SiteGround Web Host Customer Portal Review

SiteGround is an established and reputable web host who provide quality hosting services to customers around the world. They’re one of my recommended hosts because they work hard to provide an excellent quality of service.

Their recent Customer Portal relaunch is a fantastic example of how they are always striving to make sure their customers have a great user experience. Replacing their old customer panel, the new design has a clean interface and, most importantly, is easy to use.

This post examines the changes SiteGround have made to their Customer Portal and how they are helpful. If you’re an existing SiteGround customers, you’ll learn more about the changes and how to use them to your advantage; if you’re not already a customer, you’ll learn about what separates SiteGround from many other web hosting services on the market.

What is Customer Portal?

SiteGround customer portal

Customer Portal is a new portal that SiteGround have launched to make it easier for their web hosting customers to navigate their account and find the tools or information they need. The hosting company still use cPanel like before (you can find this under “My Accounts”), so you don’t have to get used to a new control panel interface when making important changes to your website.

The main differences are in SiteGrounds’s User Area. While the old User Area wasn’t bad, it certainly wasn’t as easy to use, or as attractive, as it is now.

The project took six months in total. It involved the deletion of a few thousands of lines of old code, the design of a totally new file structure on the backend, and the redesign of lots of work on a more elegant front-end!

Chief Operations Officer, Renata Tsankova, explained the idea behind the redesign:

The main concept behind the redesign was to create a working space for our customers, which is simple, easy-to-use, and personal. It reflects our belief that high quality of service should show even in the smallest interface details of the tools we give you.

On first look, the redesign appears to have been a huge success. Even the login screen looks neater, and the personal account homepage is now much easier to navigate.

Notable Features

Although SiteGround still use cPanel, they’ve added several notable features to their User Area that give you more control over the settings and setup of your account. They’ve also added extra support features, which means it’s now quicker than ever to get in touch with someone from the customer support team.

SiteGround support

Notable new features include:

  • The addition of profiles for customers and SiteGround staff
  • The “My Accounts” section has been reorganized to make it easier for you to manage your account.
  • The helpdesk has been improved to enable you to access support faster and resolve issues with more speed.
  • You can now customize the “Resources” section to suit your needs.

Let’s take a look at some of these features in more depth below to explain why they’re important and how they can help SiteGround customers, like yourself.


Customers and SiteGround staff can now upload their own avatars. While this might not seem like a huge development, SiteGround staff reckon it makes the relationship between them and their customers more personal.

In addition to this, each SiteGround employee now has their own personal profile page. As well as their picture, this page offers information about their technical background and areas of expertise. This is designed to help customers ask for the support they need from the right staff members, enabling them to get any problems rectified more efficiently than if they contacted an unknown member of the support team!

“My Accounts” Reorganization

SiteGround have organized the “My Accounts” section to make it easier to use, especially for users with multiple domains. Now, you can use the portal to filter your accounts, making administration and billing faster. The section also contains a direct link to cPanel, so you can access important website options and functions more easily.

SiteGround My Accounts

Although these changes seem small, they all add up to save you a lot of time when doing the day-to-day administration of your websites.


Apart from the overall design, the biggest changes to SiteGround’s User Area show up in its support system.

SiteGround’s new ticketing system allows you to access relevant support as soon as you’ve created a ticket. You still submit a ticket as usual, however the system for doing so is now more streamlined. As soon as the ticket is submitted, you are also linked to a range of articles and tutorials related to the issue you describe in the ticket.

Support ticket

As before, you can also access live chat, and the Support homepage includes links to a list of useful tutorials, especially for the setup process.

Tenko Nikolov, SiteGround CEO explained the company’s changes to their ticketing and support system in a statement.

Technical support is typically not part of a web hosting control panel. To help our customers get assistance quickly and efficiently, our user area puts every type of support in one convenient location. A simple search or category selection offers a range of answers, but customers are always just a few clicks away from live support. Customers can now even create a customized resources page, marking certain tutorials as favorites for future reference.


We have discussed before on this blog about how SiteGround provides excellent tutorials and resources for their customers. With the User Area redesign, these resources just became even better!

You can still view a library of resources, except now they are easier to navigate. Links to each resource are gathered on one page, and organized under useful categories.

You can now also bookmark your favorite resources for quick reference later by clicking on the heart symbol next to each one. Resources you bookmark then appear at the top of the page under “Favorite Resources” so you don’t have to trawl through the entire resource library to find them if you want to access them again in the future.

Website resources

As you can see in the screenshot above, the first tutorial in the list, “Joomla Tutorial” has a red heart next to it instead of a gray heart. This indicates I have added it to my favorites list, and you can also now see the tutorial at the top of the page under “Favorite Resources”.

Editor’s Notes

SiteGround’s new User Area provides you with a level of support and service that goes above and beyond most other hosting service’s customer support areas. Not only does it allow better navigation and accessibility, but its unique support system is a lot easier to use than anything else I’ve personally seen on the hosting market. In fact, many other web hosts don’t even have a dedicated User Area.

This new development in SiteGround’s web hosting service sets them apart from other hosting services and proves their customer service is second to none. I’ve mentioned here before that I highly recommend SiteGround as a hosting company that provides quality and reliable packages, and I’ve teamed up with them to bring you an excellent discount on your hosting price.

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