Tips to get free traffic from Blog Commenting

Having a beautiful blog with awesome contents doesn’t guarantee you readers. First and foremost, people need to know that you exist. Then, they need to be persuaded to come over to your blog and to return thereafter. How do we do that?

Now, most articles you read on fellow Internet marketers’ blogs would recommend that you put in effort to increase your blog’s SEO ranking in order to promote it, which I think is very important. However, there is another way of getting traffic for your blog. A much simpler and faster way and it’s free too!

Blog commenting

And that’s by commenting on the blogs that you visit. Easy. Or is it? Well, you be the judge. Here are some tips on how to get free traffic from blog commenting.

Choosing the Right Blog

There’s only so many blogs that you can comment on and of course, you would want to make the most out of every comments you leave. Here’s how to choose the right blog to visit and leave a comment.

  1. Find the Relevant Blogs

    There are tons of blogs on the Internet, covering almost any topic you can imagine. So the first thing that you should do is to seek the blog that is relevant to yours. I mean there’s not much point in commenting on a cooking blog if your blog is about web hosting and web design, right?

    If you already known some blogger friends in the same niche as yours, then that’s great. Just continue visiting and commenting on their blogs. If you don’t know anyone, there’s no need to fret. Just do a search on any search engines or at blog directories like Technorati.

    Once you have found the relevant blogs, you can pop over and start commenting.

  2. Find Popular Blogs

    The justification here is that a popular blog has more readers, especially active readers. A larger readership means more people would be able to read your comments and thus, better exposure for your blog!

    Firstly, look for blogs with, well, plenty of comments. More comments mean more readers. The other way to determine whether a blog is popular or not is to identify how many social media “likes” and “tweets” it is getting. Comment on these blogs.

Are You Creating an Impression?

Now that you have found a blog, you will need to create a lasting impression in order to stand out among all the other commentators. You wouldn’t want to be lost in a sea of comments now would you? That would be a waste of effort. Just how do you draw attention to your comment and increase the likelihood of your link being click on?

Here are some tips, from my experience commenting on various blogs – and getting a good amount of free traffic from my efforts.

Blog comment
A screenshot of one of the many comments I did on a relevant blog.

  1. Be Useful

    Are your comments useful and informative to the readers. Will the comments be able to reflect your authority or knowledge about certain topics. If they do, then readers would want to check your blog.

    The other advice I have for you is to be genuine. Read through the post and then only comment. Do not write general comments like “That’s a good post”. You are more likely to be treated as a spammer instead. If you think it is really a good post, give reasons why you think so.

  2. Be the First to Comment

    This may be tricky because you can’t be waiting at your computer for new updates on the blog you wish to read and comment on. But by writing the first few comments, you would be getting the most views compared to later comments… and thus, more clicks on your links!

    One way to ensure that you are among the first few commentators is to subscribe for RSS updates of the blogs.

I do recommend owners of new blogs in particular, to give this strategy a try. You see, you want to get as much publicity for your blog as possible. Commenting on other blogs gives you such exposure. It’s flexible and let you decide how much you want to accomplish in a particular period. Can’t ask more from this simple and free marketing strategy now, won’t you agree?