Web Hosting Companies with the Best Money Back Guarantee

In many of my reviews, I have often highlighted a web host’s money back guarantee. Providing users with a money back guarantee is part of a hosting package’s features, especially major web hosts.

Web hosting with the Best Money Back Guarantee

But the story was different when web hosting was still in its infancy. This money back guarantee was unheard of then. But soon, someone decided to offer a 15-day money back guarantee. This was subsequently picked up by other web hosts and some began offering longer period e.g. 30-day, 45-day and 90-day money back guarantees. And today, we even have anytime money back guarantee!

What is Money Back Guarantee?

Well, it essentially means that should you, for whatever reasons, is not satisfied with the hosting provider’s service and would like to terminate an existing hosting account, you may do so and have your money refunded.

Why is money back guarantee important?

At first glance, it would seem like a marketing strategy by web hosts to attract customers. However, if you really think about it, it is a great deal for customers too.

  • It is a risk-free investment and you are not bounded to serve out the entire subscription period, if you don’t wish to.
  • It proves that the web host is confident of their hosting services. And chances are that you are going to get reliable hosting from them!

Are all Money Back Guarantee the same?

To answer this, let’s take a look at the different types of money back guarantees. There are 2 types of money back guarantee, in the web hosting services industry:

  1. Full Refund

    If you are not completely satisfied with the web host’s services, you can request for a full refund on the hosting fees that you have paid. Obviously, web hosts reserve this guarantee for a specific period during the initial days subsequent to your sign-up. Kind of like a free trial.

    A word of advice though. There are certain fees that are not refundable e.g. free domain name, SSL certificates and setup fees to name a few. Even though the free domain name was given free during sign-up, the domain registration fee (between $11 – $15) will be charged to you should you cancel your account within the first year, even if you cancel during full refund period.

    This is because domain name registration cannot be cancelled once registered. Since you are the owner for the domain name and is free to bring the domain name to a new web hosting company, it makes sense that you be charged for the domain name.

    But if you already own your domain name during the sign-up, then the domain name fees will not be charged should you cancel your account.

  2. Pro-rated Refund

    This means that should you cancel your hosting account, you will be refunded with the remainder of your hosting term. This greatly reduces the risk of losing your entire hosting fees.

    Generally, the longer a hosting period is, the cheaper the plan costs. But what if you sign-up for a 3-year plan, only to discover that the company sucks and decided to cancel on the 3rd month? If the web host offers a pro-rated refund, then you will receive refund for balance of 2 years and 9 months.

Web Hosting with the Best Money Back Guarantee

Let’s take a look at a few of the industry’s top web hosts that offer some of the best money back guarantee.

  1. WebhostingHub

    Webhosting Hub

    WebhostingHub offers 90-day money back guarantee with full refund. This means that if you terminate your hosting account within 90 days from signing up, you will get a full refund! In fact, no questions will be asked as to why you want to cancel.

    Do note that this is open to all new account registrations, which is an industry standard. Should you decide to cancel after 90 days but within the service term, you are entitled for a prorated refund for the remaining full months of the hosting period.

    If you wish to keep your domain (which is offered to you for free during signup), there’ll be a domain registration cost of $11.95 and if you cancel within 90 days, an administrative fee of $5 is charged.

    I have tried many popular web hosting companies and WebhostingHub is by far the best in terms of allowing the longest free trial at 90 days! You can basically test them for 90 days. If you are unhappy for whatever reasons at all, just cancel and get a full refund – within 90 days. That’s a full 3 months free trial!
  2. InMotion Hosting

    InMotion Hosting

    Since InMotion Hosting and WebhostingHub are sister companies, many of their features are similar, including money back guarantee. InMotion Hosting too offers a 90-day money back guarantee for their Business Class Hosting packages i.e. Launch, Power and Pro. However, logically, if you choose the 1 month Pro plan, then the full refund money back guarantee is limited to just 30 days! After this period, a pro-rated refund is applicable.

    Upon cancellation within the first year, the free domain name registration of $11.95 will be charged. Note that there’s a setup fees of $40 if you were to sign up for the 1 month Pro plan.

  3. HostGator


    This popular web host offers 45-day money back guarantee. Full refund is given if you terminate your first-time account within this period, no questions asked. But if this was not your first sign-up e.g. you had signed up and terminated your account before or if this is your subsequent account with HostGator, then this money back guarantee does not apply.

    Termination after the first 45 days will be entitled for a pro-rated refund.
    Domain registration charges are not applicable since HostGator does not offer free domain name registration.

  4. Bluehost


    In Bluehost’s case, if you cancel your account within the first 3 calendar days after your registration, you will receive a complete full refund. Note that you will NOT be charged for the free domain name, if you do not wish to retain the ownership. But if you do, the charge is $13.99 per domain name.

    If you cancel after 3 days but before 30 days, you will receive refund less nonrefundable fees which includes the free domain name, even if you do not want it anymore. I think this is fair and is a standard practice with all web hosting companies, simply because domain name registrations are not cancel-able. You are the owner of the domain name, and you can continue to use the domain name. You can also bring the domain name with you and host it on another web hosting provider.

    Cancellation after 30 days will have the remainder of the hosting terms pro-rated for refund.

    Visit Bluehost and take advantage of the exclusive discount at $3.95/month, instead of the usual $6.95/month. This promotion price is offered to all visitors of this website only! No Bluehost coupon is necessary.

Who has the Best Money Back Guarantee?

All the above web hosts have impressive risk-free and worry free guarantees. But the one that I think beat the others by providing a longer money back guarantee would be WebhostingHub.

Though InMotion Hosting too offers the same 90-day money back guarantee, WebhostingHub’s affordable all-in-one shared hosting (currently discounted to $3.99/month, through an exclusive partnership with us) is certainly a great bargain!

Money back guarantee is a great risk-free way to test the potential web host’s services. It builds users’ confidence in the web hosts. However, we strongly urge you to go through the Terms of Services (TOS) to ensure that the terms for such guarantees are according to what you understood them to be. Alternatively, you can always check out our recommended web host here – WebhostingHub.