Tips to Promote Your Blog Using Social Media

Social media sites provide you with one of the best strategies for promoting your blog. You can leverage these sites for traffic without spending too much money. In fact, many social media marketing tactics will cost you nothing at all. All it takes is some time and effort into planning your campaigns.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best social media sites for promoting your blog, and how to get the most out of them.

Getting Traffic from Facebook

Surfing on Facebook

It seems that everyone today has not only a personal profile on Facebook, but a page as well. This is now a must for anyone trying to promote a blog. There are many ways to use Facebook to get more traffic and publicity to your own site. Below are a few good ones which I always use.

  • Have a Focused Facebook Page

    Make sure your page is set up in a way that will attract people who are interested in your main topic. Don’t make the subject too broad, such as “Making Money” or “Getting Healthy”. You will have more success if you choose a more specific niche.

  • Post Frequently

    This is essential if you want your page to get popular. You should post something on your page daily. It doesn’t have to be long or even brilliant, but you want to stay in touch with your audience. Try to find items that will catch the reader’s eye, such as interesting images or videos.

  • Join Groups or Start Your Own

    Groups can be a valuable resource for networking on Facebook. You can join groups under your page name. Choose groups that are on similar topics to your own. You can also start your own group and send invitations to your friends and fans. Participate regularly in groups, and you’ll find they can be useful for meeting people who might be interested in your site.

  • Try Facebook Advertising

    If it’s in your budget, you can direct traffic to your page using Facebook ads. It’s usually best to do it this way rather than try to advertise your blog with Facebook ads. Research indicates that people are more likely to click on a link that leads to another Facebook page rather than a different site. Once they are on your page, you can direct them to your blog.

    If you are concerned on the cost to advertise on Facebook, you can actually start with a small budget, and scale if you see good results. You can also get free Facebook advertising credits from these good web hosting companies.
  • Have an Opt-in Form on Your Page

    If you use an autoresponder such as AWeber, you can integrate it with your FB page. This can help you build a mailing list from your page. You can use this to send people to your own site and check out your offers.

Getting Traffic from Twitter

Using Twitter

Aside from Facebook, Twitter is still the most widely used social media site. It’s not really a direct FB competitor, as it has a different purpose. Twitter can be used to get more traffic to your blog too. Below are some useful tips how you can do this.

  • Make Your Tweets Creative and Personal

    Don’t just post links in your tweets. You want to give your messages a personal feel so that people don’t just ignore them. It’s fine to include some links, but make sure you do it in your own voice and not just write “Check out this site:”.

  • Keep Keywords in Mind

    Tweets can be optimized just like blog posts, so remember keywords that will attract the attention of your followers and the search engines.

  • Follow the Right People

    Find influential people in your niche and follow them. You can use tools like Twellow to do this more efficiently. You can find Twitter users by subject, location or interests.

  • Be Social on Twitter

    You should send out your own tweets, but also respond to what others are doing. When you see a message that you like, retweet it. You can also send tweets to specific followers. This helps you connect with people individually.

  • Tweet About Your Blog Posts

    Whenever you post something new on your blog, be sure to tweet about it. This can bring you more traffic, especially if people retweet your content!

Getting Traffic from Pinterest


Pinterest is a rapidly growing social network, so it’s worth looking at some ways to get traffic from there.

  • Create Informational Pins

    You can use Pinterest to post information as well as photos and videos. You can, for example, create infographics that can be pinned to your boards. You can also use the pins to get people to visit your blog, where they will find the real info. The pin, for example, could be “Learn 5 Ways to…” followed by a link to your blog.

  • Offer Something Free

    Your pin can promise people a freebie if they visit your blog. This works similar to an opt-in form. Naturally, you must deliver this when people come to your site.

  • Create Interesting Boards

    You can create as many boards as you want on Pinterest. Think of specific topics that will interest your audience. If your blog deals with a few related topics, you may want to create separate boards for each of them.

  • Create Original Pins

    You don’t have to only repin items from other sites. You can use your own photos, memes, infographics and other content. This can help you brand yourself and give people more reason to visit your site.

Social Media Sites are a Powerful Source of Traffic

The above tips can help you get more traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can, of course, use other social media sites as well – for example StumbleUpon, deviantART, and Delicious. Each site has its own style and flavor, so you must learn how to navigate your way around them all.

Social media is getting bigger all the time, so it would be a shame not to get as much traffic out of it as you can. While you can use paid advertising on many sites, especially Facebook, you can also accomplish a great deal without spending a dime.

Remember, once you join a social media site, remember to add content to it regularly. This is the only way it will be effective for generating traffic.