Top 10 Fashion WordPress Themes

You run a blogshop selling women’s clothes, shoes or accessories. Or you have a blog offering fashion tips. Or you love keeping tabs on the Who’s Who in the entertainment industry. For all of the above, and more, a fashion theme is suitable for you to have on your blog. The right one will blend with your contents and make your blog stand out from the rest.

Here are my top 10 fashion WordPress themes:

1. Fashion Week

Fashion Week theme

What is fashion without a “fashion week”? This is a three-column template which is good if you have lots of links to show your visitors. They don’t have to scroll down much to access all of them. This theme is ready for threaded comments and has been tested on the major web browsers, so you don’t have to worry about its compatibility.

What is best is that this theme is also available for Blogger users. Yes, you can use it on and too!

2. Fashion News

Fashion news

The colors and the design of this theme aren’t really anything to shout about, after all that’s how a fashion news blog is meant to be. But what’s cool is that there is a window right under your blog title where you can give your blog visitors and readers a sneak peak to your posts. You can choose to feature a post title to entice the visitors to read further and even better, you can post a slide-show. The layout is also very systematic where the regulars – tags, blogroll and recent comments are all neatly arranged on the right.

3. What Women Do Best

What Women Do Best theme

This has to be one of the cutest fashion themes; I love those bags and those tags dangling from the top! Previews to the posts are also arranged in grids, making for easy reading and looks great on the eye too. I’d say this theme is being girly in a professional way!

4. Japanese Doll

Japanese Doll theme

The Japanese doll is sweet and Japan is slowly becoming known for their fashion and not to mention, their kawaii girls. This theme is especially suitable if you deal, but not limited to, with Asian fashion. Tested in Internet Explorer and Firefox, this theme is also CSS-valid and widget ready.

Premium Fashion WordPress Themes

Some people might tell you in their broken English: “Cheap things not good, good things not cheap” but you’d be able to tell that this statement doesn’t hold true for the free themes listed above because they ARE good. Now, if those good ones are download-able free of charge, the following themes are premium ones where you’d have to part with a little money to get even better quality and features in return!

5. Fashion Blog

Fashion Blog

Red and striking, this sums up what I think of the theme at first impression. It makes the blog stand out from the rest and people are bound to remember it for that particular reason. The theme is neat with two columns of links and categories arranged on the left-hand side. Each post is clearly differentiated too, making the blog easily read and navigated.

6. Fashion Retail Theme

Retail Fashion WordPress theme

This theme would be great if you have a lot of fabulous pictures to share with your readers. This is the only theme I’ve come across that gives you the “luxury” of having 2 rows of space – use these for your promotional campaigns, advertisements or custom banners. After scrolling more to the bottom, you’d find space for post previews. I’d say that this theme is perfect if your blog thrives on visitors who are dazzled easier by pictures than words.

7. You!Fitness

Fitness WordPress theme

Although its developers had intended it to be used for a fitness themed blog, this can simply go with any blog that promotes male fashion. The great-looking picture definitely gives the visitors the impression that everything on the site is ultra-male. Conveniently, titles of interesting posts are located just right beside the hot body. If the readers scroll further below, they’ll find more snippets of your posts which even come with images, something that not many other themes have.

8. Shopping ACE

Shopping ACE

I simply love the way the categories are arranged at the top of the blog. This is a breather from the ones at the sides that you’d usually get. The animated chick with her big eyes stands out too, and if you aren’t distracted by her, you’d notice that this theme allows you to show snippets of your posts to your visitors. Each snippet is accompanied with the date of posting and a relevant image, and readers can even head right to the comments from here.

9. YouFashion

You Fashion

The best is sometimes the simplest, in classic black and white. Elegant, classy and neat with pictured previews of your posts, this theme is my favorite especially for the YJ Image Slider 3.0 that it has on the header. Put a collection of your fabulous pictures here and let them turn into a slide-show to wow your blog visitors.

10. Elegant Fashion Blog

Elegant Fashion Blog

A stunning model on the header definitely catches one’s eye, a striking effect against the dark background of the theme. What’s great is that you can pick the top stories to be featured at the top most of the blog, along with images to further entice visitors to read them. Below that are snippets of your other posts, neatly arranged and clearly differentiated too. It isn’t difficult to find your way around a blog that uses this theme.

Best Premium Fashion WordPress Themes

Below are more premium WordPress themes which are exclusively designed for Fashion and Shopping blogs. Pick one today!

Decide which look you want to give your blog. A young one? A classy matured one? Pick one that you think suits your blog the most and give your blog a whole new look altogether.