Telekom Malaysia Web Hosting vs Exabytes

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies in Malaysia. The company is principally engaged in the establishment, maintenance and provision of telecommunications and related services. Among the telecommunications facilities and services provided are the provision of fixed line, wireless internet, data and broadband services, non-telecommunication-related services and multimedia and consulting services. Telekom’s Streamyx and Unifi broadband services are the most widely used in Malaysia (although they are mostly criticized too).

Telekom Malaysia

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Telekom has presence in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, and Iran through its various subsidiaries.

Telekom Malaysia Web Hosting Packages

TM boasts of offering one of the lowest-cost comprehensive web hosting solutions that comes with many value-added extras. The TM Web Hosting Packages features unlimited email accounts and unlimited data transfer abilities. There are three different packages to choose from:

  1. Web Hosting 10GB Packages

    • The basic package of 10GB web space costs a mere RM10 per month, or only RM120 per annum.
    • A 10GB web hosting package with an addition of a domain costs of RM160 per annum.
    • Pay an additional RM20 for a web builder software (RM180 per annum).
  2. Web Hosting 30GB Packages

    • The basic package of 30GB web space costs RM216 per annum.
    • A 30GB web hosting package with an addition of a domain costs RM256 per annum.
    • The 30GB web hosting package with an addition of a domain and web builder costs RM276 per annum.
  3. Web Hosting 50GB Packages

    • The basic package of 50GB web space costs RM300 per annum.
    • A 50GB web hosting package with an addition of a domain and web builder cost RM340 and RM360 respectively per annum.

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While Telekom Malaysia’s basic web hosting packages offers competitive annual fee charges and the unlimited email accounts and data transfer abilities are definitely very attractive features, the fact that an inclusion of a domain and web builder requires additional charges is quite a turn off. Many of Malaysia’s web hosting users are individual bloggers, small businesses and home-based businesses who may find the full package of a domain and web builder pricey. While Telekom Malaysia is very good in their primary businesses which are providing telecommunication facilities such as Streamyx and Unifi broadband, but they are not widely known to provide good web hosting services, simply because that’s not their core focus.

Best Web Hosting in Malaysia

Exabytes hosting

In comparison, other major web hosting companies in Malaysia such as Exabytes, Serverfreak and offer a wide range of web hosting packages. These packages are exclusively tailored to meet the needs of the different target groups in Malaysia. Moreover, most of the packages offered already include a domain, a number of web templates for free as well as a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers. Basic web hosting packages for students can be as cheap as RM39 per year (Exabytes’ EBiz Beginner – Personal and Student Hosting) as compared to Telekom’s RM120.

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Why is Exabytes a better Malaysia web host?

You may find Exabytes, for one, a better option for your web hosting needs for several reasons:

  1. 100 days full money back guarantee

    • Exabytes is also the only company in Malaysia to offer a no-questions-asked 100 days full money-back guarantee for customers who are not completely satisfied with any aspect of their service.
  2. Fast data center and network worldwide

    • Exabytes has presence in three data centers worldwide. As each data center has different network routing, Exabytes allows its customers to choose the best data center to serve their websites. Exabytes data centers are in AIMS Data Center (Cyberjaya), TM Net Data Center (CBJ 1, CBJ 2, and CBJ 5) and Handy Networks Data Center (Denver, Colorado). For websites with visitors coming mainly from Malaysia or surrounding countries, it would be excellent to host your website in Malaysia. However, for websites with a more international audience and visitors, it would be wiser to host in the Handy Networks Data Center.
  3. Good and fast support

    • Exabytes provides 24/7 customer service and support via live chat, email and help desk ticketing system. The Exabytes live chat service is particularly useful – it enables the company’s technicians to fix customer problems in real time, without the need for the customer to call in.

Editor’s Advice

Exabytes would make a better choice of web hosting provider due to their specialization and experience in the industry. They offer features that would be beneficial to your website at prices that are even lower than TM’s. Knowing that you can have your money refunded if you are unhappy with their services should be an indication of Exabyte’s confidence and dedication to providing excellent hosting.

To sum it up, if you want to subscribe to a broadband service, go to Telekom’s Streamyx or Unifi. But if you are looking for the best web host (based in Malaysia), then go to either Exabytes or ServerFreak.

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