ThinkHost – Green Web Host Review

Just a little while ago, if you were looking for a reliable web hosting provider, you had no choice but to choose between certain features. For reliability, affordability and overall ease of use, DreamHost was the way to go. For those on a slightly tighter budget yet still environmentally conscious however, ThinkHost came highly recommended.

The reason why you can now have the best of both worlds is the acquisition of ThinkHost some time back. It is unclear when exactly ThinkHost became a division of DreamHost but I digress, the point is that you can now get quality web hosting services at little harm to your wallet and the environment!


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Size: Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts
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ThinkHost hosts about 4 thousand domains while DreamHost is serving more than 800,000 clients. Before the merger/acquisition, ThinkHost’s slightly below average number of hosted domains was a cause of concern. Such statistics were routinely interpreted by novices to be signs of inexperience yet they would be proved utterly wrong. ThinkHost can be likened to the Apple of the web hosting industry. Overall, their market share may be relatively small yet they do produce quality solutions that satisfy a certain niche market. DreamHost’s acquisition of this hosting company is ample proof of the quality of their products and services!

Hosting Plan at a Glance

ThinkHost main web hosting plan is one priced at an extremely affordable $7.95 a month and which offers a plethora of features and services. With all the integrated features that come along with the package, you can be sure that all your corporate and personal needs would be well provided for. Let’s briefly discuss the features available with the plan.

  • Unlimited server space

    This gives you the freedom to add to the content of your websites whenever the need arises without the danger of incurring additional costs! You can basically host thousands of high resolution photos and images and create as many webpages, blog posts and etc!

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    You do not need to worry that you will run out of bandwidth because Thinkhost provides unlimited bandwidth for their hosting plans!

  • Unlimited MySQL databases

    Granting you the feature to create unlimited number of MySQL databases at your own web hosting control panel. This allows you to host more than one website under a single hosting account.

  • Host unlimited domains/sites

    You would be really happy to know that you can host multiple websites for your various products and services; giving your users a more personalized browsing experience. You can basically host your portfolio, your online store, your survey application, your blog and etc all under the same hosting account!

  • Unlimited POP3/IMAP email accounts

    Giving you the capability of having multiple email accounts to suit the various needs of you and your employees. You can create as many or as little email accounts as you wish!

  • Unlimited autoresponders and email forwarders

    In the event that you or your employees are unable to personally reply to emails received or when there is a need to forward email to your other accounts, autoresponders and forwarders can be set up and put in place without additional costs.

  • Security and reliability

    With ThinkHost, you can be rest assured knowing that your websites and domains would experience virtually no downtime at all. ThinkHost has a dedicated technical support team which monitors all domains on a 24/7 basis and which maintains various backups in the unlikely case the primary ones fail. Thus, they are able to guarantee 100% uptime for domains hosted with them!

ThinkHost provides various software and features designed to enhance the user experience. They include professional design templates, photo gallery, content management software and forum software. Anti spam and virus filtering systems will also be put in place once you host a domain or site with ThinkHost preventing you and your website’s users from being bothered by useless junk mail. Where else can you find so many features at such an affordable price? Check out ThinkHost.

ThinkHost Special Offer

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Editor’s Advice

Personally, I am attracted to the services of this particular web host because of the green and environmental friendly image they project. Any corporate users aiming to get their ISO 14000 rating would certainly benefit either implicitly or explicitly through the use of ThinkHost services. The ISO 14000 standard is an important rating in judging how much a company’s operations negatively affect the environment and ThinkHost can certainly help minimize those effects.

Powered completely by wind and solar generated energy, ThinkHost services are carbon neutral; enabling your company to take a first step in reducing its carbon footprint. Another nice touch is the fact that the web host will be planting a tree on your behalf when you become their consumer! This means that when you subscribe to ThinkHost web hosting services, you are not only refraining from polluting Mother Nature, you will be in fact playing a small yet fundamental part in the slow step to rejuvenate Her!

If you are attracted to the idea of a green and environmental friendly web hosting service, do not hesitate to contact ThinkHost today! Additional information and contact details can be easily acquired from at their website.

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