Speed Up your Website on DreamHost with CloudFlare CDN

Your website’s loading speed is vital if you are serious about taking your website to the next level. How is that? For one, it affects your SEO ranking. Search engines like Google takes into consideration loading speed as one the criteria in ranking algorithms. Hence, the faster your website loads, the higher its ranking.

Even if you do not have big plans for your website, you would still want to give your readers a more enjoyable surfing experience, wouldn’t you? And not have them stare at your page while it’s loading right? A couple of seconds are all the time a reader would wait for your website to load. The longer it takes, the more impatient they would become and chances are, they would leave before it is fully loaded.

What can you do?

Well, there are many tips on the internet on how to increase your website’s loading speed from installing plugins like W3 Total Cache (if you are on WordPress especially) to optimizing your images to choosing the right hosting provider. In this article, I am going to focus on the latter. I will be discussing about DreamHost and why they are one of your best bet in building a speedy website.

Who Is DreamHost

First, a little about DreamHost. They are a full-service web hosting company that had been around for 15 years, having established in 1997.

DreamHost hosting

Their notable hosting features include 100% network uptime guarantee, 24/7 technical support via email for all plans, 97-day money back guarantee, an additional 50GB space for backup alone and of course unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage.

DreamHost’s hosting packages are considered pretty affordable for the features offered. There are 3 types of hosting available:

  • DreamHost Shared from as low as $8.95 per month. Get DreamHost free trial, and use DreamHost coupon “TODAYBONUS” for $60 discount!
  • DreamHost VPS at $15 per month
  • DreamHost Dedicated at $99 per month

So in case you ever find yourself needing to upgrade or downgrade your hosting plans, you can do it within DreamHost without needing to move your website elsewhere.

And on April 5, 2012, things just got a whole lot better when DreamHost announced a partnership with CloudFlare.

What Is CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare is a leading web performance and security company which provides services aimed at accelerating and protecting websites. They pride themselves in building what they dubbed as the next generation CDN (content delivery network). They currently have 14 data centers around the world, located in the US, Europe and Asia.

CloudFlare CDN

When websites traffic is routed through CloudFlare’s network, there are edge nodes that will direct them to the nearest network and hence, reduce the number of hops required and lowers latency. Thus, CloudFlare is proudly claiming that they are able to help your website “load twice as fast“, “uses 60% less bandwidth” and having “65% fewer requests“.

In actual fact, CloudFlare can be effortlessly integrated into your website regardless of whichever hosting provider or registrar you subscribed to. However, there are some hosting providers who had taken the trouble to add CloudFlare as part of their features by becoming a CloudFlare Certified Hosting Provider Partner. Some examples of these partners are HostGator, Media Temple, CoolHandle and now, DreamHost too.

What Does CloudFlare and DreamHost offer

Well, for starters, DreamHost customers now have immediate access to CloudFlare’s services within DreamHost’s control panel. It will be a permanent feature and users have the option to turn CloudFlare on or off… and it’s for FREE!

Yes, it is now very easy for DreamHost’s subscribers to take advantage of the services provided by CloudFlare. There is neither plugins nor software to be installed. CloudFlare has taken care of all the installation and configuration processes.

Setting up requires only 4 simple steps:

  1. Step 1:
    Go to Manage Domain in your control panel.

  2. Step 2:
    Choose the domain you want to enable CloudFlare and click Edit. Do make sure that you select “Add WWW” option so that CloudFlare can work.

  3. Step 3:
    Tick “Enable CloudFlare on this domain?” checkbox. Sign-in if you are an existing CloudFlare user or sign-up for a new account. Then select your CloudFlare Subscription Plan.

  4. Step 4:
    Save your settings and you are all set to experience a speedier and a more secure website.


There are 2 CloudFlare plans being offered to DreamHost’s subscribers.

One is the free CloudFlare Basic plan. The other is an exclusive CloudFlare Plus which costs $9.95 per month. Both are great plans with features like automatic static content caching, Always Online where the static part of your website remains online even when servers are down, threats and spam protection and so on.

CloudFlare plans

CloudFlare Plus is made available to those who prefer advanced features like image optimization, automatic image resizing and SSL support.

Both plans are optional and you are free to choose the basic free plan or the premium paid plan or neither.

Speed Up your website with CloudFlare

So how fast is your website’s loading? Think it’s fast enough? Wished you could upload some high resolution images or videos and still maintain a reasonable loading time?

With high speed broadband internet access becoming easily available and more affordable these days, Internet users expect websites to load in no more than a couple of seconds. Anything more than that would be considered as a test of patience. So it’s time to consider a hosting provider who can offer a faster web hosting option, like DreamHost can. For free too!

It’s a win-win situation for you and your readers. If you are interested to try DreamHost hosting, do check out their current 2 weeks free trial promotion! You can cancel at anytime or if you wish to continue, you can use the coupon code “TODAYBONUS” to get an instant $60 discount!

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