,000 domains around the world!

    SiteGround isn’t one of those companies that re-invests all of its profits into advertising. They are more of a web hosting service used by knowledgeable insiders. While you might be tempted to go with a better known company, if you do a little searching for reviews and complaints you’ll often find that these famous web host services have quite a few flaws.

    SiteGround is focused on providing quality service to its customers than shouting about how great it is.

  3. Flexible hosting options

    One thing I always look for with a web host is that it offers a good variety of packages. There’s no one right type of hosting for everyone. Some people are starting their first blog; others own hundreds of domains and need their own server. SiteGround understands this and offers several different options.

    • Basic Hosting
      You can get basic hosting for as low as $9.95 per month, which has been reduced to $3.95 per month for this sale.

    • Hosting Plus
      For a few dollars more, you can opt for the Hosting Plus plan, which allows you to host unlimited domains on the same account. I’d highly recommend this if you have any plans for building multiple websites but aren’t ready for a higher priced option.


    They also offer semi dedicated hosting, Cloud VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting. The type you choose really depends on your budget and what kind of site or sites you have. Basic hosting is fine for most beginners. I myself also started with Basic hosting.

    • Semi dedicated hosting is good if you have a few sites and don’t want to share the server with a large number of other sites.
    • Cloud hosting gives you a much greater flexibility and involves hosting on multiple servers at different locations.
    • A dedicated server is the most comprehensive option, and this offers you the greatest number of features and the most security.
  4. Great customer service

    SiteGround also offers top notch customer service. This is another absolutely essential feature of a great web host. If you have a problem or urgent question and can only reach someone during normal business hours, you could be in real trouble.

    SiteGround offers 24/7 customer service and you can access someone via live chat no matter what time it is.

    Whether you are in the planning stages of building your first website or you’re an experienced webmaster, SiteGround has some appealing features. When you sign up, you get unlimited space and even a free domain name.

  5. Useful website building tools

    SiteGround provides a large array of tools to help you build your website. You get to easily setup popular software such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. You can also setup an e-commerce website using shopping cart software such as PrestaShop, osCommerce or Magento.

    There are even tools to help you promote your site. To help you get a head start on search engine optimization (SEO), you have access to Attracta resources that will ensure that the search engines notice your site quickly. You also start off with free credits that can be used at Bidvertiser, a leading pay-per-click advertising service.

  6. Free website transfer

    If you like the sound of SightGround but already have web hosting, it’s not hard to switch your account from another host. You can transfer your website and database to SiteGround for free. If you’re not happy with your current hosting, you should seriously think about changing it now as having an unsatisfactory web host can really limit your site’s long term potential.

Thanksgiving sale

Take a look at SiteGround Thanksgiving Holiday Sale

If you are looking for the cheapest web host around, SiteGround is not it, during normal days. Some others, such as BlueHost and HostGator are offering cheaper deals (on NORMAL days).

Yet price is only one factor to consider when choosing a web hosting company. With the “SiteGround Thanksgiving Holiday sale”, you absolutely must sign up with SiteGround – at a substantial discount which makes them much cheaper compared to BlueHost and HostGator! Remember, you get 60% off! Oh, this offer is not on forever! It ends on 30 November 2012!

I can’t tell you what web hosting company to choose. This is a decision you have to make for yourself. I would suggest, however, that you at least take a look at SiteGround’s Thanksgiving holiday sale so you can see what they have to offer.

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