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A content delivery network or more commonly known as CDN is a system of servers placed in multiple data centers that are located in different geographic areas. The main purpose of these server systems is to deliver web content to users at a much faster rate.

How CDNs work


When someone visits your website, one of the factor that determines the speed your website loads is the visitor’s location. The further he/she is from your host’s data center, the slower it takes for your content to reach the visitor. Though we are talking about a matter of seconds, still it makes a whole lot of difference between high traffic and high bounce rate.

How can a CDN speed up the website?

Well, websites have, what we call, static files. These are files that do not always change unless you or a system administrator makes changes to it. Examples would be the images, CSS, JavaScript and other downloadable files.

What CDNs do is make copies of such files (also known as caching) and have them stored in servers throughout their network (in different locations). Your visitors would be able to access these copies from the servers at the data center nearest to them, instead of from the same central server. So, by avoiding a bottleneck situation where all users are accessing only the central server, bandwidth can be maximized and hence, speedier loading!

By using CDN, your website will load much faster!

Who is MaxCDN


MaxCDN is one of the leading CDN providers today. It was founded in 2009 by NetDNA, a group of dedicated and experienced Internet pioneers. From then, it quickly rose to being a top CDN provider and the reasons are simple. Great features at an affordable price!

Their customers range from blogs, e-commerce websites, corporations, templates hosting providers and various other industries.

As for myself, I have been a MaxCDN customer for some years now and so far, I find their service the best so far! Not to mention providing a speedier experience for my visitors as well as a reduction in bounce rates and a higher SEO ranking. I do encourage you to check them out if you are serious about improving your website’s performance.

Why I like MaxCDN

MaxCDN coupon

The next question most people would ask is how different is MaxCDN compared to other CDNs. It really depends on who you are comparing them with but overall, I would say they are among the best. Here’s a list of features that I like about MaxCDN which I think you will find awesome too.

  1. Global Network

    MaxCDN has 13 edge locations (servers or points of presence that are owned by MaxCDN) and over 500 peer locations (MaxCDN’s transit connection partners) as well as edge planned locations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, directly reaching more than 90 countries worldwide!

    Just imagine the speed your website can be loaded regardless of where your visitors are located. Faster loading leads to higher traffic and that leads to more conversions.

    Notes: You don’t have to worry about lost content or latency as MaxCDN’s state-of-art technology provides best-path routing and monitoring analysis to counter these issues.

  2. 3rd Party Software Integration

    One of the biggest worry most people have when buying a new software is how well the new software integrates with current network. The last thing we want is to get additional tools to help with the integration.

    MaxCDN makes it a point to ensure that their software can be easily integrated. Regardless of whether you are using a content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla or e-commerce shopping carts like Magento, X-Cart, CS-Cart or even a customized product, you will be glad to know that MaxCDN can be integrated quickly and easily!

    Take WordPress for example, implementing MaxCDN into your WordPress blog or website takes only a few minutes! It only takes as much as a WordPress CDN plugin! No hard instruction manual is needed!

  3. 24/7 Free Professional Support

    As a subscriber, you have access to email and ticket support 24/7/365. Alternatively, you can also live “chat with Max”. If you prefer to speak to someone, you can call them between Monday and Friday from 9am to 7pm (PST).

    Meanwhile, if you wish to learn some great tips or read announcements, you can also pop in at MaxCDN’s blog.

    Other than that, MaxCDN will also conduct periodic checks for illegal contents and malware on their network. As such, you are able to sleep more soundly knowing that your website is protected from malicious software and that your data on the CDN network is fully secured!

  4. Affordable Pricing

    If you were to compare MaxCDN’s pricing with other major CDNs, you will find that MaxCDN’s price is very reasonable. For as low as $39.95, you will get an initial 1TB (1,000 GB) of bandwidth. This is good for 1 year, after which unused bytes will expire.

    You will find that this is significantly lower than what others are offering. That’s because it is a promotional rate. If you would like additional bandwidth, storage or addons, do check out their affordable packages.

    “What’s the catch?” you may ask. Well, there isn’t any. There’s no monthly fee, no contracts, no hidden clauses. You just pay for what you use.

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Editor’s Notes

Just a note before you go ahead and signup. Head over to Pingdom and test your website’s speed. Make a note of it and then re-test after installing MaxCDN. You’ll be surprised how many seconds you are able to shave off.

On top of that, you have nothing to lose for MaxCDN has a 30-day money back guarantee. For whatever reasons, if you are not fully satisfied with this content delivery network’s services, you can cancel your account and get your money back!


So why wait? Check out their website and turbo charge your website!