Start Online Store with iPage’s Free e-commerce Tools

Business novices and professionals alike are all into e-commerce these days as it provides them with a chance of creating their businesses in a much easier way instead of the conventional complicated ways prior to the invention of the Internet. Some less experienced beginners start selling their products on blogs (thus the term blogshops) while others use professional shopping cart software. Most web hosting providers offer e-commerce tools to their customers but only with very limited features and capabilities.


iPage’s e-commerce features are definitely much better and more reliable. Among the best free-of-charge e-commerce tools offered by iPage that you should take advantage of include the shopping cart software, shared SSL (secure payments) and PayPal integration.

Shopping Cart Software

iPage provides you with the choice of several popular shopping carts, unlike other web hosting providers which gives you only one type of shopping cart to use. iPage web hosting plan comes with 3 shopping cart software, namely:

  • AgoraCart Shopping Cart

    AgoraCart is a powerful, customizable, flexible and secure e-commerce shopping cart software that can be easily installed on your website through iPage’s control panel. You can effortlessly change the look and feel with the included templates.

    AgoraCart integrates with more than 10 payment gateways which include 2Checkout, Paypal, Authorize.Net, NiftyPlay and many more.

  • osCommerce Shopping Cart

    osCommerce is one of the most popular and widely used online e-commerce shopping carts. It offers a feature rich set of shopping cart functionality that allows you to setup, run, and maintain your online store easily.

    osCommerce can be installed with just a few mouse clicks even if you are new to web hosting. Thanks to iPage’s user friendly installation application!

  • ShopSite Shopping Cart

    The award-winning ShopSite Shopping Cart is one of the easiest-to-use shopping cart software for small to medium-sized businesses. With its intuitive and user friendly interface, you can have your store online in 15 minutes! ShopSite accepts credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, checks, and many other payment options. You can easily configure ShopSite to match your existing website’s look and feel.

CS-Cart Shopping Cart
Another highly recommended shopping cart software which we really like is CS-Cart. Although it is not included by iPage in their free offering, CS-Cart is our favorite professional shopping cart script. We like its built-in content management system, search engine optimized store front, and highly customizable 100% open source code. Check out our CS-Cart review.

Secured PayPal integration

Shared SSL

The iPage shared SSL certificate enables secure transactions such as payment integrations to be conducted on your website. Shared SSL is automatically included with your iPage account. This gives you the opportunity to secure your website by using the shared SSL certificate given by iPage. In return, your customers will have the peace of mind in performing transactions and receiving services in a secure and reliable manner on your website.

Your personal information as well as your customers’ will not be compromised, thus keeping identity theft and fraud at bay. Not only that, the shared SSL certificate also boosts your reputation as a trustworthy website.

PayPal Integration

Meanwhile, with the integration of PayPal, your business will be able to cater to customers from all over the world, hence a bigger customer and fan base. Having PayPal is like having a bank account; the only differentiating factor is that PayPal targets at online users and businesses. With the ability of integrating a PayPal shopping cart into your website, you’ll be able to receive money that has been transferred through your PayPal account when your customers make a payment via your website.

Free Marketing Credits
To help you with marketing your new website, iPage also offers you free marketing credits. These include $75 Google AdWords credit, $25 Yahoo/Bing credit, $50 Facebook credit, free listing, and free website authentication seal.

Running an online business is definitely simplified with the powerful combination of these e-commerce features offered by iPage!

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