SiteGround Web Hosting Review

SiteGround is a web hosting company that has eight years expertise in the IT industry and currently hosts over 250,000 domains. Offering shared, semi-shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, SiteGround caters for a range of hosting needs, from individuals to large corporations. The company has over 1,100 servers on three continents: North America, Europe and Asia, and currently provides a service that covers most of the world.


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SiteGround isn’t as established or well-known as a few other hosting companies we’ve reviewed, for example BlueHost or HostGator, however they offer a reliable and comprehensive service.

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Is SiteGround web hosting good?

SiteGround has good uptime and reliable customer service – both of which are crucial for web hosting customers. The company has proven uptime statistics of 99.9%, and offers 24/7 customer service so you can always get hold of someone when you need help. If you already have a website with another hosting company, switching hosting providers can be a hassle. With a SiteGround account, however, you can transfer your hosting for free, and they will deal with the switchover for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

1H Hive

1H Hive

The hosting company uses innovative server management software by 1H. Not only does this help limit the amount of downtime by detecting and solving problems 10 times faster than other software, but it also helps protect individual accounts on shared servers. The 1H Hive software isolates accounts, so if one account on a server is compromised by a hacker, the other accounts will be protected, and less likely to be vulnerable.

Back-up servers

In addition to their security features, SiteGround minimizes the amount of server downtime by storing spare servers in each of their datacenters. While most hosting companies carry spare server parts so they can fix malfunctions, SiteGround are one of the few hosting providers that have entire back-up servers. This gives them the ability to transfer hosting accounts to an alternative, fully-functioning server in a matter of minutes.

Servers on 3 different continents

One of the features that I like the most is that they have servers in 3 different continents. This allows us to choose where to host our website – a choice of US (Chicago), Europe (Amsterdam) or Asia-Pacific (Singapore).

Datacenter locations

Web hosting features

Each SiteGround account comes with a number of features that add value to your package. These include:

  • Free domain name

    Each account comes with a free domain name, which can save you both money and time, compared to registering your domain name with a separate service.

  • Free site-building tools

    If you’re launching your first website, you might not have in-depth programming knowledge/experience, or the budget to hire a professional web developer. SiteGround’s free site-building tools can help you set up your website quickly, and with minimum technical know-how.

  • Unlimited emails

    The ability to create unlimited emails is especially helpful if you are using your website to run a business. Not only can you accommodate staff changes without having to purchase extra email addresses, but you can create anonymous emails for different departments of your organization.

  • Unlimited traffic and web space

    Many web hosts cap the amount of traffic and web space that comes with your account, and charge you extra when you go beyond this. With unlimited traffic and web space, you don’t have to worry about poor website performance, or exceeding the host’s limits. Instead, you can focus on writing good content and growing your traffic without the risk of being charged for doing so.

  • cPanel X

    cPanel is a user-friendly hosting feature that provides an easy way to configure and manage your website and hosting setup, view your website statistics, create backups, and many others. This feature is especially useful for those of you who are new to hosting your own website, as all options that come with your hosting account are present to you in a clear, accessible way.


SiteGround hosting packages cover a range of prices, depending on what kind of hosting you want. The cheapest package offered directly through the site starts at $6.95 when you sign up for a 36-month shared hosting contract.

If you want to pay on a monthly basis, then it will cost you $9.95 per month, but keep reading and we’ll give you a secret link that will save you 60% on your monthly hosting costs, without having to sign up to a lengthy contract!

Free extras from SiteGround

In addition to a free domain name and site-building tools, SiteGround offer free extras with each account that are useful for both novice and experienced website owners. Whatever the purpose of your website, these tools and resources will help your site flourish.

  • Free blogging software and Shopping carts

    SiteGround fully supports WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, as well as a choice of free shopping cart software options with each account, so you can get your business up and running with minimal expenditure.

    Shopping cart software can be pricey, especially if you’re just setting up a new business and don’t yet have a steady income stream. SiteGround offers Magento, osCommerce, PrestaShop, CS-cart and Avactis.

  • Free tutorials

    SiteGround provides users with a range of online tutorials covering different topics. These include how to use the applications in cPanel that will give your website extra functionality, and how to promote your website in a competitive environment.

  • Free ad credits

    Each SiteGround account automatically receives $20 in free advertising credit with Bidvertising, a pay-per-click online advertiser.

  • Free SEO tools

    Leveraging good SEO practices from day one can help make or break your website’s success. SiteGround provides each account with free SEO tools from Attracta, so you can give your website a good head start.

  • Free e-commerce guide

    Starting an online business can be daunting. It’s great that SiteGround have produced a free e-commerce guide for their hosting customers. It guides you through each step which you need to take to become an online merchant, including how to set up shopping cart software and accept payments from buyers.

    In addition, SiteGround users can also receive a waiver on the first month’s fee with 2CheckOut, a service that enables you to accept online payments easily.

SiteGround Coupon

No web hosting service is perfect, but having reviewed SiteGround’s hosting packages and features, I am impressed by the range of tools and resources they offer their customers.

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