Tips to save on Web Hosting

With the web becoming increasingly popular, the need to have an online presence too has become more important. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a business entity. Luckily, the advancement of technology has enabled almost everyone to be easily represented by a website on the Internet, if we wish to. And that’s where hosting providers come into the picture.

With thousands of web hosting companies around, seeking the right hosting provider is definitely no easy task. Trust me, I have been there.

Save on Web Hosting

When I started my first website many years ago, I used a free web host. Premium web hosts were a luxury back then and reliable premium hosts were a handful. Not that free web hosts were any better – I learned that the hard way. After a few files mysteriously went missing overnight and a hacked website later, I decided that I should invest in a more reliable web host! Even if it means forking out some funds!

Fast forward to today, I am a website consultant and also the owner of a number of websites. And… I would like to share with you, my readers, 5 tips on how to save on your web hosting.

  • Tip 1: Do Your Research

    Before you sign up with any web hosting provider, it would be advisable to do your own research on the web hosts. Cheap plans do not mean they are not reliable and neither do the expensive packages promise you challenge-free hosting. You will need to read web hosting reviews and customers’ feedback to find out whether they are any good.

    Match what the hosts can offer with what you need (rather than what you want). The main idea is to find a web host that can meet your website requirements and have a package that fits your budget.

    Believe me, it’s easier to find such a host these days compared to when I first started. The competition is so intense now among hosting providers that they are offering lots and lots of great features!

  • Tip 2: What Are Your Requirements, Current and Future

    Continuing from tip 1, you also would need to think about your current requirements as well as what your plans are for the future. Most websites will experience growth, unless you are happy with a personal blog for family and friends, which is just as fine.

    But if you want to see your website being further developed later, then you will want to look for more resources, such as bandwidth and disk space, now rather than later. There are quite a number of web hosting providers who offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space at no extra charges. Though this does not literally mean unlimited but it usually does mean that the host will absorb occasional traffic surge as long as resources are not abused intentionally.

  • Tip 3: Look For Special Deals from Hosting Reviews Websites

    Yes, from time to time there are special web hosting deals. You just need to look for it.

    Basically there are 2 places where you can search for deals. First, it’s the web hosting provider’s homepage. Many hosting companies occasionally offer discounts off their usual package fees. Bide your time and you will find a good offer.

    The other way to land a good discount is through hosting review websites like Every now and then, we are able to strike a deal with web hosting providers and offer coupons specially for our readers. And these coupons are sometimes better than what are being offered by the respective web hosting providers on their websites!

    We have compiled a list of best web hosts based on our own experiences hosting with them. All these hosts offer special hosting deals which are exclusive to our readers (yes, yourself!). Check out these special offers.

  • Tip 4: Signup for Longer Terms

    When you are comfortable with your hosting provider, you can even opt to signup for longer terms eg upgrade from quarterly plan to 1-year plans and from 1-year to 2-year or even 3-year plans. You will notice that the average monthly hosting fee is lower for the longer hosting plan terms!

    The amount that you save may seem small in the short run but over a period of time, the accumulated savings can be quite significant. One word of advice is to look at the terms of service should you decide to terminate the service. Some hosting providers offer no question asked money back guarantee like Bluehost while others don’t.

  • Tip 5: Go for Reputable Web Hosts

    Another very crucial tip to remember in saving web hosting cost is to subscribe with a reputable web host. It will save you lots of headache and heartache later. Reputable web hosts are more reliable and experienced and they are unlikely to leave you stranded should you have problems with your hosting.

    Take Bluehost for example. They are one of the leading hosting providers in the world today. You can expect lots of great features and professional services at affordable price from them!

    Over the years, Bluehost’s combination of state-of-art technology and own-built facilities has ensured that their hosting uptime is one of the best. With millions of domains being hosted with them and tens of thousands of new customers every month, they can’t afford major downtime or they will risk losing their customers’ confidence. So you can rest assured that you can depend on their hosting services.

    So what other ways does Bluehost help you save money other than offering low hosting fees? Well…

    • They also offer anytime money back guarantee, which means you will get a refund for unused service should you terminate your plan. No funds being burnt here.
    • You will also get a free domain name for the 1st year that’s worth $13.99.
    • On top of these, they are also offering $100 Google Adwords credit, which you can use to advertise and promote your website on Google’s network.


    The best part is that we have managed to negotiate a special discount for our readers. If you subscribe to Bluehost through our special link, you will only need to pay $3.95 per month, instead of the usual $4.95 (or $6.95) per month!

Editor’s Notes

It is extremely important to identify and host with a good host from the beginning. It would save you not only money but also the hassle and stress when challenges crop up or when you want to move to another host.

The last thing you want is to start everything from scratch again especially when your website is profitable. Bluehost has been a reliable host since the beginning when I first host with them and they had not failed me. So check them out if you are looking for a web host!