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Having an awesome website with well written posts will win you only half the battle in this digital world filled with websites of all sorts. The other half of the battle depends on how you bring in readers and boost up your traffic.

That brings us to the next question of just how do you attract people to click on your website? Building it, in this case, does not mean that “they will come”. You will need to put in efforts and probably funds too to ensure your website or your link is seen by as many people as possible.

Free advertising credits

There are many ways of doing so including advertising with Google AdWords, Facebook, Microsoft AdCenter and other PPC programs.

Advertising Credits

Paid advertising is probably the most effective way to draw crowds to your website in a short time. One popular and most affordable way is by using free advertising credits.

To put it in simple terms, advertising credits is an Internet marketing model, where you (as an advertiser) pay search engines or high traffic websites in return of advertisements on the search engines or websites. These of course will bring traffic to your website. For the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on advertising on search engines.

Advertising credits

Basically, there are 2 types advertising, ie pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-impression (PPM) advertising.

  • PPC
    PPC means you need to pay only when someone clicks on your advertisements. Payment ranges depending on how popular are your keywords. If you are a small or new website seeking for more exposure, then PPC is most cost effective.

  • PPM
    PPM, on the other hand, will require you to pay a certain fee for every 1,000 times your advertisement was displayed. It doesn’t matter whether your link was clicked or not. This is generally used by more well-known brands or when PPC becomes not as cost effective.

3 most popular advertising networks that accept advertising credits are Google AdWords, Yahoo!/Bing and Facebook.

  • Google AdWords Credit

    What is Google AdWords? Well, it’s Google’s pay-per-click advertising program. I’m pretty sure that you are aware of sponsored advertisements at the top of Google’s search pages. Well, that’s where your advertisement will appear should the relevant keywords are being typed in Google search.

    Why Google?

    1. Well, according to Nielsen in May 2012, Google is the number one with over 400 million unique audiences.
    2. It is a cost-effective marketing method. Since it is a pay-per-click program, you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad link.
    3. You are in control since you set your budget and decide who to target as well as state when you wish the advertisement to appear. I can’t really think of any other advertisement methods that allow you such flexibility, can you?

    This non-expiring credit is applicable for new Google AdWords customers. These new accounts are meant to be self-managed by the customers themselves.

    There are a couple of things that you need to be aware of the Google AdWords promotion.

    • It is usually restricted to customers with billing address and IP address in the US and Canada only. This restriction is not made by the respective hosting providers but is part of Google’s policy.
    • It only applies to new Google AdWords signups. This means that if you have a pre-existing account with Google AdWords, chances are you are not allowed to apply for this complimentary AdWords accounts. Again, this is Google’s terms.
    • Once the advertising costs exceed the promotional credit, you will be charged for any differences.
  • Yahoo! Search/Bing

    Back in 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo search made a deal that resulted in Microsoft’s AdCenter managing the self-serve advertising for both Microsoft’s Bing as well as Yahoo! search engine.

    Even though Yahoo! & Bing when combined, may not be as popular as Google search engine but it nevertheless is able to connect you to almost 30% of US search users according to comScore’s June 2012’s US search engine rankings report. That’s quite a huge number if your main concern is to get as many people clicking on your website as possible.

    There are free credits jointly offered by Yahoo! search & Bing with some web hosting providers. However, these free credits are usually only available for US users only.

  • Facebook

    There are also web hosting companies who offer free advertising credits on social network website Facebook. There is a slight difference between the advertising in search engines and in social networks.

    While search engines advertisements allow advertisers to target their audiences through keywords, social media platforms like Facebook especially, allow advertisers to micro target. This is achieved by providing advertisers more targeting options such as age, gender, demographic and interests!

    While starting on a new advertising campaign, you (the advertiser) are required to set a bid/budget. This bid varies depending on how popular your target audiences are. Then, you just wait for Facebook to review and approve your advertisements, and start serving them on the huge Facebook network.

FREE Advertising Credits

Advertising costs money. However, for those who are short on funds, especially new websites, there is good news. There are a few popular web hosting companies who offer FREE advertising credits when you sign up with them. Just take a look at the following comparison chart.

Free advertising credits comparison chart
* For HostGator customers in India, you will be offered Rs. 2,500 credit instead.



Bluehost, one of the most reliable and affordable web hosting providers around, is offering $100 Google AdWords credit. It used to be $75 but Bluehost has generously increased it to $100 recently. And yet, they are still maintaining the same affordable plans at $6.95/month $3.95/month (if you signed up through our special link).

Personally, I would highly recommend hosting with Bluehost because they provide reliable uptime, affordable pricing and award-wining support!

A simple calculation:
Bluehost price comparison

Can you imagine that Bluehost would only start to recover their cost of hosting your website only towards the end of your second year of hosting? That’s the level of commitment they have towards their customers and the high confidence they have over their service.

For a limited time only, Bluehost is offering readers from this website a huge discount. Standard pricing is slashed from $6.95/month to $3.95/month! Activate this discount now!



HostGator is also offering $100 Google AdWords credit. At first glance, HostGator’s Hatchling Plan seems pretty irresistible at just $3.95/month. However, this is only applicable if you were to sign up and pay upfront for 3 years. Monthly payment for Hatchling Plan is $7.16/month.

Overall, HostGator is also another popular and reliable hosting provider. Slightly more costly than Bluehost but just as good in terms of hosting services.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting

When it comes to business web hosting plans, InMotion Hosting has some of the best plans. They offer one of the industry’s highest amount of free advertising credit ie up to $100 Google AdWords and $75 Yahoo!/Bing (US only) credit. Just a note that the $75 Yahoo!/Bing credit has an expiry period of 90 days after redemption.

For any new and growing businesses, these credits can go a long way in creating awareness of their brands. InMotion Hosting’s business class web hosting plans come as low as $6.95/month $5.56/month.

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Webhosting Hub


Webhosting Hub is fast gaining popularity for its good deals, reliable servers and excellent technical support. In terms of free advertising credits, Webhosting Hub is offering $125 Google AdWords credit and another $75 Yahoo!/Bing credit.

The current price for its plan is $6.99/month $3.99/month. For those who are unsure of Webhositng Hub’s services, don’t fret. They are the sister company to InMotion Hosting above and you can be confident that they will deliver.



LunarPages has the lowest value of free advertising credit among the 5 web hosting providers discussed here. However, it does provide a variety in the advertisement networks. They are offering $50 Google AdWords credit and $25 Facebook Ads credit. This is great for those who are thinking of advertising on Facebook. This is available for their Basic Web Hosting plan which cost $5.90/month.

Editor’s Notes

I’m sure some of you would argue that SEO is more important and might be adequate to increase traffic to your website. Well, it’s true that SEO is important in bringing in organic traffic. However, there’s no denial that advertising bridges the general Internet users and your website.

Advertising is also the most cost effective way to promote your website in the shortest time possible. It helps bring your brand to targeted audiences and has a higher chance of converting them into customers. And with some of the best web hosting providers offering FREE advertising credits, it sure justify checking them out, don’t you think so?

From my experiences hosting and maintaining websites over the years, I highly recommend Bluehost as the best web hosting company this year. If you can trust me, you can trust their reliable uptime, affordable pricing and award-wining support!

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