Top 10 Domain Name Registrars

It’s fine to use a or domain if you are just writing about your daily life, or just to blog for fun. However, if you own a business selling products or services, or if you want to look more professional, those domains won’t give your prospective customers a favorable impression of your company or website. and only provides you with a sub-domain name, which looks like This does not look very good and professional.

As such, you’ll need to register your own domain name with a domain name registrar so that you can host your website yourself on a good web hosting provider.

Top 10 Domain Name Registrars

There are many domain name registration companies in the market that you’ll go crazy comparing the services and prices offered. We’ve done that for you and so we present the top 10 domain registrars, ranked by the number of domains under their management.

  1. GoDaddy

    GoDaddy domain name registration

    Number one on the list with unassailable lead of 33% of the market and 34 million domain names hosted is GoDaddy.

    The company has been around for many years, building a base of satisfied clients as they progress through the years. GoDaddy offers more than just domain name registration, they also host websites and email accounts, offer online security products and even design and build websites. For a very reasonable price of $9.99 a year, you can register your favorite domain name with the best domain name registrar.

  2. Enom


    Second on the list with a distant 9% market share is Enom. Although trailing GoDaddy by quite a bit, it doesn’t mean that Enom’s service is of questionable quality. Enom provides excellent domain name registration services.

    You get the following services for free with your domain name; 24/7 Customer Support, Domain/URL Forwarding, Web Site Creator Lite, and Sub-domains hosting.

  3. Tucows


    Tucows‘ fees put them in the same range as GoDaddy. So if you’re looking for domain registration at reasonable prices, you can consider Tucows, if you don’t like GoDaddy.

    However, you would have to sign up from their affiliate sites but on the plus side, Tucows offer other Internet services such as billing applications, mobile phone services and mobile content networks.

  4. Network Solutions

    Network Solutions

    Another player with prices slightly on the high side, is Network Solutions which charges $34.99 per year.

    However, making it to the list despite the higher price indicates that their services are great and that clients do not mind paying for the extra little bit. Network Solutions offer more than just domain registration. Speak to them if you need a web server, web marketing solutions, tools and services to secure your website or creating a mobile version of your website!

  5. Schlund+Partner

    1&1 domain

    Schlund+Partner could have hosted more domains if they didn’t choose to serve only those with 1&1 Internet services. As it is, they are already Europe’s leading domain registrar, so they could top the list of market players if they had extended their services to just everyone else.

    Schlund+Partner currently holds 4% of market share and charges an affordable $16 a month for the first year.

  6. Melbourne IT

    Melbourne IT

    Melbourne IT is Australia’s fastest growing web hosting company.

    Domain registration costs $36.50 per year but for additional charges, Melbourne IT can design a website, build a Facebook page and host your website for you. They can even promote your website for you with a free 30-day trial thrown in. If you’re looking for global domain names such as .co,,,, .travel, .biz, and etc, Melbourne IT can arrange that for you too!

  7. Wild West Domains

    Wild West Domains

    Wild West Domains has been managing 3 million domains as of date, and still going strong. One advantage that they have over the rest is that they offer wholesale reseller plans for those who want to resell their domain name registration services. The pricing starts from $8.99/month to become a basic reseller.

  8. Resellerclub


    Resellerclub is fast gaining popularity for its very competitive prices in reselling domain name registration services and web hosting. If you have several websites to host, you should consider Resellerclub as they offer attractive rates for multi-domain hosting, which starts as low as $5.49 per month. They offer a number of other services too such as website building, reseller and personal hosting, SSL certificates and email solutions.

  9. Register

    Register is most famed for their customer support services, which is undoubtedly one of the key points to consider when selecting a domain registrar. If you also need to build or host a website, securing a website or market it, Register can do it for you too.

  10. Moniker


    Making it to the top 10 list is Moniker who has hosted about 2 million domains under their belt. Moniker is serious about the domain registration business; they can help you to select the right name for your website even if it has already been registered. They also provide auctions on domain as well as serve as a domain broker. Their hosting rates are really attractive too at just $9.59 per year.

These domain registrars have made the top 10 list because customers have selected them to host or manage their domains. Therefore, selecting any of these registrars would be a good choice as they have served many satisfied customers worldwide!

In my opinion, I think GoDaddy is an excellent domain name registrar. I have tens of domain names registered through them, all securely managed under a central domain manager. If you are looking for a good web hosting company to register a domain name for you, you should check out GoDaddy!

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