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One of the newer web hosting companies in the industry, Web Hosting Pad was set up in 2005. Just their sixth year into the business, Web Hosting Pad is already popular and trusted enough to be the host of choice for 150,000 domains. Among the awards garnered up to date are The Highest Recommended Web Hosting Company 2010 (UpperHost.com), 1st rank Cheap Webhost Feb 2010 (TenHostingReviews.com) and Top 10 Web Host (FindBestWebHosting.com).

Web Hosting Pad Cheap Web Hosting

What is the secret to their success that makes them a fierce competitor to web hosts that have been in the market for more than 10 years? The secret lies in their extremely value-for-money hosting plans that pack a bundle of powerful features at super low prices. There aren’t any other hosts that offer a better price than Web Hosting Pad, unless they host for free, for Web Hosting Pad’s plan start now from $1.99 per month!

Cheapest Web Hosting Plan

Yes, you read it right! Web Hosting Pad’s Power Plan costs as low as $1.99 per month, depending on the length of your service subscription. Yeah, cheap but there’s nothing inside, you might say. You are absolutely wrong because if you were to compare the Power Plan with any other plan in the market that costs as least twice as much, you’d find the same features, if not more, for the crazy low price of $1.99 per month!

The Power Plan is an “unlimited” hosting plan, giving you:

  • Unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, and MySQL databases
  • Unlimited additional domains, parked domains, sub-domains
  • Unlimited POP and IMAP email, email forwarders and email auto-responders
  • Free domain name
  • Free sitebuilder
  • Softaculous script support
  • cPanel control panel – our favorite control panel
  • OS Commerce shopping cart and password protected directories
  • Audio, video, Macromedia Shockwave / Flash and MIDI file support
  • $200 worth of FREE marketing credits! (See details below)
  • Fabulous cheap price: $1.99 monthly for 5 years or $4.45 monthly

Why we like Web Hosting Pad?

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make the Power Plan a superb bet for your money.

  1. Unlimited features

    Having no limit on hosting space and bandwidth allows you to host websites with heavy data content without worrying of running out of disk space or bandwidth. Furthermore, they also allow unlimited add-on domains. This means that you can host all your websites here with Web Hosting Pad. After all, disk space is unlimited and it can support all your sites!

  2. Softaculous script support

    Softaculous is a software developed by the founder of Web Hosting Pad that allow users to install softwares easily and quickly. Not only is installation a breeze but there is a huge range of software available, as any software vendor can make an installation package for Softaculous and Softaculous will make them accessible in the Softaculous Installers.

    These software include popular scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, b2Evolution, phpBB, Message Board, Coppermine image gallery, phpForm Generator and many more!

  3. cPanel control panel

    “Designed for beginners to manage their websites like a pro”, cPanel has a very comprehensive list of functions and features. Users can manage their mail accounts, perform backups, view site traffic, manage databases, FTP accounts and sub-domains and access any of the pre-installed scripts, all from a centralized hosting account control panel. This is our favorite control panel, as opposed to vDeck, Plesk and the other popular few ones in the industry.

  4. OS Commerce shopping cart and other e-commerce features

    You don’t have to purchase an add-on shopping cart to run with your website, saving you cost and hassle. Together with round-the-clock security server monitoring and advanced firewall, you are assured that your customers’ data will remain securely with you.

  5. $200 free marketing credits

    We simply love this! You get as much as $200 worth of free marketing credits! This include $50 Google AdWords credit, $50 Facebook credit, $50 Yahoo credit and $50 Miva credit! Kick start your promotion and marketing campaign with these free credits!

  6. Extensive support and knowledge-sharing

    There is a knowledgebase where a categorized listing of common FAQs can be found. If you can’t find help on the issue you are facing, simply submit a ticket or contact the technical team for assistance.

  7. 24/7 US-based support team

    With a team based in US instead of some obscure corner of the world, getting assistance is not a problem, especially with various methods of contact made available. You can either reach the team by email, live chat or by phone.

  8. 30-day money back guarantee

    Web Hosting Pad is confident that you will be satisfied with the services offered but somehow if you aren’t, you are entitled for a full refund if you terminate the subscription within 30 days of account activation. No questions will be asked.

    Hosting with them should be worry-free since you have 30 days to test out if they are suitable for you!

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Power Plus Plan

There is also the Power Plus Plan which comes with additional features. For a mere extra $3.50 monthly, you’ll get:

  1. SSL certificate

    A SSL certificate ensures a secure connection to your website. If financial transactions are conducted on your website, this ascertains that your customers’ personal details such as credit card numbers and contact details are safe. This security feature is especially useful if you run an e-Commerce website.

    Web Hosting Pad is 100% compatible with CS-Cart, our favorite shopping cart software. CS-Cart is features rich yet easy to setup and use. Check out our CS-Cart review.

  2. SSH access

    You can connect to the web server through SSH and manage the hosting account directly. SSH access is especially useful if you are an advanced user and knows Linux commands. You can do certain tasks more quickly and efficiently such as doing huge database backups.

  3. Advanced spam filter

    The advanced spam filter allows you to customise the email security level on each email account. You can also create your own black and white lists. This is exceptionally great in reducing email spam and make sure that legitimate emails do not get into the spam box!

  4. Advanced web statistics

    You would want to know your website’s hits and visits, error page hits and robot visits. The advanced web statistics tells you all these, giving you insights of your visitors’ behavior. Advanced web statistics is a must-have if you are interested to build up the traffic for your website through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  5. Remote hands-on support

    Troubleshooting is made easier through the remote support. You can view your customers’ computers without having to be on-site. If you face any issues, Web Hosting Pad’s technical team can view your computer too, saving you the trouble of explaining and leading to better response time and solutions.

  6. Advanced security scan

    You’ll hardly notice the scanning going on but be rest assured that the security scans run in the background to detect viruses and trojans that threaten to bring down your website.

  7. Business directory listing

    Subscribing to the Power Plus plan entitles your website to a listing on Web Hosting Pad’s community business directory. Your site subsequently receives better traffic as more people are now aware of your business’ presence.

Hosting awards

Free Website Transfer!

It is hard not to be tempted by these very attractive features at unbeatable prices. Seriously, Web Hosting Pad’s pricing is one of the cheapest we have seen (unless you are talking about free web hosting!).

But what do you do when you already have your website hosted elsewhere? Contact Web Hosting Pad to arrange to transfer your site over! Transfer is done for free from your current host and they will also take care of the domain transfer and set up, for free too. As though they aren’t generous enough, they are also submitting your site for free to search engines and even throw in $200+ worth of free marketing credits! What’s holding you back from transferring your site from your current host?

Editor’s Advice

Unlimited hosting, feature-packed plans, excellent customer support, world class data centers and a price of $1.99 per month. There is nothing to deter you from hosting your website with Web Hosting Pad, especially not with their pool of satisfied customers, awards won and money back guarantee. This indicates that good things do come cheap!

From our years of experiences in the web hosting industry, we really think their offer is one of the best and at a really low price. You have to go for “free web hosting” if you want to go any lower… and seriously, you do not want to live with the hassles and problems you will be facing with those so called “free web hosting”!

Anyway, do check out Web Hosting Pad official website to find out how you can host your website at a cost of less than a meal!

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